November 9, 2008

Chip Ahoy animates blogging cockroach.

Commenter Chip Ahoy responds to this post about the commenter known as blogging cockroach. He's adapted and animinated the beautiful "archy and mehitabel" drawing by George Herriman.

Now, of course, our blogging cockroach has the relative comfort of a computer and is not stuck with an old-fashioned typewriter like the archy in Herriman's illustration. It's already in the original post, but let me repeat the adaptation of the drawing by our commenter Palladian:

Krazy! What commenters!

ADDED: A reader notes a misspelling. I should have written: Krazy! What kommenters!


Lem said...

I, myself have blogger spell check in my Khristmas wish list ;)

Lem said...

Hey, I almost missed the barristers wig.

Jolly good Chip.

Darcy said...

What commenters, indeed! Both Palladian's additions to the drawing, and Chip's animation are just amazing.

I want to know how to do this!

Donn said...

Pal and Chip....two of the best!

They both, obviously, have time to kill.

Darcy said...

Aww, Lem. That was cute.

Palladian said...

Mine took 15 minutes. Chip's probably took considerably longer.

Donn said...

Mine took 15 minutes. Chip's probably took considerably longer.

Ahhhh, you missed my point! 8^)

Lem said...

Mine took 15 minutes.

Actually Palladian, its down down to 8 mins now.

Thanks Darcy.

BJM said...

Youse guys are the best!

Eli Blake said...

Ah, but can you get your fingers to dance, "La Cucaracha?"

Uncle Jimbo said...


You are blessed with commenters worthy of work beyond your Obama-esque con-law-proffing.


Uncle J

Perhaps a where the Obama lost me tag might be appropriate.

Bissage said...


Great work, guys!

M. Simon said...

Naked Lunch the movie.