June 20, 2009

"There's a huge bug in my house. I want Obama to kill it for me."

So tweeted I, right after making the video you can view in the previous post, but that isn't the post that inspired Chip Ahoy to animate this:

The inspiration comes from "Found guilty of downloading 24 songs, a woman is fined $1,900,000. Chip says:
This RIAA case and the outrageous irrational verdict reminds me of Obama killing that fly. How so? — you ask. This is how.

AKA overkill.


Cedarford said...

Now that is pretty funny. If Chip Ahoy sends that off to several websites, it might go viral.

He might even get the usual crowd of identity politics folks screaming it is a racist attack because the female decoy fly looks like a minstrel, or Michelle Obama with a wig on..

blogging cockroach said...

everybody knows that anvils
have to say 'acme' on them

David said...

Someone said of my dog, "she wouldn't hurt a fly."




Take that, Peta.

Ari Tai said...

Any idea what these and other prosecutions are costing the owners of the property? Is it appropriate for the loser to pay at least court costs, if not real damages?

Anyone know if they had been given an opportunity to settle? What was the amount way back when?