November 10, 2008

"The president’s eyes became fixed; his voice took on the agitated, rapid tone of someone neither accustomed to nor welcoming interruption..."

"... his easy affability was replaced by an almost messianic certainty. As I watched my mostly Republican Senate colleagues hang on his every word, I was reminded of the dangerous isolation that power can bring."

That's how Barack Obama described President Bush in "The Audacity of Hope." The occasion was a White House breakfast for new Senators that took place right after the 2004 elections. Today, right after the 2008 elections, President Bush will meet with Barack Obama again, under dramatically changed circumstances. Will anyone's eyes become fixed? Will anyone's voice take on an agitated, rapid tone? Will anyone's easy affability be replaced by an almost messianic certainty? Will anyone call to mind the dangerous isolation that power can bring?


LarsPorsena said...

The big question is whether BO gets offered hand-sanitizer again?

Richard Fagin said...

No. Chris Matthews has already stated that it is his job to see that the Obama administration is successful. He and his media colleagues will cover for the new President.

How differently would the current adminstration have been perceived if it got the same media treatment. For the invitable comments that it wouldn't because you all are just too smart for that, and that the content of news reporting doesn't affect its public perception, just remember who pays for those TV networks and newspapers. If those people believed you, the newspapers and TV networks would have been out of business a long time ago.

Meade said...

Love the new tag: power madness.

ricpic said...

The nose is a more vigilant organ than the eye.

Bush has no nose. Correction: Bush has no nose for domestic terrorists, otherwise known as Democrats.

Will Obama have a nose? Soros and Ayers will be his nose, clearing the path of any "wreckers" who would dare oppose The One.

Henry said...


Will anyone's eyes become fixed? Will anyone's voice take on an agitated, rapid tone? Will any one's easy affability be replaced by an almost messianic certainty? Will anyone call to mind the dangerous isolation that power can bring?

This list raises a far more mundane question:

Which former Obama staffer will write the first tell-all memoir?

Lem said...

The Supremes get to wear robes, they get to put on a visual distinguishing them.

What does a president have?

From what I remember from TV’s west wing – the president’s demeanor was exactly the way Obama describes it.

Mark O said...

"... his easy affability was replaced by an almost messianic certainty . . ..” Then, his aides wheeled out giant Greek columns, he had them replace the Great Seal with one of his own likeness, he spoke of lowering the ocean and healing the earth and the room swelled with an eerie chant: “Yes, we can. Yes, we can.”

Expat(ish) said...

Does anyone interrupt a president? Other than Helen Thomas suffering from MSM tourettes, that is.


Darcy said...

I read this article yesterday and was pretty put off by the description of the meeting by Obama. It was just petty of him, I thought. But Obama will clearly not be full of himself as President!!

He's so humble.

Darcy said...

LOL, Mark O.

Palladian said...

"Then, his aides wheeled out giant Greek columns..."

The good thing is that Obama doesn't have to rely on Styrofoam columns anymore since he has "real" ones to pose with now.

dick said...

Given that President Bush and Laura have been wgracious to all visitors to the White House no matter the way they were depicted by those same visitors, I think this article is yet another cheap shot on the part of the NYT against President Bush and is trying to set up a contest between Obama and Bush. yet another reason to use the NYT for its only purpose these days, as bird cage liner.

REKING said...

We have read the words in his book, we have heard the words of his speaches, but his actions are all that really matters! In the time since election night, we are beggining to see the discrepencies between his words and his actions. He told us he was for drilling for more oil...but now says he will use Presidential Powers to end some drilling??? What???

He told us his economic plan would include lessons he has learned from the likes of Warren Buffett, but now he appoints Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to his advisory commitee on Economics???? Doesn't he know Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation? Doesn't he know Michigan ranks 49th worst in the country in Business Climate?? Doesn't he know that Michigan leads the nation in foreclosures??? Doesn't he know that Granholm increased the size of Michigan Government 26% and then raised taxes 22%??? What the heck is he thinking???

First off, Jennifer Granholm needs to be back in Michigan trying to fix some of the problems that she has created, not spending her time hob-nobbing with the Washington Elite!!! Jennifer Granholm was a fair Attorney General and a lousy Governor, what in that resume makes President Elect Obama think that she deserves a high political appointment?? All she has done for Obama, was to do a great job of impersonating Sarah Pallin.......does it dawn on anyone that maybe Granholm was not acting when she stood behind the podium opposite Joe Biden??? Doesn't that scare the heck out of you???

Host with the Most said...

I don't want Obama as President.

I hate that Obama won. Absolutely hate it.

And yet - there is something to be said for how circumspect he has appeared to be since winning the Presidency. He was not overly elated in his acceptance speech in Chicago. He was thoughtful in his press conference. Unlike the Clinton's in 1992, he has not shown publicly any sort of giddiness over winning.

There is the possibility - remote perhaps - that Obama is having a "Holy Shit! moment": he is realizing that he is now the leader of the free world - for real.

The fact that he had his aides scrub their website today of all of Obama's promises may be a sign of someone who is going to think seriously about governing after all.

We can only hope.

mccullough said...

Wait until W.'s memoirs when he writes:

"After the first intelligence briefing President-Elect Obama gazed inward. I could smell the sour-sweet odor of warm urine gushing from his loins."

Darcy said...

REKING: Shhhhh...please? As a Michigander, I was kinda hoping Granholm would go. ;-)

Yeah, she's a real bright bulb.

Go, Jennifer, go!

Joe said...

The second question, Henry, is how many books is Bob Woodward going to write about the Obama administration? (And if he writes fewer than he did about the Bush administration, should Obama be upset or not?)

PJ said...

Even if you don't believe the media, and you are good at it, they create an atmosphere that is difficult to escape. (Anti-Bush, Pro-Obama)

JAL said...

Will anybody violate the confidentiality of the two men speaking together?

Why yes!

No class. No understanding of the value that relationship during the transition should have.