September 5, 2020

At the Golden Pink Café...


... you can write about whatever you want.


Jon Ericson said...

Obvious yet?

Yancey Ward said...

That photo would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle!

Yancey Ward said...

Just stepped outside- felt like Fall tonight for the first time in Oak Ridge- very dry air, and just a bit of chill right now- supposed to be in mid 50s tonight for a low. We haven't seen a sub 60F temperature since the end of May or early June.

Kay said...

“Madame President” sounds pretentious. What’s wrong with Mrs President?

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

The Coming Coup? by Michael Anton

"to succeed, it must not look like a conspiracy. They need to plant the idea in the public mind, now, that their unlawful & illegitimate removal of President Trump from office will somehow be his fault."

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

All together, Houseketeers:

Whose the writer
Of the Blog
That's read by you and me?
A-N-N, A-L-T, H-O-U-S-E!

Back to my Schnapps.

Unknown said...

I love your photography. For flowers and plants you should try more close-ups.

MadTownGuy said...

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...
"All together, Houseketeers:

Whose the writer
Of the Blog
That's read by you and me?
A-N-N, A-L-T, H-O-U-S-E!


Ken B said...

The press is sticking up for each other, with anonymous accusations.

Original Mike said...

Drove northern Wisconsin and the western UP today. Lots of Trump flags. The best were the homemade stuff. "Don't coddle them, Trump" and Trump as a ninja.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

What is the deal with Covid Test Instruments and apparatus kits tariffs
appearing on the World Bank website in 2018 ??
Is this real?

Big Mike said...

I love your photography. For flowers and plants you should try more close-ups.

She has in the past, and she's quite good at it.

Scott said...

Nice colors.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...


Trump’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Think He’s Racist

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

an Omen? "Authentic" wins derby

Beau Recall Upsets Newspaperofrecord, Repeats In Longines Distaff Turf Mile

"The old Grey ̶M̶a̶r̶e̶ Lady
she aint what she used to be
Aint what she used to be
Aint what she used to be""

iowan2 said...

The wokes are pissing on everything in sight.

Watched a little college football. Just a little. Because the announcers were doing fine call the game. Then they devolved into self flagellation. Prostrated themselves in front of the whole BLM scam. Spent 10 minutes of apologizing for being white. These assholes really need to understand their job. They are not the nation's conscience.

Fuck them.

Joe Smith said...

Why are BLM thugs being shown before the Kentucky Derby? Why are they given any notice whatsoever?

Cameras cut away from protestors running onto the fields in other sports.

Why are Marxists and anarchists treated differently?

Bay Area Guy said...

In Santa Barbara for the 3 day weekend. Beautiful & hot. Many at the beach, few masks. State Street --all restaurants open, sprawling on the sidewalks, festive atmosphere. Very few masks.

I think Prince Harry and Princess Megan Markle live somewhere here in the mountains, probably with a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean. Reagan had his ranch up here.

Should I leave the Bay Area and move here? I think Santa Barbara, Laguna Niguel & Coronado Island are the nicest spots in wacky California.

Wandering Badger said...

Ann - if thinking of another Colorado trip - Will be a very short fall color season in Colorado - Denver going from mid to high 90s through Monday to storm on Tuesday with high of 37, low of 28 and lows of 17 in the mountains along with 6-10 inches of snow. Then back to typical - but the trees will react to the 1 day shot of cold.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Jeffrey Goldberg is not aware me exist.

He's seen him some footage, but, this great man Jeffrey Golderg, has determined what America ought be.

Good for Jeffrey!

Glad you got footege Jeffrey, otherwise where might/why would you be?

Guildofcannonballs said...

Tommorow that footege Jeffrie, well y0ou just died as a martyr then. Okay. No big whoop.

Milwaukie guy said...

I sure wish I had freedom of speech over here by the Portland border, like all my neighbors with BLM signs have.

I'd like to put a sign out that says "Don't Like Anarchy?/Vote Straight Republican" but it wouldn't last a night. I don't want to expend the energy maintaining the sign and I don't want to really put a target on my house.

If I get to start shooting the dindu nuffins, that's a different story.

Milwaukie guy said...

To be sure, us All Lives Matters folks on the block are flying our American flags 24/7 and we outnumber the BLM signs. But, we have BLM shitheads and homeless drug addicts roaming around. Did I mention I live on the Portland border?

Gospace said...

Imagine if- Trump ordered all offices with the words equal opportunity" or "diversity" in their title be shut down- immediately. Everyone with the words "equal opportunity" or "diversity" in their job title be released from federal service- with appropriate separation pay. And-order all federal forms have "race" removed from them, and all agencies ordered not to keep track of employee's race or ethnicity.

Seems like that would be a great start to fostering true equal opportunity- let everyone be judged on their own merits.

The mere existence of such employees and offices is bothersome- since they all seemed to be nothing more than job programs for the people they're supposedly trying to help- and therefore will never solve any problems nor create actual equal opportunity nor enough diversity since that puts them out of a job.

Pretty much the same thing bothers me about drug and alcohol counselors. Seems you have to be a "recovering" (because they're never cured) druggie or alcoholic to be one, so you can understand the problem children you're dealing with. Can't be someone like me who has never used an illegal drug, nor abused a legal one, and controls their drinking. My counseling tends to be like Bob Newhart's, "Stop it!"

Crazy World said...

Absolutely Gorgeous

Money Manger said...

Joe pye and milkweed. There were likely butterflies you didn’t capture.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Getting clearer? Fun fact: at $150 a test (the true cost is likely higher), the US is now spending almost $1 billion EVERY WEEK on #Covid tests.
Maybe %90 False Positive.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Crotons are my new fave plants! Colors like these all summer long.

stevew said...

Yep, fall, or as the serious call it, autumn. Looks that way, not, you know, autumn autumn.

I'm focused on constructive and happy things these days. I quit Facebook and Twitter a few years ago because they were full of anger, and hate, and destructive thoughts. It takes some work to look for the good, the news media don't like it or report it, doesn't draw looks and generate revenue I guess.

So here's a little happiness from Taj Mahal and Keb' Mo', I hope you enjoy it.

Life is Beautiful

Robert Cosgrove said...

Fabulous photo. Congratulations.

tim in vermont said...

"Maybe %90 False Positive.”

I have been harping on the false positive issue from day one. Both sides like to ignore the false positive paradox when it suits them, the deniers when they like to claim it has already burned out and the death rate is negligible, and the sky is falling types when they want to make some red state look bad because a bunch of ‘positive’ tests turn up. COVID deaths is still the best we have, though not perfect. You can read here about how flu death counts have always sucked, but the relative numbers they provide are the best we can come up with given the scope and complexity of the problem. It isn’t like counting the brown haired girls in a Brownie troop.

tim in vermont said...

What a lead to a story:

President Donald Trump, who gave legitimacy to White supremacist groups( claimed without evidence), dated a Black woman.

Jon said...

Hey Ann - where are you? You missed a day for the first time I can recall - hope you are not ill.

Howard said...

Enjoying the last days of summer in the Live Free or Die State. The New England ponds are cooling down fast. Wetsuits after Labor Day. Life is Beautiful.

BAG: Santa Barbara or Montecito if you can afford it. Goleta is a little less. Some of June gloom, about the same as Santa Cruz. It's become a little LA-ified in the last 20-years.

You might like San Luis Obispo, it's still got some of the Old School California flavor. McClintock Steakhouses are to die for.

Lucien said...

Bay Area Guy: Have they ruined Carmel yet? If not, you may not need to move south.

Michael McNeil said...

Yep, fall, or as the serious call it, autumn. Looks that way, not, you know, autumn autumn.

Beowulf: “Falling has felled a flowering kingdom.”

Quaestor said...

Kay writes: “Madame President” sounds pretentious. What’s wrong with Mrs President?

In the case of aspiring Chief Executive Hillary Clinton (Gawd, is that still within the realms of possibility?) the putative salutation is an insult to the brothel business.

mockturtle said...

It was 117 degrees here yesterday.

mockturtle said...

Joe Smith asks: Why are BLM thugs being shown before the Kentucky Derby? Why are they given any notice whatsoever?

Two reasons:
1. Because it's NBC
2. Because we're all racists and need to be reminded on a nearly hourly basis.

Nothing is safe now from these identity-politics sermons injected into every sports event. This pandering [and that's what it is] is embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. Every time the Derby announcers cut to a BLM spot, I switched channels. And I hope they're keeping track of all the channel switching that is probably widespread.

buwaya said...

San Luis Obispo is lovely. We have been there often. My wifes cousin used to live in nearby Paso Robles.
The last time was this January when staying over while travelling on the Coast Starlight to and from LA.

Unfortunately, like most of coastal California it now has its own colony of bums and addicts. LA is astounding, in the masses of these, visible at every hand, anywhere a tent or bedroll will fit. I have even seen colonies in obscure places such as Salinas.

And it has not escaped the current unrest. There have been -
- BLM has blocked US 101 and attacked to local police.
- A SLO Sheriffs Deputy was shot in the head in a random BLM inspired attack, as well as the Paso Robles police station being shot up, three other policemen were shot in that incident and while tracking down the insane criminal.

You are running out of little zones of paradise.

buwaya said...

Your best metric is the overall mortality count from all causes.
In the US it is quite delayed due to various delays in state and even county reporting. And until very recently a national compilation was even more delayed.

That last seems to have been fixed though.

Weekly all-cause death counts can be found here -

It is even in the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States Wiki page. Go down to the end of the statistics section.

Interestingly the data also shows -
- The Trump administration in general (really; go have a look) coincides with a significant reduction in deaths of children 0-14
- The Covid plague coincides with a very sharp further reduction in deaths 0-14.
This has been remarked on elsewhere. Part of it seems to be a sharp reduction of casesof SIDS-crib death. Speculation is that more mothers are home cobstantly and are minding their children better.

buwaya said...

It was bloody hot in Bilbao the other day. They say 36 (97F), and humid. Thankfully it cooled off quick by evening. We have no AC. AC is rare in Bilbao.

Narr said...

Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Just a touch of it here since Friday . . . my favorite season since boyhood.

The local sports news (which I used to avoid even before the BLM cult) is now coverage of our heroes marching for BLM, and with the same tones of admiration and awe.

And I thought I couldn't disdain them more!

Joe Smith said...

@Bay Area Guy

I don't know much about Laguna Niguel but have visited the other two.

Santa Barbara/Montecito has incredible weather. Montecito is where Oprah and Ellen D. live, along with a list of another thousand woke celebs. That's the bad news.

The good news is, if you can afford to buy a house there then you are loaded. I am not poor by any means but could probably only buy a shack. I think there's more money there than almost anywhere.

Oh, other bad news, you're still in California. I get it...great weather, etc. But unless and until the state shows some signs of impending sanity, I don't know that CA will be viable in ten or twenty years.

Good luck!

Joe Smith said...


I would have turned it off except my wife wanted to watch it. Her parents are friends with a very rich (but very nice) guy who owns horses, and they used to go to the Derby with him every year. His horse (that he owned a piece of) won a few years back.

There needs to be a reckoning with people shoving this shit down our throats. I pay Lebron to shoot a damn ball. I pay Taylor Swift to look hot and sing. I pay my local politician to approve building permits and fix the damn potholes.

I may have needed a conscience when I was three and my mom told me not to pull pigtails, but I don't need someone to do that job for me anymore.

I am of it, and it will only get worse.

mockturtle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe Smith said...


Don't get me wrong...I love money...the more the better. And I want to be as rich as him someday (won't happen...he's reeeeallly rich).

Maybe just a personal observation. I have known too many rich assholes. Almost all of the rich people I know who inherited money were jerks. Pretty much down to a man/woman.

I had a job once were I came into contact with many of them and it was almost iron-clad with very few exceptions.

This guy made the $ himself. He was often on TV in various roles and was always the serious, somber CEO...lots of gravitas. But I would always laugh because I remember doing vodka shots in the kitchen of his $20M home. Or as a passenger in his car as he drove like a bat out of hell over the hills of SF on the way to his own restaurant : )

So my aside had nothing to do with money per se, but more about my experiences with rich folks I have known.

jaydub said...

"AC is rare in Bilbao."

So is 36 degrees.

mockturtle said...

Joe, sorry I deleted that post before yours was published. But I agree we are all products of our personal experiences which is why I used the term 'in my experience'. I've never had any desire to be rich but rich people whom I've known well have been, on average, just as nice as middle and lower income folks.

Joe Smith said...


You know the old saying: 'I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better.'

I've been poor so I know...