December 2, 2022

I have 5 TikToks for you this evening. These are the ones I liked.

1. The best way to ask for water.

2. A vertiginous hike.

3. Apparently, in Japan, they like his gingerness.

4. Pickleball — in the Midwest.

5. A springer spaniel running on ice.


rcocean said...

I would get about 40 steps up that "Vertigo hike" and go back down. It scared me just looking at it. And I bet when the wind is howling, its 20x more scary.

You know who scared of heights? Smart people. Dumb people aren't and fall to their deaths.

Readering said...

Spaniel best. Do dogs know when you are laughing at them?

Has a problem with pickleball. Met placement.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

I missed mentioning in last night’s medley selection of Tick-tocks that I heard the isolated voice of Bob Dylan singing, if you can call it singing, The First Noel. The radio locutor said at one point Bob says, “Bob is the king of Israel” instead of “born is the king of Israel “. From what I could make out, I couldn’t tell Bob really said that.

Lash LaRue said...

Who knew chasing gulls could be hazardous.

Saint Croix said...

ha ha

dog's like, "what the fuck?"

shakes it off

"I'm all good!"

(and he ignores master's laughter and knows he is loved)

Andrew said...

Does anyone know where those steps are?

Pickleball went on too long, like an SNL slit.

Dog was my fave.

Andrew said...

Skit, I meant.

Saint Croix said...


"Fill my sippy cup."

Saint Croix said...

My first girlfriend, Tracy, born in Ohio, moved to Charlotte when she was little, stranger in a strange land, Jewish, beautiful, man I loved her...

She used to mock the shit out of me for saying "ice water."

"Could I have some ice water, please?"

She was all, "You don't have to say, ice water. They always put ice in water, Taylor."

Now, a few decades later, I go into a high-end restaurant in Charlotte and they don't put any fucking ice in my water. (Unless I ask for it!)

I knew I was right.

Saint Croix said...

I don't know if liberals think ice is evil

or they take all their thoughts from the socialists of Europe

but ice water is awesome

lukewarm water sucks

unless I'm about to die of thirst or something

nobody likes that hose shit

ice is amazing and God Bless America for plenty of ice water

MadisonMan said...

I think that vertiginous walk would be a lot harder in the down direction.
You can't go wrong with Charlie Berens. Garrett Trzcinski is good too.

SendlingerTor said...

The spaniel running was gorgeous but when he (she?) crashed into the edge of the ice surface at full speed it looked like it hurt quite bit. Didn't make me laugh.

Baceseras said...

I thought it said ginger spaniel, like there was an overall theme to these, but springer spaniel good too. I liked the picklers best, but I liked the ginger model even more best. His sustained enthusiasm and the *pop* at the end.

Milo Minderbinder said...

Really! TikTok??!

Pete said...


Saint Croix said...

Just occurred to me

sanity check on Kanye West

will he work with Vanilla Ice or not?