July 21, 2024

Sunrise — 5::29.


"Crooked Joe Biden was not fit to run for President, and is certainly not fit to serve - And never was!"

"He only attained the position of President by lies, Fake News, and not leaving his Basement. All those around him, including his Doctor and the Media, knew that he wasn’t capable of being President, and he wasn’t - And now, look what he’s done to our Country, with millions of people coming across our Border, totally unchecked and unvetted, many from prisons, mental institutions, and record numbers of terrorists. We will suffer greatly because of his presidency, but we will remedy the damage he has done very quickly. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

Writes Trump, on Truth Social.

"I heard last week that he would resign at this exact time and date. It was widespread knowledge in DC."

"The real powers that be are discarding the old puppet in favor of one that has a better chance of fooling the public. They fear Trump because he is not a puppet."

Tweets Elon Musk.

He's responding to someone who said: "The Democratic elite, corporate media, and billionaire donors successfully pressured the candidate chosen by Democratic primary voters to drop out because he's down in the polls and losing. Democrats destroy democracy in pursuit of power."

Biden drops out!

The NYT reports.

After three weeks of often angry refusals to step aside, Mr. Biden finally yielded to a torrent of devastating polls, urgent pleas from Democratic lawmakers and clear signs that donors were no longer willing to pay for him to continue.

Mr. Biden’s decision abruptly ends one political crisis that began when the president delivered a calamitous debate performance against Mr. Trump on June 27. But for the Democratic Party, Mr. Biden’s withdrawal triggers a second crisis: who to replace him with, and specifically whether to rally around Vice President Kamala Harris or kick off a rapid effort to find someone else to be the party’s nominee.

My longstanding tag — "biden drops out" — has come true.

MORE: Will he be able to avoid the pressure to resign as President? From "Biden Drops Out of Race, Scrambling the Campaign for the White House/The president’s withdrawal under pressure from fellow Democrats after a disastrous debate cleared the way for a new nominee to take on former President Donald J. Trump in the fall" (NYT)(free-access link):

"At their convention next month, the Democrats should nominate Mitt Romney."

Writes Aaron Sorkin, in "How I Would Script This Moment for Biden and the Democrats" (NYT) (free-access link).

What if you had to argue this Georgia O'Keeffe painting is not "conservative"?

 I'm reading "To Sell Prized Paintings, a University Proclaims They’re Not ‘Conservative’/Valparaiso University is arguing it should never have acquired two paintings, including a Georgia O’Keeffe, in the 1960s. It hopes to sell them to pay for dorm renovations" (NYT)(free-access link).

The school bought the painting with money from a gift that restricted the purchase of art to work "exclusively by American artists preferably of American subjects' and "of the general character known as conservative and of any period of American art." Now that the school wants to sell the painting, it's saying the painting should never have been bought.

"As I watched the TV footage of former president Donald Trump being grazed by a bullet but avoiding death by millimeters, I remembered how I felt when I was shot."

"There’s survivor’s guilt, bewilderment, fearlessness, gratitude and the gnawing question of, 'Why was I spared?'... Before my life was almost snuffed out, I would have described myself as risk averse. I was cautious, conservative and played only by the rules. Afterward, I lived my life differently, with a real sense that there wasn’t time to wring my hands or to weigh the pros or cons of a certain action.... "

Writes Jackie Speier, a former member of the House of Representatives, "How getting shot changed me/Before, I was risk averse. After, I lived my life differently" (WaPo).

Speier was shot, nearly 46 years ago, alongside Rep. Leo Ryan, who was assassinated while attempting to investigate what was going on with Jim Jones in "Jonestown" in Guyana. Speier took 5 bullets "and lay on an anthill for 22 hours before being rescued."

Speier's words reminded me of something I happened to quote earlier this morning, Theodore Roosevelt's idea of "the man in the arena":

"Be safe out there!"

Page break for your protection from TikTok:

"When I was a young girl I used to seek pleasure/When I was a young girl I used to drink ale/Right out of the alehouse and into the jailhouse/Right out of the bar room and down to my grave...."

A song from the great 1969 album "Streetnoise," called to mind this morning on the occasion of spell correct. I've known for a long time that my last name, should I be so weak as to mistype it, spell-corrects to "alehouse," and that has me hearing the voice of Julie Driscoll singing "Right out of the alehouse and into the jailhouse."

I didn't slip so low as to typo my own name this morning. I typo'd "Meadhouse," my name for Meade and me, when we do something together:
Ann Althouse said...

"The shower scene was creepy too and I'm not talking about the movie."

Read aloud and laughed over here at Meadhouse. 

The auto-correct on the typo amused me: Madhouse.

"This CNN anchor is saying Trump sent a bad message by saying fight fight fight... So the President who had just been shot was sending a divisive message?"

"Can you imagine these people? The president who had just been shot was at fault for the divisiveness, having just been shot. The guy who got shot, who almost died, who a bullet missed his head by, you know centimeters, I mean... it's crazy.... and somebody's on CNN going: Actually, we felt the message was a bit divisive. We're actually disappointed in the wording. We don't love the wording of that. I wish he had kind of workshopped that a bit as he was being bloodily dragged off the stage by the Secret Service. I wish he had kind of — I don't know— taken people's temperature more. We're trying to ramp it down.... Was that the Secret Service trying to ramp it down when there's nobody on the fucking roof? Is that what they were trying to do? Trying to ramp it down a week ago Biden goes: Let's put him in the bullseye?..."

Tim Dillon ridicules the civility bullshit:

"That's very severe, that combover."

Trump makes fun of his own hairstyle: IN THE COMMENTS: Jersey Fled said:
Would “Hitler” make fun of his mustache? I think not.

Creating an aura of inevitability around Kamala.

I'm reading "Democratic consensus solidifies around Harris, should Biden step aside" (CNN).
No one quite knows what the process of picking a new nominee would be if Joe Biden did step aside – but many Democrats say that any process is likelier than ever to quickly end with Vice President Kamala Harris as the nominee.

Many Democrats say! 

The informal conversations about how a fight to replace Biden at the top of the ticket would play out have been raging for weeks behind the scenes. But uncertainty about the process has been so unclear it’s given multiple Democrats – even those with serious concerns about Biden – pause about coming out against the president’s candidacy, given that what comes next could be even messier.

“F**k it, I’m coconut pilled. I just want this to stop,” said one well-known Democratic operative, referring to the online meme that has taken off from an old video of the vice president telling a story of her mother saying, “You think you just fell out of a coconut tree?”

It's been so unclear that unclearness itself is causing clarity. You know how it is when you're engulfed in chaos, you get so confused and desperate that if there is one thing that you can see you rush headlong there. You're driving in dense fog, but you can see what looks like 2 taillights up ahead. Those 2 lights become your entire conception of the road and you drive forward with confidence.

You drive forward with the candidate you have, not the candidate you might want or wish to have at a later time.

Some are pushing for a fast and closed process, where delegates would bless the swap as part of their planned pre-convention virtual nomination plan....

Bless the swap, that says. Not bless the swamp. 

 The article continues:

Few can conceive of Biden stepping aside and not tapping his running mate to take over.

That's why he can't step aside! 

July 20, 2024

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Today's photos are all by Meade. I slept through it all.

"Last week, I took a bullet for democracy."

Said Donald Trump at his rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan just now.

If you think his convention speech went long, this speech was half an hour longer. It clocked in at two hours.

The speech wasn't just long. He was talking quite fast. Fast and crisply enunciated. Strong. I had the feeling maybe the brush with death had heightened his sense that he needs to compress his energy and do more and more. At the end, when it was time to walk out, he seemed to want to linger, as if the rally was life itself, and he didn't want to leave.

"The Trump team has already prepared opposition research books on Ms. Harris...."

"In particular, the Trump team plans to attack her over the border crisis, one that the president tasked her with finding the 'root causes' of.... They are also looking to define her based on her tenure as a senator in California and, before that, her time as the state’s attorney general and as the district attorney of San Francisco, where her record during her 2020 presidential campaign was alternately criticized as too conservative, or too lenient toward first-time drug offenders. According to people briefed on the strategy, if Mr. Biden drops out of the 2024 race but doesn’t resign as president, Republicans will argue that the reasons he quit the race are the same reasons he’s unfit to remain as commander in chief. They will try to tie Ms. Harris to Mr. Biden by claiming there was a broad effort to prevent the public from seeing the president’s deterioration and suggest she was part of that effort...."

From "Trump Campaign Prepares Attack Plan for Harris in Case Biden Withdraws/The effort, which includes expansive advertising and polling, assumes that the vice president would be the most likely candidate to replace the president at the top of the Democratic ticket" (NYT).

Things that are in the movie "Hillbilly Elegy" but not in the book.

1. Meals on Wheels

2. Funyuns

3. ...