March 23, 2013

"I know what you're up to. This is the strange Lutheran thing, isn't it?"

"Stranger even than what the Mormons get up to. It's why you guys are oddly so cool and taciturn about this time of year, the most joyous of all for the promise it holds and for its demonstration of life eternal."

That's Chip Ahoy, in last night's Glacier Café, the one with this picture:


Chip's riff:

If you don't recognize the image within the image, it's from yesterday's "What does Jesus look like?" post, the one that began with a discussion of a leaflet illustration of (supposedly) Jesus, the one where Meade said "If Chip Ahoy had a son, he'd look like Jesus." Because Chip Ahoy really does look that Jesus. Not the guy-that-got-thrown-out-of-the-darts-tournament Jesus, the Jehovah's-Witnesses-leaflet Jesus.

Especially this pic (nicked from the sidebar at Chip's here):


BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Chip is a hottie.

Lem said...

Its one of his best in terms of literary layers?

If anybody knows what that means please let me know... I just wanted to say I liked it... but of course that would be just too plain and insipid or whatever.

I did like it.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I see the resemblance but Chip looks more intelligent.

Rusty said...

Chip looks kind of sinister.

Nomennovum said...

People tell me I look a little like Robert Shaw but I don't buy it.

lemondog said...

literary layers

Readers Digest vs War and Peace?

rcommal said...

Does Chip's averting eyes indicate aversion?

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll admit it, Chip: you've got the look down.

And you are master at the animation - the hawk carrying off the kid. Very funny.

So keep working and progressing, and according to the Mormon world view you'll eventually be able to create an actual hawk, or a sandhill crane, or a weather system that can create a snow storm.

You've got the DNA. It just needs to be understood, believed, and built upon.

You can do it.

Sure, you have miles to go before you sleep.

But time isn't an issue.

Lyle said...


pm317 said...

Watch out Meade! Chip Ahoy will replace you any day now..

{as Althouse' favorite commenter}.

edutcher said...

And I thought it would be Althouse Galore.

Sydney said...

Chip looks kind of sinister.

I thought that, too. Definitely meaner. Does that make Chip the anti-Christ?

Anonymous said...

Chip is looking at the hummingbird that just finished off the last of the nectar, and didn't share.

Methadras said...

So, um, Chips son would be known as Jesus Ahoy?

Rusty said...

sydney said...
Chip looks kind of sinister.

I thought that, too. Definitely meaner. Does that make Chip the anti-Christ?

Naw. It's just hard to convince me that he is the same light hearted scamp that keeps us endlessly amused.

David R. Graham said...

Jesus Age 29

Jesus On The Cross"

Head Close-Up On The Cross" Note, the "crown" is a helmet weighted by an external chain and with metal spikes inside.

Jesus Post-Resurrection

David R. Graham said...

Jesus On The Cross

Chip Ahoy said...

I honestly believe the image we hold of Jesus is unfortunate. And here's why.

Consider Peter. A big brusk fisherman type. A no-nonsense guy, if a bit impulsive. A pansy hippy lovey-dovey tender little light in the sandals type person is not going to convince a guy like Peter of anything. That he impressed Peter, as a man, is really all one needs to know about his character, and what he might have looked like. I would expect a bit rough. And that's not even counting the character of all the other men who followed him, Andrew, who was a real leader, and Thomas, who if he were alive today so many men would relate to instantly, an engineer type, a more scientific-minded person. A man like Thomas would not follow a goofy pastel soft-faced, no-callus-having hands, Easter-egg color kind of guy.

He was the kind of man that when he spoke it was so impressive people were moved to listen. He deeply affected everybody he came into contact. Everybody who met him was left thinking, "Man oh man, I don't know if he's God or not, but if God were to appear as a man he would be like this." He did confound everybody.

rcommal said...

When the cock crows, Chip Ahoy, when the cock crows. Also: the rock.

Unknown said...

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