October 16, 2020

"Do not think you can escape the eyes."


It's a podcast about the past day on the blog: "Trump’s Covid, Biden’s Court-packing, the falconer named Parrot, the masculinities of Trump and Biden, the eyes of Texas, and fitting a third child into your sedan."


Achilles said...

All of the topics Ann wants to focus on.

But don't look at those ...

Nope lets focus on how Joe Biden, a rapist, has a more 2020 version of masculinity.

It is almost as if Facebook and twitter are telling Ann what it is ok to talk about and Ann is ok with that.

wild chicken said...

Whoa bad audio degradation at 17:00.

Too week, like you're far from the mic.

Prefer the old sound.

wild chicken said...

Sounds like speakerphone.

rhhardin said...

The new audio has room echo, which is worse for voice. Like a phone call on speaker phone.

Achilles said...

I am going to steal a joke from an AoS commenter:

"You know what Joe Biden and Jeffrey Epstein have in common?

Neither can complete a sentence."

They are also both rapists and pedos.

Achilles said...

I think you all should talk to some Navy SEALs. Everyone who worked with 6 has some stories. We supported them for the most part.

The things that go bump in the night are scary. I saw shit. But none of you want anything to do with 6 or D.

You would hear some crazy "conspiracy theories."

You all have no idea what kind of crazy shit went down in theater that these people especially don't talk about.

But one thing I guarantee is when shit goes down and the thin veneer of civilization falls there are going to be a lot of dead bodies in DC.

Ann Althouse said...

"Whoa bad audio degradation..."

That's the Blue Snowball mike!

Ann Althouse said...

So you're saying you like the AirPod sound more than the expensive microphone?

Or are you saying I need to go to a smaller room?

wild chicken said...

I had to turn it up is all

Ann Althouse said...

It's possible that I didn't speak directly into the mike.

Yancey Ward said...

Thread music.

Achilles said...

I also like the discussion of modern masculinity using Trump and Biden as examples.

One has a completely open life everyone gossips about.

The other one is a complete fraud and a rapist.

Trump is a man.

Biden is a bully and a rapist.

It is a window into what democrats think a real man is though.

Democrats sure do love their rapists.

Achilles said...

The media certainly likes to define what is true and what isn't. It is funny to watch people out here get mad at Trump for retweeting something like this.

You stupid suburban women and your stupid arm chair general bullshit. Your stupid talk about masculinity and your stupid bitching about Russian Collusion. Your stupid attacks on the second amendment. Your stupid bullshit war on police and support for BLM.

None of your stupid shit matters. Nobody is going to be able to hide like you are hiding today.

6 certainly thinks the Obama admin is 100% responsible for a lot of dead SEALs.

They blame a lot of those generals who always seem to bash Trump too.

Shit will be biblical.

Achilles said...

A lot of people are finding out what goes into an audio studio.

I would start with some acoustic fabric hangings from the ceiling.

Microphone directionality is important too.

Francisco D said...

Achilles said... All of the topics Ann wants to focus on. Nope lets focus on how Joe Biden, a rapist, has a more 2020 version of masculinity.

I was thinking that Joe "The Godfather" is more of a 1940's version of masculinity, except that he doesn't get his hands dirty. That is what his familia is for. Hunter was just the primary and most incompetent bag man.

Paging Hunter Biden. Please come to the desk. There is a large stuffed paper bag with your name on it. Paging Hunter Biden...

wild chicken said...

Ann Althouse said...
It's possible that I didn't speak directly into the mike.

I like the close sound. Very intimate and ready to follow.

rhhardin said...

Probably closeness to the mic helps. That turns down the volume necessary and the room echo is turned down with it. The earbud mics were closer and so room echo was not a factor.

Or put overstuffed furniture everywhere. That kills room echo too.

Once room echo is under control you can make an audio quality determination. It might all fall into audiophile territory though at that point.

rhhardin said...

Room echo ("liveness") is good in stereo but fatal in monaural.

rhhardin said...

Tiffany Echkart, Australian song-writer and singer, recorded her first album, Girl Guitar, in a laundromat for the acoustics.

Laslo Spatula said...

I forget what podcast it was ('Criminal', perhaps), but the podcaster talked about how in her earlier days -- before access to a studio -- she would record her work in a bedroom closet. Clothing in there killed the echo, and a smaller room of course.

She was mentioning it in a prologue before a replay of an older episode that was recorded that way. Sounded pretty good for low-budget.

I am Laslo.

Mary said...

About the car seats for children. I grew up in the 70s, and it wasn’t really a child’s world then, much like before, I could walk around the neighborhood with my friend unsupervised and free to do whatever I wanted. But somewhere in the past 30 years it has been all about “won’t someone think of the children!” to quote Peggy Hill from King of the Hill. As an adult now without children I really don’t like living in a “children’s world”, and maybe parents today aren’t happy with the world that they created. Who knows. But yeah, things got f’ed up for real. And I’m a libtard. lol.