October 16, 2020

At the Friday Night Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want.


Joe Smith said...

Nice color...

Is that a power plant lower right?

If so, too bad.

effinayright said...

@ Full-Frontal Fool Freder:


Just a few days ago I told you this would happen.

Francisco D said...

Joe Biden is obviously The Godfather of a political crime family.

However, I wonder about the roles. Is Hunter his Fredo?

Or is the Biden crime family headed by Fredo (Joe) because Michael (Cuomo) was unavailable to run the family business?

Christy said...

Voted today. Paper ballots here in Tennessee. Straight ticket for the first time ever. I never much respected the straight ticket voter. In my naivete I believed there were fine people up and down the ballot on both sides of the issues. Biden has convinced me otherwise. I, a registered Democrat for 35 years, voted a straight Republican ticket.

5M said...

I think Scott Adams struggled a little bit with the impact of persuasion today. He's personalizing it too much. Or as Joe Rogan points out leaning in too much.

He is more effective with his books and videos helping the everyday person reason out their existence in a healthy way. That has more impact.

Both he and Cernovich get miffed when they don't achieve personal recognition and influence with leaders who borrowed from them. It becomes a whine fest. When they should both take the lesson and reapply their successful thoughts to the people that listen. They become like the musicians who play inspired music. Except for you though. Because you are of the opposite politics. Can a musician like that every be broadly inspired again?

The simulation says no. Not as long as they refuse to recognize the purpose of their own creativity. They are mis firing.

Lucien said...

About this Court-Packing Thing
In order for the Democrats to pack the Supreme Court they would need to:
1) Retain control of the House,
2) Win the Presidency,
3) Gain control of the Senate, and
4) Eliminate the filibuster (or hold at least 60 Senate seats).
If they were successful in these 4 endeavors, they could pass legislation:
1) Establishing nationwide freedom of abortion,
2) Reenacting the Affordable Care Act (including an individual mandate expressly identified as a tax, and provisions for severability)*, and
3) Declaring that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and expressly authorizing the EPA to regulate it.
All of these things (except maybe eliminating the filibuster) are normal legislative acts, which would alleviate many fears expressed as a basis for packing the court.. Court-Packing, on the other hand, is a departure from constitutional norms, and – as many have pointed out – invites more tit-for-tat court-packing the next time the government changes hands.

*Democrats do not always love the ACA as much as they have pretended in the Barrett confirmation hearing; and a bunch of them would probably like to scrap it in favor of some flavor of a single-payer system.

Lucien said...

About this Court-Packing Thing Part 2
It’s not hard to view Court-Packing as an attempt by the legislative and executive branches to dominate the judicial branch, while denigrating judges by assuming that even in the highest court they are naked political actors, and not fair judges. Members of the judicial branch might not take kindly to this – especially if they think they are supposed to be a coequal branch of government.
So let’s pretend that SCOTUS Justices and other federal judges likely to be nominated have backbones, and refuse to be pawns of the other two branches. (For now, let’s assume four new justices, bringing the total to thirteen, on the theory that seven Democrats would always outvote 6 Republicans.) Instead of voting as hack political proxies, they could agree that whatever position had the support of the majority of the “original nine” justices would prevail. Suppose a slate of four cravenly partisan political hacks was appointed just in case: even then it would only take one of the current liberal justices (Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan) to agree to side with the majority of the original nine in order to flip the 7-6 result (they could even switch off). Sure, they would wind up having to hold their noses and vote for an outcome they didn’t like every now and then, but they would likely save the independence of the judicial branch, and deter further attempts at Court-Packing. The only way to avoid such a possibility would be for the Democrats to add 10 new politically reliable justices, knowing that even if it worked, Republicans might only need to add another 2 when it was their turn (depending on the timing of retirements and deaths).

tim in vermont said...

Hunter got it right for once back in2019, he IM’d his dad that he was a “f–ked up addict who can’t be trusted”

tim in vermont said...

Well they have one playbook, Russian disinformation. They leak that they are “investigating” but won’t even admit that they have the laptop, even though we have seen the subpoena. They won’t even "confirm or deny” whether it is a real subpoena. This is some brazen shit. They are going to bury it and let the press and Silicon Valley run interference for them.

He said he has a receipt for the seized property but declined to share a copy of the FBI paperwork with CNN.
Both the office of the US attorney in Delaware and the FBI declined to confirm or deny the FBI's involvement or the existence of any investigation when asked by CNN.


William said...

Some questions about Hunter Biden and Twitter. I understand Twitter is a private company but doesn't it sort of function as a public square. Does that have any bearing on its claim to be a private company?.....I can understand how the computer repair shop could claim ownership of Hunter's computer but would such ownership entail ownership of all his emails and photos. My heart doesn't bleed for Hunter, but I can think of other people and and other circumstances where I would sympathize with the original owner's claim to a right to privacy.

tim in vermont said...

This is the first time in my life where I have believed that our government is illegitimate. This is like a Coen Brothers movie.


Joe Smith said...

Someone in another thread mentioned Smollett...

A great October surprise would be tying the Smollett hoax to Harris/Booker who just happened to be sponsoring anti-lynching legislation at the time Smollett was 'attacked.'

And ties of the the prosecutor to Michelle Obama...

It would be popcorn-worthy.

rehajm said...

Now for some political antimatter. Stop me if you've seen this one since it is trending nit it has everything- needy girl, Legos, robots, tripaw dogs- it's all here!

I built my dog a photo booth

Big Mike said...

@Christy, good for you!

mockturtle said...

Christy, I voted straight Republican, too, and am hoping mightily that AZ doesn't go blue.

stephen cooper said...

What Night said. Every word of that comment rings true.

That being said, people forget that Adams is not just a good cartoonist, which he undoubtedly is, but back in the day he was a cartoonist of genius.
In the first two or three years of Dilbert, many of the daily strips were at the Calvin and Hobbes level, with guest stars (usually cuddly beasts, or milder versions of Godzilla and Mothra, but sometimes inspired avatars of what we all love about this world, PEOPLE WHO ARE MEDIOCRE AND FASCINATING - trust me). Great stuff.

About 10 years into his Dilbert career he was on an incredible roll, there was this one two or three week sequence where the cubicle dwellers grew afraid that COFFEE WOULD BE DENIED TO THEM and they launched various sorties and revolts, even descending upon the coffee factory, to challenge the world without coffee that was descending on them. Those two weeks were, IMHO, as good as any two weeks of Peanuts, Rose Is Rose, Ignatz and Krazy Kat, or even Pogo or Priscilla's Pop or that one about the Canadian dentist and his wife and two kids and that great dog who lovingly put up with them.

Cernovich has a lot more common sense than Adams, but is less of a genius, but he too fits the profile Night described.

That being said, both of those guys are consciously following the Joseph Campbell script when they currently talk about elections in real time. So keep that in mind.

"I once met Scott Adams at one of those expensive jazz clubs in San Francisco where, truth be told, they charged too much for the wine - sure it was good wine but they were charging a hundred bucks a bottle for twenty dollar a bottle wine - and where the jazz trio, although clearly supremely talented, did not feel like they had to do their best (at least not until I walked up to the piano player, told him some of my older friends used to jam with bandmates of Bix, and asked him to play a few tunes to make me remember the old times) ---- and at that club, he (Scott Adams) did not even flinch when I pretended to mix him up with Garry Addams, I mean Gary Larson.

Good times, good times, long ago and never to be repeated.

tim in vermont said...

In a Friday afternoon email, a Twitter representative told The Post, “While we’ve updated the policy, we don’t change enforcement retroactively. You will still need to delete the Tweets to regain access to your account.”. - NYPost

OldManRick said...

Reporting is now that after Hunter Biden story broke, Hunter Biden's lawyer contacted the computer repair man and tried to get the hard drive back. Giuliani claims he has the email proof of the lawyer's attempt to retrieve the hard drive and laughs about how stupid Hunter's lawyer is.

Reporting is now that Hunter Biden's former business partner Bevan Cooney has flipped. He was jailed over a bond scheme, and has connected with journalists Matthew Tyrmand and Peter Schweizer. Turned over access to his Gmail account which confirms some of the Hunter Biden emails.

None of this will appear on Twitter or the New York Times so it probably isn't true. So don't worry yourself about possible corruption by the democratic candidate for president.

Chennaul said...

Is Hunter his Fredo?


He looks like that guy from Walking Dead — Negan. At least in the pics at the NewYork Post.

Political Junkie said...

In the final Pres debate, I think Trump needs to:
1. Smile as much as possible and be happy. I understand the dourness, but it does not help him, IMO.
2. Negotiate a closing statement for each, with Biden going first.Trump then would start with "I may be an asshole, but I am an asshole for you, my fellow Americans." Keep it short, smile, and then get the hell out of there!

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Twitter, FB, etc rely on sec 230 to protect them from lawsuits. The assumption of sec 230 is that they are not publishers, but just bulletin boards were anyone can publish, as long as it's not criminal. Twitter, etc. have just proven that they are publishers, that they control the content of their bulletin boards, and anything shown on their systems is there with their blessing. That leaves them open to massive lawsuits about what does and does not appear.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...
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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Colorado is on fire.

what a handy trick.

Any and all negative information or scandal about any democrat, henceforth - will be labeled RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION.

I Have Misplaced My Pants said...

Mr. Pants and I got into a discussion today about the redness of states. According to Wikipedia, the following states are the most stably red, defined as having gone for the Republican in the last four presidential elections as well has having two Republican senators:

North Dakota
South Dakota
South Carolina

We were talking about the ones we felt most likely to trend purple in the next few years. He was thinking Idaho, as it's steadily filling up with refugees from Washington, Oregon and California. I'm thinking (sadly, as we live here) Texas, as the cities are and have been blue and are getting bigger by the day, and our governor is bending over backward to bring in companies from blue states which on one hand yay jobs I guess but on the other hand these people you are rolling out the red carpet for are going to vote blue and flip the state.

Comments, anyone?

rcocean said...

Truth: Biden up to his neck in Ukrainian and Chinese Corruption.
Lie: But Trump is the tool of Putin.

Truth: Hillary funds a British Spy to put together a Russian Dossier to attack Trump.
Lie: But Trump colluded with the Russians.

Truth: Biden refuses to criticize Antifa or the Riots.
Lie: But Trump is "flirting" with extremists.

Truth: Biden plans on Packing the Supreme Court.
Lie: But Trump is Authoritarian.

narciso said...

The fact its not in the post or the times means its true


rcocean said...

Biden was asked about the NY Post story which proves his son got $millions to provide access to VP Biden. And that the Chinese gave Biden's son $millions after a Biden trip to China. Biden said it was a smear and attacked the reporter for being a "smear artist" for simply asking the question.

This is BIden's standard pattern. Ask him ANY question, in a respectful tone, that is hard-hitting or tough and he will insult you and say you are a Republican or a liar. Imagine what it will like when he's President. The press will cover for him and anyone who tries to challenge him will be insulted and attacked. Welcome to the USSR version 2.0

rcocean said...

If the R's are serious about reining in Big Tech, they will cut off their cheap labor supply of H-1B visas.

tim in vermont said...

It seems like Biden’s plan is to intimidate reporters to keep them from asking questions about it, he never says that the emails are fake though.

"I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask." - Joe Biden to a CBS reporter

He knows that sooner or later, these emails are going to be authenticated because they are obviously authentic. All they have is the smear campaign that they have run on Giuliani, all lies and distortion, but it’s enough for some people. This is a real wrestling match and I bet Biden is sleeping right now while the people running his campaign work out what to do next.

Milwaukie guy said...

I'm still busy doing stuff to peruse Althouse, which I love because 90% of the commenters are sharp. I haven't even finished my Ace today. Just throwing this out....

I know Uncle Joe is barking about something about the provenance of the Hunter hard drive or something else. But, according to what I've read today, there is a 12-minute video of Hunter smoking crack and getting a blow job.

I always thought that in the end senility and Hunter would lay Joe low. Not that I've seen the evidence yet I but suspect it exists. I didn't think crack and a blow job, instead of Ukraine and China. would be the proverbial straw.

Per my comment last night, it's sort of unexpected like the Tonya Harding wedding sex tape.

Milwaukie guy said...

I mean, I could fake up a few emails but a 12-minute sex video, with all that chest hair to CGI. That's a lot of work and it must have some kind of digital fingerprint. Unless it's top men from Disney and the Mossad.

I'm Not Sure said...

"He was thinking Idaho, as it's steadily filling up with refugees from Washington, Oregon and California."

I'm in Idaho. This is happening. And unfortunately, as this state's population is much smaller than in Texas, it's not going to take nearly as many people to screw things up here as where you are.

narciso said...



tim in vermont said...

Coleman claimed that four former US intelligence officials that were “familiar with the matter” said that the Hunter Biden emails and images published by the New Your Post are part of an influence operation by Russian intelligence.

“Former intelligence officials” hmmm. Four anonymous sources that if they even exist, were probably fired in the fallout of all of the lying that the FBI did pushing Russiagate. This is just another press operation maybe with the help of the #Resist types. Meanwhile Joe Biden wants to raise our taxes, but how much tax does he pay on the graft that probably goes to offshore accounts and is never reported? He wants to tax us more. because somebody has to foot the bill for all of the thievery he does. He’s a classic kleptocrat.

Pushing through “bankruptcy reform” that made it impossible to cancel student loan debt while collecting graft through bagman Hunter from the credit card industry was just small time grifting compared to what he is into now.

Fritz said...

Joe Smith said...
Nice color...

Is that a power plant lower right?

If so, too bad.

Why, is it so bad to have electricity?

Although, perhaps cutting Madison and some other blue cities off from their power sources would be a useful lesson. The 19th century wasn't as much fun as you might think.

Marshall Rose said...


And now, other recipients of those emails are beginning to confirm the contents.

grackle said...

It is best to be easy to be rid of
To walk with the unwanted ones
Don’t waste time washing dishes
That will get you nowhere

Drop them into smithereens
And walk away from the sink
Lift weights, eat right and morph
Into an alpha bullshit artist

With disgust comes endings
A crown is buried on the island
Where it was pilfered
What’s the keyword for that app?

We know now that it was the Quantum Era
Trump caused the collapse of the wave function
Snaking down into virgin valleys
His particle shattered past patterns

He was there only when you looked at him
If you looked away he passed a law
When you looked back all you saw
Was him dancing with Kim

Lawrence Person said...

Enjoy a Friday LinkSwarm.

DanTheMan said...

If Biden wins, the guy that owns that computer repair shop is going to get destroyed.

Yancey Ward said...

The laptop is Hunter Biden's. There are just too many confirmations of authenticity at this point to continue to deny the truth of the matter. A third party who was on the e-mail list outlining the breakdown of shares in the proposed China/US energy firm confirmed the authenticity of the e-mail thread. This and the fact that the Biden's haven't claimed the e-mails are fake is pretty fucking conclusive, and this doesn't even mention the photos and videos that are clearly authentic on their face. I now think it all but certain that Biden really did drop the computer off and then failed to retrieve it, just like the shopowner claimed.

Go ahead and vote for Biden if you feel you must, but the man is a pathological liar and has lied repeatedly about this particular topic- over and over. I never believed the denials in the first place, but I didn't expect to see it proven that Biden was lying. What a fuckup Hunter Biden must be- yes, he is that stupid apparently.

wildswan said...

So, Biden has to answer questions about corruption from now till November 3. I think that's a good strategy. And we need to point out that taking money from foreigners isn't the same as being a good ol' boy back home. It isn't assisting one or another of two groups of rich Americans; it's assisting foreigners who take jobs right out of America. But also we have to remember all along that there are people who are utterly terrified by the virus and ruled in all political judgments by that alone.

Matthew Heintz said...

Michelle Obama had to scratch her balls yesterday, I'm sure it felt good.

Achilles said...

"I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask." - Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a standard bully.

Funny how bullies and rapists are a generally overlapping Venn diagram.

He got punched in the face in the debate and turned into a simp just like bullies usually do.

rehajm said...

As if we needed one more good reason to vote for Trump:

Bruce Springsteen Says He's Moving to Australia if Donald Trump Wins.
He’s born to run

Sorry, mates...

5M said...

Big tech can be disabled by denying them the ability to collect phones numbers. The internet is also a public infrastructure which they ride for free. Regulate them.

tim in vermont said...

"The internet is also a public infrastructure which they ride for free. Regulate them.”

That’s what 'net neutrality' was about, to put the infrastructure on which they have built their immense wealth and power under the control of people they control, the government.

That’s pretty funny, Capthcha wouldn’t let me ommment until I tod it that tha mailbox was a parking meter.

tim in vermont said...

"I now think it all but certain that Biden really did drop the computer off and then failed to retrieve it, just like the shopowner claimed.”

There’s this: “I’m a f–ked up addict who can’t be trusted” - Robert Hunter Biden

Sara D said...

Last night I was watching "Tucker Carlson Tonight". In the last segment his guest was Osama bin Laden's niece, Noor bin Ladin a Trump supporter, but the interview was cut.
I found the Spectator article they were talking about, unfortunately it is behind "the pay wall"

September 20/2020 she wrote another article in the Spectator

"A warning letter from the niece of Osama bin Laden"

to bad Tucker didn't leave enough time to finish the interview

tim in vermont said...

But the available evidence seems to show the Joshua Wilson who signed the subpoena for Hunter Biden's laptop, and the Joshua Wilson who investigates child pornography for the FBI, are the same person. This raises the possibility, not explored by the Post, that the FBI issued the subpoena for reasons unrelated to Hunter Biden's role in Ukraine and Burisma. - Business Insider


Nobody claims to have been through the entire trove of emails, so there very well may be child porn on there. And it is no shock that the FBI would give Burisma and Ukraine a good leaving alone, since they were trying to get Trump removed from office at the time.

stevew said...

Yes, a beauty that one. Looks like Madison (that is Madison on the horizon?) is on fire.

I have always argued against making voting easy. It is just too important and voters need to expend energy and suffer a little inconvenience so that they will be motivated to cast their vote from an informed position on the candidates and issues. So I will not vote early or absentee - never have, never will. I will go to the polls early on Nov 3 and cast my vote.

The Boston Globe says "To win crucial Pennsylvania, Trump leans heavily on unfounded fears of massive voter fraud". How does Trump win if, in fact, massive voter fraud is unfounded?

They add this in the piece, which doesn't answer my question: "For months, President Trump has been warning that the election is tilted against him, that Democrats are conspiring to steal his victory. It’s a message that has been embraced by other Republican officials and seeped down to voters who are heeding Trump’s call to keep an eye on the polls and guard against a problem — voter fraud — that experts say is exceedingly rare."

So this is just an attack on Trump. Got it.

Now do Biden and his miscreant son. Unlikely.

tim in vermont said...

If there really was child porn on there, and right now the evidence only suggests the possibility that there may be some, it might explain why Hunter didn’t take the laptop to an “official” service center for the Biden Foundation. Funny how these crooks always seem to have “foundations,” isn’t it?

tim maguire said...

The fact that the Bidens haven’t said it’s fake is about as solid evidence as you could ask for that they are real. BUT, most presidents have an embarrassing family member. Usually it’s a sibling (Billy Carter, Roger Clinton), not a child, but still, it doesn’t sink them. Hunter’s problems are not necessarily Joe’s problems.

The real smoking gun, if it exists, will show Joe participated in or covered up Hunter’s activities. That email has not been shown to exist yet.

tim in vermont said...

So the pedo angle is backed up by a Chinese dissident, a person that the thrall-to-the-ChiComs press refers to as a “fugitive” (there is no shame in being a fugitive from the ChiComs) who has seen the contents. This is an entirely separate line of evidence from the discovery that it was a child pornography investigator at the FBI who seized the computer, after the backup of the hard drive had been given to the FBI, and came out before that was known.


Is it a “conspiracy theory”? Sure, is it absurd on the face of it that the ChiComs would send Hunter child porn? No. It’s called ‘kompromat’ and I believe we made a huge deal for three years on just the accusation from Hillary that Putin had kompromat on Trump.

tim in vermont said...

Back when Drudge first got his start, he claimed that he made his initial fame off of tips from people “who should not have been in the room.” That applies to this computer repair guy. What a great thing for America that this kleptocrat crack addict’s computer fell into the hands of somebody who loved America.

Watch them go after Rudy for possession of child pornography.

tim in vermont said...

“Who made these disturbing videos? The CCP!”

No wonder he’s a fugitive. Watch the video, it’s two minutes long. This is the biggest scandal that has ever hit this country, not just the child porn, and the press doesn’t care. Imagine how many newspapers they could sell, what kinds of ratings that they would get if they took it on. It’s not about ratings with them, it’s about serving their wealthy masters. And nobody is wealthier than Silicon Valley.

Lucien said...

Now that someone in the Biden camp has tested positive, won’t the “nonpartisan” debate commission use this as an excuse to declare that the last debate must be virtual? The Refs are the real stars!

tim maguire said...

stevew said...I have always argued against making voting easy. It is just too important and voters need to expend energy and suffer a little inconvenience so that they will be motivated to cast their vote from an informed position on the candidates and issues.

I feel the same way. Voting should be accessible to every citizen, but that’s not the same as making it as easy as possible. Voting is a solemn act and pushing this idea that any difficulty constitutes voter suppression undermines the seriousness of the event. It should also involve a little effort as a screening process to weed out the people who don’t really care. We’re often told, “if you don’t vote, you don’t count,” but if you don’t pay attention to the candidates and the issues, then you can’t vote your interests and, worse, your uninformed vote just might cancel out the informed vote of someone who does share your issues.

I also oppose mail in and early voting as I think it’s important to our civic life that we all show up on the same day and stand in the same line and afterwards wear the same “I voted” sticker. Voting is something we do together as a community even if we are voting for different people. We are less of a community when we don’t, and it shows.

tim in vermont said...

"That email has not been shown to exist yet.”

Yeah, it has.

stevew said...

100% tim maguire.

Marcus Bressler said...

Willian: The shop owner, having legally possessed the hard drive, becomes the owner of any data stored on it. Hypothetically, he would not be the owner of any date stored on a cloud, even if he was able to access it. Leave a loaded gun at a pawn shop past the redemption period, the pawn shop owner gets both the gun and the bullets.


rehajm said...

From what I saw from voting in SC, it would be tough to commit wide scale fraud.

mockturtle said...

Bruce Springsteen Says He's Moving to Australia if Donald Trump Wins.
He’s born to run

Did Canada refuse our political refugees from 2016? Looks like Cher, Whoopi, Bette and the rest are still here in the US. Now Canada can use COVID as an excuse to keep their border closed. But maybe they'll at least agree to take back Harry and Meghan.

mockturtle said...

Political Junkie at 9:22, agree 100%. Trump could declare boldly, "I may be a son-of-a-bitch but I'm your son-of-a-bitch!" But let's bring back the up-beat Trump from the 2016 campaign.

Political Junkie said...


I am a Texan, also. Lifelong.
Demographics Determine Destiny. So...Texas will be D soon (as it was for a century after the Civil War) and Idaho might not be too far away, if the in-migration trends continue.
The California in 1966 that elected Ronald Reagan governor over a popular D governor, Pat Brown, no longer exists.

Rory said...

"Voting is something we do together as a community even if we are voting for different people."

Any relationship, including democracy, has an implied obligation to listen to the views of your partners. All these voting extensions undermine that obligation. If people are going to ignore the campaign, why not give a voter the option at registration to just have his/her straight party vote entered every year, until death?

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Hunter pocketed millions - and much of it was OUR tax dollars - filtered thru these international companies and back into the Biden family coffers.

How is this OK?

mockturtle said...

Pants and Political Junkie: Face it. We're screwed.

tim in vermont said...

"How is this OK?”

Because the thing that the super rich want most in a politician is that he or she can be bought. Just like they bought the newspapers, just like ABC news and Disney are beholden to the ChiComs. China is attacking us at our weakest point, our corrupt politicians, and using them to sell out middle America, and still people wonder where Trump came from.