July 23, 2024

The rise of autumn — 2:41 p.m.


I'm getting a "Life of Julia" vibe.


Remember "Life of Julia"?

Meanwhile, on that new White House tweet, I'm noticing, in the responses, repetitions of "Where is Joe?" and "Who took Joe?"

"Secret Service Director Resigns... Kimberly A. Cheatle gave up her post Tuesday after security failures that allowed a gunman to shoot at former President Donald J. Trump at an open-air rally."

The NYT reports. 

“I do not want my calls for resignation to be a distraction from the great work each and every one of you do towards our vital mission,” Ms. Cheatle said in [email to the Secret Service], which was reviewed by The New York Times.

She was monumentally horrible at the hearing yesterday.  

"President Joe Biden reportedly experienced an undisclosed medical emergency during his visit to Las Vegas on July 17, 2024."

"Police sources and various media outlets reported that Biden suffered a medical issue, with some suggesting it could have been a transient ischemic attack or a mini-stroke. There were preparations made at a local hospital for his possible arrival, but these were reportedly canceled, and Biden was instead flown to Delaware. The White House has not officially confirmed these reports, leading to speculation and controversy surrounding the incident, including rumors about Biden's health and the nature of the emergency."

That's the Grok (A.I.) summary of the discussion on X about this topic.

Drew what up?

That was really tweeted by Joe Biden's official X account, last February 11th. Here's a screen shot, in case it disappears:

"Fate has presented Ms. Harris the rarest of political opportunities: to start a presidential campaign in the summer of an election year as a fresh, all-but-anointed candidate free to present her vision to all voters, not just to her own party."

From "What Harris needs to do, now, to win" by The Editorial Board of The Washington Post.

"Fate." You can call it fate, but I think human beings connived on a grand scale, out of our view. It's like calling a sleight of hand performance "magic." Even worse, really, though, because at a "magic" show, you have a chance to look closely and figure out how it's done. If it were off stage, it wouldn't be anything at all. 

But enough of this distraction with the word "fate." Let's look at that rare opportunity that has arrived for Ms. Harris. She is "free to present her vision to all voters, not just to her own party." She didn't have to go through the phase of winning with primary voters, then readjusting to appeal to "all voters"... and by "all voters," what is meant is a majority of the voters in the swing states. She can invent the version of herself that suits a precise sliver of Americans — the waverers of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. (I'm in this sliver myself, by odd chance... fate.)

The Editors recommend:

Elon Musk says he was "essentially tricked into signing documents" and "vowed to destroy the 'woke' mind virus after that."

AND: Here's the entire conversation between Jordan Peterson and Elon Musk:

"Jewish Republicans are smearing Kamala Harris as anti-Israel.... Harris and her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, have a strong pro-Israel and pro-Jewish record."

 Writes Rob Eshman in Forward.

Less than a day after President Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 presidential campaign and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination, the Republican Jewish Coalition launched a series of tweets calling Harris “a total disaster for Israel” and “disgraceful,” falsely accusing her of refusing to condemn a Hamas supporter during a speaking engagement at a college.

Piling on, David Friedman, who served as ambassador to Israel in the Trump administration, wrote on X, “There is now the widest gap in American history between the two candidates’ support for Israel. Donald Trump is the best ever — Kamala Harris would be the worst.”...

There's also this from last April: "Emhoff calls Columbia University leaders amid campus unrest/White House side steps getting drawn in to the campus protests" (Politico).

“The Second Gentleman recognized that while every American has the right to freedom of speech and to protest peacefully, hate speech and calls for violence against Jews is both antisemitic and unacceptable,” said the official, who was granted anonymity to describe private conversations.

"But if it turns out that her short general election campaign doesn't go well, and if she doesn't beat Trump, how much of the blame will belong directly to Joe Biden..."

"... for putting the party and Harris in this situation by discouraging anyone else from running against him by snuffing out any whiff of competition. I mean, he changed the primary calendar to favor him and him alone. He ditched Iowa and started the primaries in South Carolina, a state he knew he would win. I mean, how much of this is gonna be on him if Harris loses?"

Asks Michael Barbaro, in today's episode of the NYT "Daily" podcast, "The Coronation of Kamala Harris."

NYT reporter Reid J. Epstein answers:

"Top Dems threatened to forcibly remove Biden from office unless he dropped out, set him up to fail at Trump debate: Sources."

A New York Post headline.
The well-orchestrated “palace coup” to stop the faltering president seeking re-election has been in place for weeks, but stubborn Biden fought against it every step of the way, a source close to the Biden family told The Post Monday. The insider also made clear the anger, paranoia and frustration Biden displayed as the party elite circled around him and piled on the pressure.

Paranoia? But they were out to get him. If only he'd been more "paranoid" when the set up that early debate. But he gave them the material to use against him, and they spent the next 3 weeks jacking up the pressure on the staunch old man, and it seems they were ready to go as far as necessary.

“That debate was a set-up to convince Democrats that he couldn’t run for president,” the source said Monday. As calls for him to bow out mounted, Biden insisted he would continue, but party bigwigs threatened to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution.... 
Following the debate, first son Hunter Biden suddenly became more involved in his father’s day-to-day business and insisted upon attending every official and unofficial meeting, the source said. “Hunter felt he [Joe Biden] was being set up and he was very concerned about his father,” the source said. “These people, these officials were not on Joe’s side.”... 
Democratic Party insiders have also known for at least two years how Biden was in decline, said the source. “When I saw him a couple of years ago, it was frightening,” said the source. “He was just repeating slogans and had no idea who I was.”

They were out to get him, but only after he'd sewn up the nomination, excluding all challengers. Did the old man enjoy his seeming triumph, winning the nomination — a nomination that Kamala Harris would probably not have won, had Biden dropped out a year ago —  before they grabbed it and handed it to Kamala?

Was the NY Post's source Hunter?

July 22, 2024

Sunrise — 5:33.


"A growing number of Gen Z men are seeking out stiff chewing gum from brands that claim their products will build up chewers’ jaw muscles..."

"... giving them a more conventionally masculine look. Teenage boys hoping to improve their attractiveness in 'looksmaxxing' communities online are encountering an explosion of gum brands that position their products as the facial equivalent of a Spartan workout routine.... Hard gum has also become a frequent recommendation in Reddit groups dedicated to 'mewing,' an unproven technique for defining the jawline that traveled from incel communities online toward the mainstream."

The gum is expensive, probably doesn't enlarge your jaw muscles, and it can cause jaw pain and damage tooth fillings.

A stupid TikTok:

"When will the press tell us that Democrats 'assert, without evidence,' that Biden has withdrawn?"

Glenn Reynolds quips darkly, linking to something I wrote earlier this morning.

ADDED: Speaking of evidence, Kamala Harris is a first hand witness:

"I am first hand witness that everyday, our president, Joe Biden, fights for the American people, and we are deeply, deeply grateful for his service to the nation."

She is quoted in "Harris: ‘We are deeply grateful’ for Biden’s service/Harris spoke on the South Lawn of the White House for a celebration of NCAA championship teams, filling in for Biden as he recovers from Covid" (Politico).

So she's filling in for him and simultaneously attesting to his daily work, his "fight" for us. The last time we saw him, he was fighting to keep his place as the nominee. KH is a "first hand witness," that is, we're stuck with hearsay.

I have a tag for the word "deeply," and she just said it twice in a row. She must really mean it.

AND: Here's the original post where "deeply" became a tag: "Deeply... it's such a poser word." That's from 2014. There, I made a list of earlier examples of the use of "deeply" in the blog archive. And look what's #1 on the list!

1. "Beauty is a system of power, deeply rooted, preceding all others, richly rewarded," wrote Garace Franke-Ruta, explaining "Why Obama's 'Best-Looking Attorney General' Comment Was a Gaffe."

Obama's 'Best-Looking Attorney General' was, of course, Kamala Harris. 

Photoshopping you'd think would already have happened.

You can see that someone proposed it 8 days ago on Reddit, but it didn't happen. 

The impassive Kimberly Cheatle is getting raked over the coals.

"I adore war. It is like a big picnic without the objectlessness of a picnic. I’ve never been so well or so happy."

Wrote the WWI poet Julian Grenfell, quoted in "How the Rich and Poor Once Saw War/In 'Muse of Fire,' Michael Korda depicts the lives and passions of the soldier poets whose verse provided a view into the carnage of World War I" (NYT)(free-access link).

That book review was published last April. I'm reading it today, because I wrote a post that got me researching the phrase "happy warrior."

Here's the book "Muse of Fire" (commission earned). From the book review: