October 16, 2020

"Democrats, too, were interested in cultivating the rapper.... But Ice Cube’s team left with the impression that Biden’s team was less committed."

"According to a person familiar with the discussion, Biden aides told the rapper they agreed with much of his plan but that they wouldn’t engage more fully until after the election.... As September wore on, Ice Cube and his advisers continued to lobby the White House during conference calls. On Sept. 14, the performer and his representatives — again not eager to be seen at the White House — quietly met in a Washington hotel with a group of Trump aides.... Ice Cube's group had prepped for the meeting by consulting with Claud Anderson, a Black economist and author who has argued that African Americans are being served poorly by both parties. In the following days, Ice Cube's team continued to hash out ideas with the White House and eventually elicited a promise of $500 billion in funding to be included in Trump’s election-year plan.... On Oct. 11, Cube released a video in which he made clear that he wasn’t endorsing Biden or Trump. But he expressed criticism of Democrats.... 'Straight up, I believe the Democrats, they’ve been nice, they’ve been cordial so to speak, I don’t really see them pushing their policies in any particular direction. It’s still "minority, minority, minority, people of color" shit that don’t necessarily include us, that don’t necessarily include Black Americans,' he said."

The key Trump person was Jared Kushner, who had a friend, Ken Kurson, who knew Ice Cube's business partner from back in the 1990s, when he was was bassist for the rock group Green. Kurson recommended Ice Cube, praising his 1988 album “Straight Outta Compton” as “a work of American genius on par with” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”


Joe Smith said...

A guy named Ice Cube has advisors and 'people.'

Is America a great country or what?

mccullough said...

Ice Cube was part of NWA. Straight Outta Compton is their album, not Ice Cube’s.

Easy E was exceptionally talented as well. Helluva an album.

Achilles said...

Ice cube knows he can’t endorse Trump.

He is too afraid of what the Democrats and their thugs will do.

Bay Area Guy said...

Slow Joe and the Dems don't give a shit about Ice Cube or blacks. They like their votes which keep Dems in power.

BidenFamilyTaxPayerFundedCrackPipe said...

Ask not what democrats can do for you, ask what can you do for Biden family, Clinton Family, Pelosi Family, and other assorted democrats.

You owe them. Please worship.

Mattman26 said...

For a good-for-nothing lightweight, Jared manages to get a lot done.

BidenFamilyTaxPayerFundedCrackPipe said...

From "The inside story of how Ice Cube joined forces with Donald Trump An unlikely partnership on a plan to lift Black Americans economically was months in the making" (Politico).

Gotta cut that short, man. Get back to what's important-> Biden family wealth, Hunter's sex drive and his insane crack pipe. man.

Howard said...

Now there's only vanilla and tea remaining

daskol said...

Who knew that Biden would wind up the one being Sista Souljah'd, and by "gangsta rap" pioneer Ice Cube? I mean, I kind of did, but I'm a little ahead trend-wise. 2020 continues not to disappoint.

The Genius Savant said...

For all the complaining the Left and Media did about Kushner he’s certainly turned out to be an advisor of more the a little consequence and more than a few accomplishments to his name...And all without seeking the spotlight or credit for them.

daskol said...

How long until Cube goes full Blackout? He's done music, movies. Maybe he's thinking that a cabinet position in Kanye's administration would be a nice resume builder.

Drago said...

"The key Trump person was Jared Kushner,...."

This is not possible as I have been assured for 4 straight years by the lefties, ChiCom fanboys and LLR-lefty FakeCons that Kushner is incompetent and could not possibly deliver any foreign policy or domestic policy successes.

You know, I am beginning to believe that the Althouse lefties, ChiCom fanboys and LLR-lefty FakeCons really aren't all that smart.......

bagoh20 said...

Sounds like Ice Cube's group was marketing their support to the highest bidder. Yea, that's not going to help Black people one bit. The only question they should have is who is going to give us the most freedom to prosper? You would think Black Americans would be very focused on freedom and who else respects it. That's always been the Republicans, especially for Blacks. The Right says be free, and go get yours. The Democrats say here's few bucks and some slogans to keep you doing what WE need from you. If you can be bought and sold, then you know what that means.

walt said...

From the article:
It’s still "minority, minority, minority, people of color" shit that don’t necessarily include us, that don’t necessarily include Black Americans,' he said."

So, uh ... talk is cheap, right? An animal that is "fed up" cannot swallow any more. At some point, deeds trump words.

Jared again, eh? Ho!

Rob said...

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into Fuck tha Police."

BUMBLE BEE said...

See? Dems know Trump has the right ideas, but like their governing of cities just can't get it done. Impotent!

Money Manger said...

$500 billion. 11% of the entire Federal budget. Uh-huh.

Big Mike said...

Nice to see a leading black person who wants someone to walk the walk instead of just accepting being fobbed of by someone merely talking the talk.

Hate to seem cynical, but it won’t last.

Kate said...

The framing is a little obnoxious: Trump's team negotiated in order to secure Black votes. True, of course, but maybe -- just maybe -- Trump wants to help the Black community because it's the right thing to do. Politico needs to look up from the desk.

Also, ahhh ... the schadenfreude of Biden's team blowing it is quite delicious.

Bob Boyd said...

That's great.
Best thing for the black community would be Trump is re-elected and follows through on his promises about school choice.
The Dems will support the teacher's unions and things will get worse.
What do blacks have to lose at this point?

Jupiter said...

"Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube
From the gang called Niggaz With Attitudes
When I'm called off, I got a sawed off
Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off."

Sounds like a nice young man. Half a trillion?

Iman said...

Rapsody in Blues?

I hope she be a foo—that's the best thing a bitch can be in this world, a beautiful li’l foo.

Gahrie said...

The only thing that is going to improve conditions in the Black community is for cultural elites like Ice Cube to start demanding they improve. Don't drop out of school. Don't do drugs. Don't commit crimes. Don't join a gang. Don't have kids outside of marriage.

The problem is, Ice Cube has spent the last thirty years telling all of us that those things are cool.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Chicago gangs* have controlled all Democratic politics for years now.

Dirty as dirty can get.

They blame white racism ala Jusset Smollie. And it works. And it will continue so long as it works.

The most interesting thing is at Althouse as a divided house standing, as inspiration (noble) to the rest of us without the emeritus and without the biz success. Tough time (HT Toots and the Maytolls) time tough.

*Neither black or white exclusively, since Asians and especially Latinos discovered the only thing that matters in Chicago is $ and killing and raping and enslavement is a resume enhancement (if you don't get caught, usually).

Static Ping said...

I will say that "Wicked" is one of the greatest rap songs ever performed.

William said...

This same story, with Biden featured as the half trillion benefactor and Hunter as the broker of the deal, would be a source of widespread mockery here. I'm not a hundred percent on board with this.....Is "Straight Out of Compton" really that good, like Rhapsody in Blue, Great Gatsby good? Sounds overstated, but I guess Gatsby and Rhapsody had to wait a few generations before they got their proper due.

Paul Doty said...

Oh yeah, that inane, gutteral, lowlife shit ranks right up there with the Bible. Show me the person that believes that and I'll show you a pig ignorant guttersnipe as stupid as Ice Cube, no Im sayin? He's some thug if he's scared of a bunch Ivy League white gimps that couldn't jump start a car, let alone boost one, especially if it was a stick shift. And we're going to borrow 500 billion from China to start paying reparations? That'll go well. The best part is that will be of no benefit to the country at large or even the black community, whatever the hell that is. A handful of blacks will siphon off most of it, a handful of NeverTrumpers will cash in, a few scummy lawyers will become multimillionaires and Bob down at the tire store will send the interest to Beijing because fuck those put you in office. Whose votes are they buying? Is there anyone in their right mind that thinks Ice Cube can move the needle on black votes!? Is there someone that thinks that "culture" is suddenly going to become conservative? Oh well, maybe in a Bill Kristol real conservative vote for Democrats way.

At least we can hang out hats on the fact that Bagpipe Barr couldn't find even one episode of improper unmasking out of the hundreds that occurred right up to the inauguration so we have that going for us. Thankfully General Flynn is still being jerked around and bankrupted because no one in Washington will drop a hammer on Sullivan and no one will go after the corrupt prosecutors and Flynn's corrupt, compromised, and incompetent first legal team. Somehow, I'll bet those bastards got paid. At least Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Rice, Power, Lynch, Weissman, Clapper, Rosenstein, McCabe, both Ohrs and a host of others are walking free, pulling big paychecks and pensions. At least the FBI has had the Weiner laptop for several years and done not one damn thing and they've had the Biden laptop for a year and probably expect to erase, damage, or lose it soon. Oh, and Durham is investigating the Clinton Foundation ha ha. Sure Jared, 500 billion for whatever bullshit you think. Just make sure you do nothing for the Americans that put your father in law in office. I think I'll just vote for Joe and gutterslut. At least I know how they're going to screw me over. They'll spit in my face and kick me in the nuts whereas this bunch spits in my face then tousles my hair and says "just kiddin', rube".

Wa St Blogger said...

I wonder when people will wise up to Democrat politicians.

When a particular party is not held accountable for its policies, its crimes or its corruption you get what we have today.

What we have is a bunch of self-serving, corrupt individuals who love power more than they love our country. The media does not challenge them on their sex crimes, their criminal activity affecting our national security, their failure to solve the problems they claim they care about, nor their very lucrative corruption that makes them rich.

If I wanted to go into politics, I would run as a democrat. Who cares if I actually believe all their crap, the gullible will vote for me as long as I mouth the right platitudes. The media will go soft on me and hide my illegal activities, and all the special interest groups will vote for me because the other guys are evil.

Really. How dumb do you have to be these days to actually think the Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are evil? The R's are the responsible ones. They take risks to try and do what is right. They care more about doing the right thing than pandering to special interest groups.

If you want a less corrupt, more responsible government, you should vote in the guys whom the media actually challenge, because then you know the politicians will have less of a chance of being corrupt. Instead we stupidly believe media and think that the guys who can't get away with corruption because they are closely watched are corrupt, and they guys who are never watched are pure as the driven snow.

If you want more corruption, vote D. That party will be full of guys like me who get into politics and choose D so that we can milk the system while being lauded as great humanitarians regardless of what we actually accomplish.

CJinPA said...

"The key Trump person was Jared Kushner"

I like any GOP candidate doing this. But I can't forget the stats from Ann Coulter regarding the 2012 election: "Romney could have gotten 60 percent of the Hispanic vote and still lost. Or gotten 4 percent more of the white vote and won."

I think Trump will gain in black/Hispanic votes but lose his 2016 white vote, and lose the election.

And that race-based calculation is why you should vote against progressive politics.

Yancey Ward said...

The problem is the breakdown of the nuclear family- really nothing else matters but that. If you are going to use federal money, pay people to marry and live together to raise their children. Use the money to fund school choice initiatives completely free from the shitty city and state government control.

Of course, nothing like that will happen, and we all fucking know it, too.

Maillard Reactionary said...

Jupiter @6:58 PM: Oh yeah. There's an inspiring leader for you, calling you to be better than yourself on behalf of others.

All he needs to do now is promise his listeners 72 hos in Paradise if they get killed by a policeman while resisting arrest. That will fix everything.

No, I didn't read the article. Sue me.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Who would have sympathy for Althouse had she gone to Chicago to watch with her son Kathy Griffan decapitate the potUS?

Most people, normal people is Althouse's answer.

Okay then, when heads are displayed for profit we won't have to wonder why anymore why heads are displayed in the first place: it's due to Althouse's support.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I hope all those in Chicago understand they are hated for their race and vote like the racists they are.

Chicago as never shit, their racist hatred voting is a mere semi-blip American.

Obama and Althouse have lived absurdly. Vote how you want, declaim this or that. Get all you can from this country that failed you Althouse.

Owen said...

$500 billion? Meh. That’s not even table stakes in the Reparations Runoff. Best part is, you and I get to pay it. That money comes out of the taxpayer; is squeezed out of our tissues and rendered down to nice, clean greenbacks; packaged up into neat symmetrical containers labeled “Enterprise Zones” and “School Lunch” and “Access To Health Resources” and “Midnight Basketball.” And next year? The same again, and more. And more; because it is never enough.

If Ice Cube is willing to deal with Trump today, it’s only business. It may provoke the Bidenites to offer him more. The idea that he might actually help “his people” —now being shoved aside by other minorities eager for their turn at the trough— is quaint. Nope: it so just business.

Bay Area Guy said...

My favorite gangsta is Tom "Soul Man" Sowell. The dude is an erudite muthafucka.

walter said...

Just 500 billion?
Does that satisfy Crack's race toll

Unknown said...

I like how he has made


Does $500 billion cover my reparations?

Unknown said...

$500 billion. 11% of the entire Federal budget. Uh-huh.

The reporter was a little glib. $500 billion in funding sounds like the federal government is going to be spending $500 billion. But that's not what they're talking about.

Saw this in an article about CNN dropping Ice Cube interview.

The plan includes a pledge for 3 million new jobs for the black community, creating 500,000 new, black-owned businesses and increasing access to capital in black communities by nearly $500 billion. The plan also calls for better policing and access to education and job opportunities in the community.

CNN brought back the interview, by the way.

Unknown said...

Interesting to read Ice Cube's interview in Rolling Stone.

Comparing the Democrat party and the Republican party to Good Cop/Bad Cop is a hell of an analogy.

I think it’s good cop, bad cop, man. You know their game. They both cops. They both will lock your ass up quick. They both got the power to lock you up. One mean, one nice. Okay? But it’s still the same thing. This is what we dealing with, but they still got the same goal and that’s why we’re in the position that we’re in. It’s not them that got to do something different; it’s us that got to do something different.

Lot of good stuff in that interview.

Rusty said...

Guildofcannonballs said...
"I hope all those in Chicago understand they are hated for their race and vote like the racists they are. "
Your not wrong.
If democrats and the left are inclusive, understanding and broad minded Chicago would be the most integrated city in the country. There hasn't been a republican mayor since the 1930s. Chicago is a shithole.

Jupiter said...

"I will say that "Wicked" is one of the greatest rap songs ever performed."

Damning with faint praise.

The Crack Emcee said...

I can't count how many times I've brought up Ice Cube to you assholes - my Godmother was his art teacher - but I surely remember telling you he was a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment, so his agreeing with me politically shouldn't surprise you.

Me being right about a lot of things shouldn't surprise you anymore.

Walter remembered I exist and said

"Just 500 billion?
Does that satisfy Crack's race toll"

EACH, Walter, $500 billion EACH.

walter said...

Yes, Crack.
When so invested in victim status, gotta keep demands unobtainable.
Cube offers a more manageable level of pandering.

The Vault Dweller said...

I'm not going to pretend that Trump is loved or well-liked by Black folks in America, but he at least has a better shot than the average White male politician. Trump worked on funding for HBCUs and worked on prison reform. I imagine that working on limiting immigration will appeal to a fair amount of black folks. There are neighborhoods in LA, which were majority-black neighborhoods, that have become majority-Latino neighborhoods, and the transition wasn't always civil. There were Latino gangs that specifically targeted black folks for harassment, violence, and intimidation to drive them out. There is hopefully enough action from Trump that combined with his message he can win over more black folks this election cycle. But he needs something more in his message of what to expect. Republicans don't need to win all or even a majority of black votes. If they can start getting 25% or so that would be enough for long-term political gains. However, even if there is an increase in Black voters for Trump, it will be hard to hold onto those votes unless there is more change.

The Crack Emcee said...

Walter said

"Yes, Crack.
When so invested in victim status, gotta keep demands unobtainable.
Cube offers a more manageable level of pandering."

You assholes have to develop a funny bone. That was a JOKE, Walter. Like when white guys say reparations are going to come out of "their" pockets.

Fucking hilarious.

Sally said...

Let’s compare and contrast:
1) On the left here, the Biden administration says, sorry, don’t have time for you; call us after the election.
2) And on the right, the Trump administration not only listens, not only adds some of their ideas to his platform, but also pledges HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS.

Hmmm... which candidate supports us again?