December 2, 2022

At the Sunrise Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want.


Gusty Winds said...

Musk is releasing the Twitter / Hunter Biden laptop information tonight.

He's even being considerate and following the pattern of a Friday night news dump.

But he's also doing what he said he'd do. So did Trump.

You think PHDs are going to be like "Oh my God. I had no idea. I'm shocked!!". Bullshit. They'll double down! Which is awesome. The scandal is not just that the Gov't, CIA, Twitter, MSM, Big Tech, and Big Pharma have lied to us and censored truths.

It's that the most credentialed of liberals...the ones in the education establishment went along with, and promoted it. They pollute young people with these lies.

That's why they attack and are "uncomfortable" with Musk and Free Speech.

At some point don't you look in the mirror...alone, and think to yourself, "Oh my God...I'm completely full of shit."

I do it all the time. That's what's wrong with liberals. It's the lack of self awareness.

tim in vermont said...

Biden colluded with Big Tech to steal 2016 by withholding true information from the electorate. This Tweet is just part of it.

tim in vermont said...

The DNC got James Woods suspended, it looks like.

Meade said...


Saint Croix said...

Idea for a comic screenplay

rights belong to Saint Croix

do not steal this shit!

English Spies

Motley group of English spies are given the most horrific and insane assignments that are utterly impossible --

alternative title

Mission Impossible UK

except it really is impossible

there's just no fucking way

and there's a ticking clock scenario

you've only got five minutes to do the impossible

which makes, in my opinion, an utterly hysterical laugh riot of a five minute scene

here's an example

Scene: Kidnap the Prince of England in 5 minutes

Six spies are sitting around in Spy HQ, bored out of their minds, watching the telly. These are Spies 2-7, a mixed bag of white, black, brown, yellow, male and female. Different sizes, different shapes. They are surrounded by weapons, disguises, fire extinguishers, video games, and various other funny shit.

Spy #1 (aka Boss Spy) enters the room in a dead sprint, already exhausted. Everybody jumps to their feet.

Spy #1: "Holy shit, Holy shit." (Or in PG version, cannot produce a word because he is trying to get oxygen into his lungs -- aim for PG 13 with a strategic use of 1 fuck? Or funnier R version, not sure of the UK rules, also might want to do two versions for both markets, PG and R, we are flexible fucking comedic spies).

Ticking clock started at 5 minutes.

Spy #2: "What? What? What?"

Spy #4: "Out with it, motherfucker!"

Spy #1: (Still trying to catch a breath)

Spy #3: "How much time, you dumb fucking shit?"

Spy #6: "Ten minutes?"

Spy #1 shakes his head.

Spy #5: "Seven minutes?"

Spy #1 shakes his head, still can't talk.

Spy #7 (strong Scot accent): "You're going to get us killed, you fookin' limey fook!"

Spy #2: "Five minutes?!"

Spy #1 nods his head furiously.

Multiple spies simultaneously: "Start the fucking clock!" (In PG version this is our one "fuck")

Ticking clock started at 5 minutes: 5:00. Starts going down. Spies are running around in circles, trying to arm themselves, trying to put some pants on, a man tries to put on a dress, and three people try to get a fucking clue from Spy #1 what their impossible mission is.

Saint Croix said...

Spy #2: "Murder?"

Spy #1 shakes his head.

Spy #4: "Rape?"

Spy #4 grins at Spy #3, and she slaps the shit out of Spy #4.

Spy #1 shakes his head.

Spy #3 is on top of Spy #4 and is strangling him.

Various spies are trying pull Spy #3 off of Spy #4.

Spy #2: "It's not rape!"

Spy #6: "Nobody likes rape!"

Spy #5: "Rape is a horrific crime!"

Spy #4, now able to breathe, but he almost died, in a panic, "Rape is never fun! Rape is never fun!"

Spy# 3 breaks free of the men and runs for an Uzi. Two female spies tackle her shit.

Spy #2: "We do not have time for this fucking drama!"

Spy #7 (in a Scottish accent): "This is a comedy, you fookin' cunts!"

Spy #4: "They made me say this, I am Woke, I need the work, please forgive me sweet Lord, I need the work, I am homeless and my grandmother has AIDS, the white men made me do it, holy fuck I am sorry."

Spy #5 (calm voice): "How much time do we have? I would like an exact count."

The clock says 4:32.

Multiple spies: "Four thirty!"

Spy #1 looks at watch and shakes his head.

Spy #3: "Holy shit!"

Spy #4: "We're going to die."

Spy #6: "They don't care."

Spy #7: "They don't fookin' care."

Spy #2: "Four minutes?"

Clock zooms forward to 4:00 minute mark. Spy #1 looks at his watch and shakes his head.

Spy #2: "Three forty five?"

Spy #1 shakes his head. "Motherfucker, give me a second."

Spy #6 points a weapon at the head of Spy #1. "I am going to kill you if you do not tell us."

Spy #1 looks at his watch. "Three thirty two. Your mission, should you choose--"

"Skip that shit!"

"--to accept it--"

"Holy fuck you are a dumb fucker!"

"What is the mission motherfucker!"

"You have to kidnap the King of England."

Various spies react to this dismal and impossible news.

"Sorry, sorry, I misspoke. The prince of England."

"Which prince?"

"Which prince?!"

"William? Not William."

"Harry? It better be fucking Harry."


"Is it Harry?!"

Spy #1: "Okay. All right. You have to kidnap Prince Harry. And the good news is, he's already been kidnapped. We got the motherfucker. It's just he escaped, all right? He escaped and he's blindfolded and handcuffed and running around. We're afraid he might get hit by a car."

Spy #6: "We got this."

Spy #7: "Piece of fookin' cake."

Spy and #4 and Spy #3 give each a high-ten. Spy #4 picks Spy #3 up in a bear hug with both his hands on her ass. She proceeds to try to kill him using martial arts. And the clock keeps ticking.

Saint Croix said...

Now I've given myself my own ticking clock to write this shit fast before somebody steals it and produces a better version.

Thank you, hillbillies.

Any suggestions, comments, criticisms, ideas, whatever, would be totally cool and I will steal that shit absolutely.

Meade said...

Biden team colluded with twitter before the 2020 election. Colluded in corrupting our democratic election. What should have been a free and fair election was stolen from the American people.

Gusty Winds said...
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Carol said...

New respect for Ro Khanna!

tim in vermont said...
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tim in vermont said...

Unlike Canada, China has actually begun to back off on the policies that led to the protests. Trudeau simply refused to budge and seized savings accounts and used “emergency powers” to outlaw protests based on… well based on feelings, according to the hearings. Of course Trudeau is simply laughing off the hearings like a good authoritarian.

Gusty Winds said...

Tonight...Elon Musk is exposing the biggest US Government Constitutional violations since....

Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory, Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus, Wilson introduced the Income Tax, and Roosevelt put the Japanese in camps.

But all those debatable Constitutional sins were actually to protect democracy.

This shit... was done to end it.

tim in vermont said...

They won, didn’t they? They hid Biden’s Ukrainian corruption from the voters and here we are on the brink of WW3 over Biden’s personal Teapot Dome.

Lurker21 said...

Jim Parsons has a new gay romantic tragedy coming out for the holidays, Spoiler Alert. If nobody goes, will he blame it on homophobia? Sally Field is also in the picture, and maybe people really, really hate her.

You can find Jim's iconic breakthrough Quiznos commerical online. Twenty years ago, when it came out you could get a cheese steak sub for $1.99. Now they start at $5.50.

I have 1883, the Yellowstone prequel. At first I didn't like it compared to Deadwood, but it's starting to grow on me. So far, it's an old-fashioned Western, with a few not very disturbing modern touches (violence, sex, race). My parents might have liked it.

But is it a very plausible story? If you were a German in 1883 and wanted to go to Oregon, how would you do it? The Northern Pacific's transcontinental line was only completed that year, but you could take it as far as you could afford. There were plenty of Germans in the Midwest to stay with and work for as you figured out if you really wanted to get to Oregon. Or you could go to California and take a right turn. What you wouldn't do is land in Texas and expect Sam Elliott to lead you by wagon train all the way from Forth Worth to Portland through Indian country. An epic journey makes for epic film making, so don't ask too many questions.

h said...

I respect the Althouse commentariat, and come here to ask questions to which II sincerely want answers. Matt Taibi has published some pretty convincing evidence that pre-election twitter in 2020 was biased in favor of Biden. At what point (if any) does this bias become an "in kind" campaign contribution? And if a corporation is found to have made such an in-kind contribution, what are the restrictions or limitations on those contributions? And why wouldn't this apply to a publication (say National Review, but if you wish NYT, WaPo) that publishes opinion pieces that are "unbalanced" in favor of one side?

Gusty Winds said...

Turns out Christie McVie wrote "You Make Lovin' Fun" when she was dating the dude in charge of the band's lighting during the Rumors divorces. Thinly claimed is was written about a dog for cover, since she was recently divorced from...Jon McVie. He's the Mac in Fleetwood.

But think about being the dude that inspired that song. The lighting guy. She wrote it about that him. I can't remember his name. Who cares? He's THE DUDE!!

Imagine this blessed guy dating after things move on.

"Ok, you're cute...maybe...but...How good are you in bed?".

" of my girlfriends was in Fleetwood Mac and wrote "You Make Lovin' Fun"

gilbar said...

Lurker21 said...
If you were a German in 1883 and wanted to go to Oregon, how would you do it?

even better.. If you were a German in 1883.. WHY would you want to go to Oregon?
North Dakota springs to mind as more sensible (and Cheaper; with homesteading)..

But, More Realistically; you'd do what MY German Great Grandfather did,
and move to Jackson county iowa.. Where you could speak German, and work for another german until you had the money to buy a farm.

Saint Croix said...

ha ha ha

tweet on Tim's link at 5:57

"I don't sleep with vaccinated women."

Afraid the vaccine is going to climb up through your penis?

Lurker21 said...

The water seems strange. Corrugated, like corduroys, and a strange green blue black brown. The clouds are strange too, a solid sheet, less obviously rippled. It looks more like an abstract. Three horizontal bands, with human habitation far away.

Years ago, some people thought of politics as a conflict between the urbane, cosmopolitan, educated classes and the uneducated, stultified, provincials who couldn't see beyond their own tribal traditions. But lately it seems like it's the "educated" who are more stuck in the ways of their own tribe, and believing everything they get from the Times or MSNBC. There used to be less dogmatism in magazines like The New Republic or The Atlantic. Lately they cling very tightly to the party line. Democrats don't seem to tolerate much heterodoxy -- though crypto is apparently an exception. Republicans can't make up their mind about Trump.

walter said...

Stay out of Twitter's Vijaya!

walter said...

This is kind of insensitive to Naomi. Might hamper that honeymoon glow.
Meanwhile, Hunter may be finally feeling some hope his cries for help will be answered.
I mean, what's a guy gotta do?

tim in vermont said...

My grandma was born in 1881, she was a different kind of person than you commonly meet today, that’s for sure.

rcocean said...

Biden team colluded with twitter before the 2020 election. Colluded in corrupting our democratic election. What should have been a free and fair election was stolen from the American people.

The only way to save Democracy was to steal the election. Yoel Roth says about his time at the Orwellian named "safety and trust Team"

If there’s one takeaway, it’s this: What matters most in platform governance is how decisions get made. You can armchair quarterback specific choices and mistakes all day. But the real work is figuring out how to make principled decisions when all you have are bad options.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Censorship isn't for wimps!

walter said...

Street Croix,
Something like that. If pureblood, best to err on side of caution as this mass experiment plays out. (Not that there's any reason why powers that be would collude to keep pertinent information from you. I mean, zero motive and all.
And if you are looking to procreate, her being jabbed increases likelihood of failed pregnancies birth defects and contaminated milk.)
More to cum, dear jabber-yolkie.

exhelodrvr1 said...

My paternal great grandparents came from Germany in the 1870s; settled in NE Iowa, moved to Colorado in 1915. Maternal great grandparents came from Germany in 1880s; first in Wisconsin; moved to North Dakota in the 1890s. A lot of poor farmer white privilege there.

Beasts of England said...

A watershed day for our country. The political left is fucking garbage, and so is anyone supporting them.

Sic semper tyrannis.

cf said...

Awesome evening on Twitter for the nation . . .

@ElonMusk got @MattTaibbi to digest and present the Hunter Biden material to us. What an elegant choice and excellent duo.

I can't fathom how that came together, but it makes me smile.

Journalism is made new tonight.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Anything on Twitter’s revelations that could make Liz Chaney think 💭

Did let the democrats play me?

gpm said...

Almost in real time, so somebody needs to tell St. Croix to put down the crack pipe and keep away from the speed. He makes the frantic monks on meth look like they're doped up.

Changing the subject slightly, I am very familiar with St. Croix's top "ten" (actually eleven) movies except for Breathless, which I'm aware of but have never seen. All others from before I was born, but a couple just barely. Two (Casablanca and His Girl Friday) are on my imaginary top five list, along with Bringing Up Baby, The Lady Eve, and The Palm Beach Story (I'm with him on the comedy bias). I don't however, have a #243! The problem is that I've seen most of them (and TCM shows most of them) a million times.

When I was in school in the 70's, Cambridge in particular and Boston in general were awash in old movies. The Brattle was the shrine of Bogie, where I first saw many of his movies. Most of the Harvard houses (and the law school) had old movies for a buck on Friday or Saturday night. There was also The Great Entertainment with (former Bozo) Frank Avruch on Saturday nights on Channel 5 and, later, the Movie Loft with Dana Hersey on Channel 38.

Most of the rest are gone, but the Brattle is still chugging on (I think also the one in Davis Square in Somerville, plus the Coolidge Corner). It was a while ago, but I saw a double feature of The Lady Eve, and The Palm Beach Story there a while back. I was perhaps a little surprised that I enjoyed The Palm Beach Story to The Lady Eve.


madAsHell said...

So......when do identify all the fool's that invested in Bankman-Freid's Ponzi scheme??

I mean...for a newspaper.......that's a whole new class of victims that need reparations.

cf said...

Meade said...


Carol said...
New respect for Ro Khanna!

Indeed! articulating the First Amendment admirably. i tweeted a copy of his letter:

Laslo Spatula said...

I really like looking at today's picture upside-down.

A threatening vortex approaches Marshmellow Land.

I am Laslo.

Saint Croix said...

you have to complete the assignment

and you have a certain amount of time

or you fail

so the ticking clock ramps up the stress

and it gets more and more fun as failure looms larger and larger

but none of that works

unless you motivate the ticking clock


Sebastian said...

$44B is a high price to pay to lay bare the Dem/Twitter collusion but I'm glad Musk paid it.

walter said...

Little known McVie collaboration:

Mutaman said...

Blogger Meade said...

"Biden team colluded with twitter before the 2020 election. Colluded in corrupting our democratic election. What should have been a free and fair election was stolen from the American people."

Meade said "colluded". Twice!

Mutaman said...

Blogger Meade said...

"Biden team colluded with twitter before the 2020 election. Colluded in corrupting our democratic election. What should have been a free and fair election was stolen from the American people."

Just when I think Meade couldn’t possibly be any dumber, he goes and posts something like this… and totally redeems himself.

Saint Croix said...

Superman: "I'm a little worried. It occurred to me that Lex Luther might have a monopoly on the all the kryptonite in the world. Because I haven't seen kryptonite in years. And I've been looking for it, you know. And I'm not finding any. So I think maybe Luther has been stocking it up. And, and, and, I don't know what would happen if an assassin were to shoot me with a kryptonite bullet, you know? And I like standing next to humans. I want to stand next to humans. But what if Luther shoots me with a kryptonite bullet? Will it bounce off? Because kryptonite takes a while to weaken me. Or will it pierce my skin? And I just don't know."

The Batman: "Clark. I stand next to people. Nobody shoots me. They could shoot me. Because I'm not invincible. I'm a normal human being."

(everybody laughs out loud)

Green Lantern: "Normal."

The Batman: "Go fuck yourself, Hal! I am normal! Just mad! At injustice! Bitch! Anyway, fuck, my parents were murdered. It makes me so mad! Where was I? Oh yeah. I stand next to people. And nobody shoots me. You don't hear me whining about it. You know I love you, Clark, but I swear, being invincible makes you a pussy."

Wonder Woman: "I hate that word."

The Batman: "Pussy! Pussy! I love that word. And I love to eat pussy. Pussy!"

Wonder Woman: "Okay! Okay!"

Black Canary: "Don't make me scream."

(Entire room puts their hands over their ears. They all sit there with their hands over their ears. They tentatively take their hands away from their ears).

Black Canary: "Sorry. I get mad, you know..."

The Batman: "We all are super-powerful, and we have big egos..."

Atom: "Not me!"

Flash: "Did somebody hear like a fly or some shit like that?"

Atom: "Fuck you, Flash!"

Superman: "Anyway! That was my question! What should I do about Luther and his mansion full of kryptonite bullets! It's very important to the universe that I not die! You know what I mean."

Wonder Woman: "God's gift to the universe. I was made by a goddess, okay--"

Black Canary: "I will scream right in your fucking ear."

Wonder Woman: "What?"

Black Canary: "You heard me."

Wonder Woman: "I...I...I...I...I...I...I...I am a feminist. I like women. I was created to serve women."

Black Canary points at Wonder Woman: "Say no more."

Wonder Woman:

Superman: "If we could get back on the subject of the kryptonite bullets."

Flash: "Use your X-ray vision, dumb ass. Look for kryptonite."

Superman: "I've done that. Don't you think I've done that? That's what I'm saying. I'm not finding any more kryptonite. Somebody has dug out all the kryptonite in the world. And they are storing it, probably behind lead. Because I can't see through lead with my X-ray vision. So that's why I called this emergency meeting. What should I do? I know who's got it. I'm 90% sure."

Nobody says anything.

Superman: "Lex Luthor."

Saint Croix said...

Batman is asleep and starts to snore. The entire table looks at him and listens to him snoring.

Superman: "Could somebody shake Bruce please?"

The Flash smacks Batman 62 million times in a row with the back of his hand.

Batman: "Motherfucker! Oh shit! Man, I've got a headache."

The Batman glares at the Flash. The Flash gives him the middle finger. Batman stands up.

Superman: "Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!"

Batman: "What?"

Superman: "Could you please sit down, please?"

Batman and Flash continue to eyeball each other.

Superman: "Please?"

The Batman sits down.

Superman: "Have you not been sleeping well?"

The Batman: "I never sleep well."

Superman: "I know."

The Batman: "I'm called the Batman, dumb ass. I do all my shit at night. And then I do billionaire shit in the day!"

Superman: "Right. Right. You're right."

The Batman: "When I get bored--"

Superman: "Right!"

The Batman: "I fall asleep! You know that. I've been falling asleep during your speeches for years."

Superman: "I know. I know. It's just, motherfucker, sometimes..."

Superman notices everybody is staring at him.

Superman: "What?"

Aquaman: "You said motherfucker."

Superman: "No, I didn't."

Wonder Woman: "You said motherfucker."

Black Canary: "We all heard you say motherfucker."

Flash: "You scared the shit out of me."

The Batman: "You called me a motherfucker. My mother, she was murdered."

Superman: "I'm sorry, Bruce."

Atom: "We're a little concerned that you said the word motherfucker, Clark, in the Hall of Justice."

Superman: "What the fuck?"

Everybody but Superman: "Oh my God."

Superman: "Bruce has been saying motherfucker for two decades and I say it once."

Flash: "You said it twice now."

Atom: "And he said fuck. I heard him say fuck."

Wonder Man: "He's mad! He's mad! He's mad!"

All the super-heroes except for Superman get under the table.

Superman: "That's not funny. Guys. Come on. I'm an illegal alien. I'm not going to kill you. I love my adopted home. I'm allowed to say fuck once in a while. Come on. I'm not mad."

Saint Croix said...

Honestly, I read the Twitter feed and none of that surprises me or shocks me. I already knew it.

I believe the documents. I believe Musk.

It's been obvious to us for a couple of years, right?

Interesting to see how the media covers it (or covers it up?)

My guess is they will try to destroy Musk, and Twitter, again.

Saint Croix said...

I might be wrong.

Politico is playing it straight.


This would be a nice time for the NYT and the WaPo to establish some world credibility and say something about the 1st Amendment.

Teach those little Woke monsters what free speech is. You better fucking do it.

Saint Croix said...

nail-biter in Georgia

I had dinner with my sweet cinematographer, Amanda, big liberal who teaches film production at SCAD.

She cannot believe Walker might be the Senator.

I let her rant for a few minutes. (I'm pretty good at this if I like people). And then I said, "You know I'm pro-life."

Amanda: "I know, I know, I know! I've seen your Facebook feed. We're not talking about it. Let's not talk about it. We definitely don't want to talk about it. It's just, he tried to strangle his wife..."

I'm not even voting in that election, I'm in Charlotte. I'm still getting multiple texts for Chenelle and Daniel and some other woman, too. It's like my cell phone number was re-used and three different black people owned it. The NAACP is texting me, you wouldn't believe how many black organizations there are. And they keep asking. Are you voting for Warnock?

What I should say is "STOP." And they would STOP. Instead I text them like I'm an outraged minority. "I vote pro-life! You tell your preacher God calls on us to love!"

Anyway, I love Amanda, I love this blog, I love everybody, at the moment. You know.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Bloomberg News: “Reddit Users Are Turning Ye’s Page Into a Holocaust Memorial”

This is way more effective than censorship. The best way to combat bad speech is with more speech.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

What if Twitter was not the only major outlet doing whatever it is Twitter was doing?

I mean if heard it once I heard it a hundred times. There’s no conspiracy against anybody or anything. People are too incompetent to do complicated stuff like collude… to censor a platform.

I want to hear from the conspiracy skeptics.

Gahrie said...

You know what the most annoying thing about Elon proving Twitter interfered in the election is?

Ther fact that the Left won't give a shit. Lie, after lie, after lie and Democratic voters just ignore it.

Saint Croix said...

ha ha ha ha

dude, meth


high on life and the Holy Spirit!

Saint Croix said...

Also if anybody wants a free copy of my first murder mystery

shoot me an e-mail

First 10 for sure and then we'll see

all I ask is that you throw up a review when you're done


Carmichael's (The Seen and the Unseen, 2014, etc.) murder mystery revolves around the discovery of a dead infant at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Detective Sgt. Saxon of D.C. Homicide gets a call from Will Hazelton, an old college buddy and officer with the Supreme Court Police. His friend has news that's as peculiar as it is grim: the body of a dead baby girl has been found in the courthouse. There's no conclusive evidence suggesting how the infant got there or even if she died in utero or after birth. The initial list of suspects is forbiddingly long: at least 292 people had access to the place, including nine Supreme Court Justices. The body was placed in front of the chair of Justice Mariana Martinez, whose unwavering commitment to abortion-rights jurisprudence is well-known; Saxon wonders if it was meant as a political statement. Also, the baby, like Martinez, is Hispanic. Later, Saxon discovers that the Justice had recently organized a group tour of 16 Cuban nationals; the cop later becomes romantically involved with one of them despite the fact that she's only 19. Judicial clerk Susan Offerman, who's also Hispanic, is anti-abortion and is immediately considered a suspect, but Saxon suspects that the FBI is attempting to frame her.

Author Carmichael takes a titillating premise and deftly turns it into a marvelous thriller. Saxon is an intriguing mess of a man whose narration and dialogue are often very funny and wryly introspective: "You might be surprised, but I've had nothing but positive experiences when I date murder suspects....And the women I date are almost never the actual killer." As the story goes on, it also offers a sensitive and intelligent treatment of the issue of abortion--at one point, Saxon's ex-fiancee plans to terminate a pregnancy--while avoiding any hint of partisan proselytizing. A slyly provocative crime drama.

Drago said...

Saint Croix: "I might be wrong.

Politico is playing it straight."

Politico is NOT "playing it straight".

Musk owns Twitter. He is not "leaking" this information, he is releasing it.

wendybar said...

Pretty much where I am today....As one of the commenters commented...

"🔴 For THIRTY YEARS I have rewarded GOP with my vote, and FOR WHAT?
▪️They don’t listen.
▪️They can’t be shamed, because that requires a conscience.
▪️They won’t resign.
▪️They won’t retire.
▪️They don’t even have the decency to do us all a favor & drop dead.
▪️They didn’t #RepealObamacare (@LeaderMcConnell would never have brought it to the floor had he not known JM would 👎🏼).
▪️They didn’t #BuildTheWall.
▪️They are AWOL on #J6
▪️They are AWOL on #StopTheSteal.
▪️They don’t punish Collins/Murkowski for RADICAL abortion votes.
▪️They colluded/enabled spying on & impeaching Trump. TWICE.
🔴 DONE. I am DONE. Burn it all down."

tim in vermont said...

They love 💕 Joe Biden in Berlin.

Howard said...

I love the cold gray color scheme with a turbulent sky above a wine dark sea.

Saint Croix said...

Politico is NOT "playing it straight".

Musk owns Twitter. He is not "leaking" this information, he is releasing it.


but they are destroying their own credibility

every time they cover the story and send people to Twitter

hard to do

I'm not saying they've gone red-pill or shit like that

It's like Cookie reporting that Stalin murdered a lot of people

I take my small wins

(not that Cookie has any honesty, as far as I can tell, he's all rope-a-dope and run away)

never quit

never quit

Marx legit!

now I got to go see if Cookie said anything honest recently that makes Communism look bad

that's a casual stroll

ain't no hurry on that one

Saint Croix said...

Now I Have a Plan For Getting Rich and Famous!

Call my stupid book

Mission Impossible UK!

or maybe

Impossible Mission UK

I think maybe the latter.

And then I send free copies to the attorneys at whoever-owns-the-mission-impossible-franchise and hope they sue me. Then I invite some journalists to cover that shit. Maybe? Free publicity? Will work?

So now I have to decide if I want to devote multiple months to my stupid half-baked idea up above. Or just keep doing shit here!

That's another internal poll for me.

write the stupid book dumb ass, why would you listen to that lost-his-billions fucker


Althouse is fun and writing that book would resemble work which I hate!


and neither gig pays anything at all


do stock research you're good at that!


it hurts my feelings when they say I'm on meth


why does Kanye get all the tragic diseases and I get "honky gonna lose his teeth and go homeless"

decisions, decisions

Did I mention I scored a 0 on Judgement on the Myers Briggs exam? I know they warn us that there are no wrong answers, but fuck you know that's a lie! I got no judgment whatsoever! AIIIIIIIIEEEEE! And I am perceptive as fuck!


(i LiKe the WACky graMMAR its ANNoying AS fuck)

Saint Croix said...

Street Croix

ha ha ha

you're going to laugh

but one time I decided to give $5 to this homeless guy on the street

and I was in my car

it's a little tricky because you got to stop right next to them and if the light is green people are going to be pissed

anyway I'm giving $5 to this homeless guy on the street

and he's staring at me with sharp, piercing blue eyes

scared the shit out of me

the vibe I got was Jesus is back and he was memorizing my face

I couldn't even look at him

I just gave that homeless guy $5

"get something to eat"

I don't remember him saying anything to me

usually they say some homeless manipulative shit

I got a little freaked out by that one

Saint Croix said...

Image Jesus came back tomorrow. Except he doesn't come back as a powerful man. He doesn't come back as a messiah.

Suppose, just as a thought experiment, he comes back fully human.

He's wearing the same clothes he was wearing the day he was executed.

He doesn't speak the language. He doesn't speak English. He doesn't speak Spanish. He speaks a language that nobody understands.

He's 34 years old. He doesn't have a job. He doesn't have any family. He just shows up, here, in your city.

What kind of day do you think he would have?

wendybar said...

"The true neocon, however, doesn’t care as long as his own “relevance” is back in play. As long as it’s not led by Trump, even a losing party offers hope and at least a glimpse of junior-varsity power somewhere down the line, or within the controlled opposition neocons already inhabit. A winning party led by DeSantis, however, promises the opportunity to fall at the young governor’s feet to offer him their unequaled “wisdom” and decades of “expertise,” wrapped up in the sickening platitudes of Beltway flattery. If DeSantis is triumphant in 2024, let us hope he sees through them and sends them back to their urban pastureland."

Saint Croix said...


I just discovered a great Preston Sturges movie I had never heard of before.

(He didn't direct it, that's why, but he did co-write it).

It's called Never Say Die

well worth your time, I promise

found it on this DVD collection

When I was young I hated Bob Hope and now I have a lot of respect for him.

Nothing But the Truth does not have Sturges but it totally reminded me of Sturges, also an A+ film from Hope.

Saint Croix said...

If this was Twitter I would be all, "Now I'm going to breakfast."

But it's not Twitter here, this is where serious people goof off

so I ain't saying shit about my breakfast.

Saint Croix said...


pancakes again

49er flapjacks

they are so good

Saint Croix said...

I guess a few serious people are on twitter

but fuck everything has to be quick and short

that would drive me up the wall if I was like this all the time

(note: in order to get journalist credit, Taibbi had to shit on all his subscribers, and Substack, and "publish" on Twitter, which is kind of diabolical of Musk)

I'm pulling for Substack but I don't subscribe to anything

free or die

some kind of slogan?

wendybar said...


wendybar said...

It does seem like they ARE trying to kill us off...

wendybar said...

They did everything they could to protect the perverts in the Democrat party...And you wonder WHY we haven't seen the Epstein files yet?? The DOJ and the FBI are compromised and should be disbanded immediately. Why do they hate women??? Joe Biden is a perverted old man who loves little girls and any girl he can sniff and molest.

Gospace said...

So I finally contracted the dreaded covid. Caught it from a vaxxed Scout leader who came down with symptoms 20 hours before I did, Here's teh thing- the vaxxed can be virulent before symptoms appear. His second bout. Both after vaccination..

I'm using the I-CARE protocol from Since I live in the Empire of New York under Dictator Hochul I ordered the ivermectin and other medicines from alldaychemist. The official tretament protocol in NY under Dictator Hochul is still do absolutely nothing until ready to go into CU, then get worse then useless treatments that will contribut to your death.

Got tested last night at work about 2100 when I started to feel like absolute crap. The facility fire department broguth over a test kit. I informed them of the postive result. Waa told I had to leve, now. Umm... can't leave without a relief unless I shut down the boilers. Told them my relief would be arriving at midnight. Nope, had to call him in early. Lots of overtime for my fellow workers the next 3 days. Longer if this lingers. I feel slightly better today. I have oxycodone in the house for use as needed. Took the I-CARE protocol medicines/supplements at midnight. Feeling like I was hit by a frieght train, took an oxy at 0230. Another hour before the next one if I feel I need it.

No clue what variant I have. But one thing I know for certain, as does anyone who's beem paying attemtion. The hundreds of variants have been driven by the vaccine that doesn't work. If we had continued living normally, the covid crisis would be over. Just like every other dangerous URI. An initial wave, then a smaller one, ans sometimes a third. That's not what's happening.

Iman said...

“New respect for Ro Khanna”

Why? He and the rest of his Dem crew have done enough damage to California to deserve condemnation.

wendybar said...

This is the truth in a nutshell

wendybar said...

"The New York Post reported, "More than 1,000 union employees at the New York Times have pledged to walk out if the news publisher does not agree to a complete and fair contract by Thursday, according to a tweet by the union on Friday.

All those employees and yet they couldn't verify Hunter's laptop."

H/T Don Surber...

wendybar said...

I miss Melania's class.

Maynard said...

Your obsessive posting is really annoying, St. Croix.

Inga said...

“So I finally contracted the dreaded covid. Caught it from a vaxxed Scout leader who came down with symptoms 20 hours before I did, Here's teh thing- the vaxxed can be virulent before symptoms appear. His second bout. Both after vaccination..”

Sorry to hear this. I guess your Vitamin D protocol didn’t work. I’ve been vaxxed 3 times and will be getting the bivalent booster on Sunday, I’ve never had Covid, but hey I won’t brag, it could get me too. I probably will have a milder case than you though. So sorry, again.

Rusty said...

Saint Croix
The last homeless guy I gave money to offered to fight me.

Gospace said...

Inga, I doubt seriously you will have a milder case then me. With 3 shots and now getting the bivalent booster you've irreparably damaged your immune system. Started showing symptoms at 1800 yesterday. It's now 1100. No sore throat- the first symptom that showed up. Did a deep gargle every hour at work once I noticed a sore throat. With xylitol and erythritol.

As mentioned before- started the I-CARE protocol as soon as I got home last night. Right now I've got a slight headache. Had much worse one in HS. Mostly I just feel worn out- typical flu symptom. Rest, lot's of fluids, and likely I'll be mostly up and about by tomorrow. Along with another dose of ivermectin tonight.

And the Vitamin D protocol is to keep one from dying of the dreaded covid. Looks like no danger of that. I was exposed this time at night. I do my naasal irrigation in the morning, which is what I attribute delaying getting the dreaded covid until the milder versions appeared.

wendybar said...

For all you Never Trumpers....You okay with THIS??

Dec 1
Tonight Kevin McCarthy had dinner with Hunter Biden at a state dinner with Macron to rally support for more US aid to Ukraine.

He should not be Speaker.

Saint Croix said...

The last homeless guy I gave money to offered to fight me.

I've only met one aggressive homeless guy out of thousands. They have various tactics.

They are sinners like we are sinners. You might be funding a drug habit, so a lot of Christians never give to the homeless on the street. My feeling on this is that my $5 is not going to buy a lot of drugs and eating is also a habit. I always tell them it's for food but of course once they have the money it's out of my hands.

You can buy gift certificates at fast food places like Chick-Fil-A, which I do. I've seen numerous homeless people be super-happy about any charity. Others are kind of pissed when it's not cash. I was at a stoplight and I gave a homeless guy two gift certificates. And I watched him walk over to another homeless guy and give up one of them.

Saint Croix said...

Your obsessive posting is really annoying, St. Croix.

I'll let you in on an Althouse blog secret.

You're going to be annoyed sooner or later!

Inga said...

I do my naasal irrigation in the morning, which is what I attribute delaying getting the dreaded covid until the milder versions appeared.

So WHY did you need to take the Oxy?? Well, I haven’t had even the mild form of Covid, so I guess we will have to wait and see if/when I get it, I’ll need Oxy, like you did.

wendybar said...

Best, truest article of the week...

Republicans can't win without Trump supporters

walter said...
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walter said...

wendybar said...
For all you Never Trumpers....You okay with THIS??
Dec 1
Tonight Kevin McCarthy had dinner with Hunter Biden at a state dinner with Macron to rally support for more US aid to Ukraine.
Didn't Trump just emdorse him?

walter said...

What's the Oxy for?
At least at higher/chronic dosing, can be immunosuppresive.

Gospace said...

walter said...
What's the Oxy for?

Pain. My muscles were all aching. Didn't need a second dose. Can't sleep if I'm in pain all over.

About one a year the VA prescribes a 10 day supply of oxycodone to me. That 10 day supply of 30 pills of the smallest dosage generally last abput a year.

Not everyone who uses an opioid becomes an addict. Some of us havd intermittnt pain that needs to be taken care of. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are useless for me. Everyone reacts differently to medicines.

I'm novacain resistant. It works, but I need double or triple the dose most get. Took my faughter to an endodontist the other day. He finally started believing her when she said "I can feel that." Not oxycodone resistant. It works with small doses.

One of HS buddies became a dentist. No miltary medical facilities in the area. I broke a tooth. I drank a bit extra at dinnet to kill the pain with nature's original anesthetic. My wife drove me to his house. He had me come in to his practice the next morning an hour before he opened. Confused his poor receptionist when she came in and saw someone in a dental chaire. I told him of my rsistance. So he shot me some extra. Stated working and I went "OUCH!" You can't feel that. Yes I can. So he took two dental picks and said- "I'm going to touch your lips and you tell me if you feel one point or two." Aced the quiz. "Not only shouldn't you be able to tell one or two- you shouldn't even know I'm touching you." And he shot me up again.

I got curious and jut checked. I's been more then a year. 16 left out of the ten day dupply of 30.

walter said...

That's interesting. I have a friend who swears he needs no numbing etc. regardless the dental work. He frames it as will-power, but I see him suffer other forms of pain.

Narr said...

Get better soon, Gospace.

Saint Croix said...

holy shit

re-reading my 12:31 post

near the end of the skit, Wonder Woman has somehow become Wonder Man.

just a typo

but it gave me an idea

super-hero transitioning!

without doctors

that's a fucked up super-power

imagine sleeping with Wonder Woman

and she becomes Wonder Man in the middle of it

or afterwords

or at any point in the middle of the night

new super-hero idea

Fluid Girl

she's got to be blue, right? Sexy and blue. I'm thinking skintight latex costume, all white, with a blue checkmark on her right boobie

or left boobie?

or both boobies

2 fucking blue checkmarks, whoa

and she has to wear a mask, of course, you ain't sexy unless you got a mask

(A.I. got pissed when I asked for white latex -- I didn't even say boobies -- but she might work)

title ideas

Crying Game II: Fluid Girl

Swishing Her Way Into Your Heart

Dream Girl Nightmare Man