September 29, 2016

"You can call us wrong, but don’t call us weasels. We are not weasels."

"We are honest people and … whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done."

Said FBI Director James Comey, testifying yesterday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

ADDED: From deep in this blog's archive — February 2007 — a discussion of the funniness of the word "weasel":
So, we've established that "naked" is funnier than "nude," and now I feel like this is a subject comics have riffed on hundreds of times. I'm trying to find some good examples of this. Oh! Wikipedia has it -- don't you love Wikipedia? -- under the heading: "Inherently funny words" (a somewhat broader topic).
In Neil Simon's play The Sunshine Boys, a character says: "Words with a k in it are funny. Alka-Seltzer is funny. Chicken is funny. Pickle is funny. All with a k. Ls are not funny. Ms are not funny."
Hence the pickle jar in the "Seinfeld" episode.
In an article in the New Yorker published in 1948, H. L. Mencken argues that "k words" are funny: "K, for some occult reason, has always appealed to the oafish risibles of the American plain people, and its presence in the names of many ... places has helped to make them joke towns ... for example, Kankakee, Kalamazoo, Hoboken, Hohokus, Yonkers, Squeedunk, and Brooklyn."...

In the ["Simpsons"] episode "Homie the Clown", Krusty the Clown tells Homer during a lesson at his clown college: "Memorize these funny place names: Walla Walla, Keokuk, Cucamonga, Seattle." Upon hearing the word "Seattle", Homer bursts into laughter.

In another episode, Krusty the Clown paralyzes his vocal cords when he tries to cram in too many "Comedy K's".
And "naked," unlike "nude," has a k. Presumably, it's even funnier when spelled "nekkid."
Dave Barry's 1991 book Dave Barry Talks Back reprints a column on linguistic humor. He contrasts the phrases "Richard Nixon wearing a necktie" with "Richard Nixon wearing a neck weasel", and "Scientists have discovered a 23rd moon orbiting Jupiter" with "Scientists have discovered a giant weasel orbiting Jupiter." He concludes that weasel is a very funny word - "You can improve the humor value of almost any situation by injecting a weasel into it."
I don't remember reading that, but once, on throwing out the trash, I felt moved to say -- and got a big laugh -- "I don't want the weasels to get it." The normal thing to say was "raccoons," which does have a k. And that either goes to show you just how the word "weasels" is, or it's not about the word at all, but the fact that there are no weasels trying to break into the trash cans, and there are raccoons.

By the way, what's funnier: "trash," "garbage," or "rubbish"?
An old Internet phenomenon involved taking lines from the Star Wars movies and replacing one word from the line with the word "pants", with comedic effect. This suggests that "pants" may be an inherently funny word....

In his DVD commentaries, Simpsons creator Matt Groening has proclaimed the word underpants to be at least 15% funnier than the word underwear. This idea is based on a theory by Futurama writer Ken Keeler. In the show Futurama, underpants is almost always used in lieu of "underwear."

David Letterman has frequently used pants as a subject of humor, from screaming out "I am not wearing pants!" over a megahorn during the Today Show to naming his production company Worldwide Pants Incorporated.
I used "pants" for comic effect in the naked gym post.

Consider this dialogue in the dramatic movie "Anatomy of a Murder." The judge has called the lawyers to the bench after the word "panties" -- at a murder trial -- has caused laughter in the courtroom. There are times when the funny-sounding word is a problem. The defense lawyer -- Paul Biegler, played by Jimmy Stewart -- has been trying to bring in evidence that his client killed the man who raped his wife:
Judge Weaver: Mr. Biegler, you finally got your rape into the case, and I think all the details should now be made clear to the jury. What exactly was the undergarment just referred to?

Paul Biegler: Panties, Your Honor.

Judge Weaver: Do you expect this subject to come up again?

Paul Biegler: Yes, Sir.

Judge Weaver: There's a certain light connotation attached to the word "panties." Can we find another name for them?

Mitch Lodwick: I never heard my wife call 'em anything else.

Judge Weaver: Mr. Biegler?

Paul Biegler: I'm a bachelor, Your Honor.

Judge Weaver: That's a great help. Mr. Dancer?

Claude Dancer: When I was overseas during the war, Your Honor, I learned a French word. I'm afraid that might be slightly suggestive.

Judge Weaver: Most French words are.
And that's a whole other subject: words that sound dirty.
Hey, I like that the first comment over there is from Meade, a man I had not yet met:
Weasels in the rubbish with their panties in a twist sounds sort of dirty. ngKay?
ALSO: Here's that pickle jar scene from "Seinfeld":

... not to be confused with Hillary Clinton opening a pickle jar on "The Tonight Show":


Darrell said...


Nonapod said...

This guy is perhaps the most corrupt, dishonorable, and dishonest person to lead the FBI since J Edgar.

rhhardin said...

He's asking for professional courtesy.

Also he's got files on them.

Original Mike said...

"We are honest people ..."

Then why are you not pursuing Cheryl Mills and Paul Combetta for lying to you after you gave them immunity?

Peter V. Bella said...

Comey did what he was told to do. He took the heat for Loretta Lynch. Whether Clinton committed crimes that can be prosecuted is still debatable. However, it is Lynch who should have made the announcement, not Comey. Comey was tossed out there like red meat for hungry beasts. Lynch was not going to allow herself to be shot full of holes.

madAsHell said...

He's a weasel.

Baracky was complicit with the email server. Baracky sent classified info over Comey didn't have the guts to tear down the entire administration. All he has to offer now is weasel words. Only a weasel would keep depositing his government paycheck.

The only surprise here is that he wants to talk about it.....again.

Naut Right said...

Is a grant of immunity a solid defense if it was granted to hinder a prosecution? Is it valid the the grantor gave the grant in order to cover-up?
How would such a situation be subject to the rule of law?

Curious George said...

"We are honest people and … whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done."

All evidence to the contrary.

Churchy LaFemme: said...

Gallery Of Weasel

John henry said...

Comparing the FBI to weasels insults weasels

John Henry

gspencer said...

"We are honest people ..."

"The moon is made of blue cheese."

"Islam is a religion of peace."

Saying it doesn't make it so.

tcrosse said...

To be fair to Comey, he probably had his balls in a vise. Who was tightening the screw?

MayBee said...

His testimony was so self-contradictory it's almost like he was silently telling them he's being held hostage.

DKWalser said...

If he doesn't want to be called a weasel, he should stop acting like one. Comey had a sterling reputation before this investigation. He seems offended that he cannot keep that reputation after having sold-out to the Clinton's. He doesn't understand that integrity is not something that can be practiced most of the time. It's an all-or-nothing kind of deal.

PB said...

Honest people can be corrupted and still feel they are honest. Often they cling to claims of honesty as the corruption deepens. Ultimately they realize they are corrupt, but rationalize the ends justify the means.

This is most Democrats today.

dreams said...

Comey is just another corrupt Democrat, all the crooked Dems go along, to get along.

PB said...

I wonder if the IRS was turning some screws on FBI staff.

MayBee said...

The guy didn't have a choice. He did what he could do by making the public statement. But if it doesn't scare Americans that Hillary can't be held accountable even when she is no longer in office, then I don't know what to say. I guess rest assured she never called Monica "fat".

Wince said...

"...whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done."

Sounds like a "date" with Bill Clinton!

wildswan said...

I am not a weasel. James Pitiful Comey

PB said...

Honest people can be conned and still feel they got a good deal. Additional cons are perpetrated on them but but the rationalize it as the only way to recover what they've lost. Ultimately they are broke and bankrupt.

This is most Republicans today.

robother said...

If they got Comey to deny being a weasel under oath, it would be a neat perjury trap. But he weaselled out of that, merely demanding that Congressmen not refer to him as a weasel.

Laslo Spatula said...

Pauly Shore took 'Weasel' to Eleven.

From Wiki:

"While touring the comedy club circuit, Shore cultivated an alter ego persona, "The Weasel".

"The Weasel" involved Shore speaking in a surfer parlance, heavily peppered with dudespeak slang such as "edged", "melons" and "grinding" as well as his catchphrase, "Hey, BU-DDY."[8]..."

I will make an alternative theory: 'K' sounds can be funny, but are often used to connote a strong presence: Kojak, Kolchak, Kowalski (Vanishing Point), etc separate from comedy.

'Z' sounds can make a word funny, perhaps because of the pleasing buzz of the tounge (and see- wasn't it fun to hear the word 'buzz' in your head just now):

Hans and Franz

Xylophone (even funnier because it doesn't have a 'Z' in it)

Zeppelin (used best in breast references)



Fuzzy Wuzzy (vagina reference)



Gonzo (works for Muppets)

Zyklon B

Okay: forget that last one.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

buwaya said...

The whole thing is corrupt beyond the point of utility.
Its not clear that the FBI is still doing anything of any real use to the public.
Anyway, have a look at Angelo Codevilla. What is to be done if every institution is hopelessly compromised? Worse, if every institution is utterly incompetent?

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Comey proved he is bought and paid for.

Hagar said...

The FBI has laid out the results of its investigation.
What the agency cannot say is that orders came down from the President that their results did not matter; there would be no prosecution of the Democrat candidate for president or her associates under circumstances whatever.
The FBI is a subsidiary agency under the Department of Justice.
The problem then becomes whether to quit in protest or stay in and try to salvage something at least.

MayBee said...

The FBI also redacted transcripts of the Orlando shooter to take out references to ISIS. They also withheld some transcripts to hide just how closely Mateen identified with ISIS.

So yes, the FBI is being used politically, and Comey was used politically.

Sebastian said...

True, they are not weasels. They are rats.

Laslo Spatula said...

"Alka-Seltzer is funny"

Because of the 'z', not the 'k'.

I posit.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

JWH said...

If it acts like a weasel, if it walks like a weasel, and if it talks like a weasel, it’s a weasel!

Nonapod said...

Some people are still contending that this guy had no choice or that he was put in some kind of "impossible situation". I don't buy it. If we assume that he was just an honest guy who suddenly found himself among a nest of vipers, then there are other options rather than just following orders. At minimum he could have stepped down. Even without comment that alone would have sent a message that would have reverberated quite loudly. He could then probably get a fantastic high paying job in the private sector.

MacMacConnell said...

Comey is right they are not weasels. They are weasel cock suckers. The FBI and IRS are happy to be participants at Obama's bukake parties at the White House.

etbass said...

Seems to me that Comey was being used and that is what he meant by the curious phrase "...this was done the way you want it to be done." An alternate course of action would have been destructive in a way only Comey knows.

The implication is that the scandal is much wider and deeper than anyone but the FBI knows and maybe Comey wants to stick around to help clean it up after the Clintons and Obamas are out of power. And that makes one wonder if there might be some "nuclear" event in the works to keep Trump from being elected.

Laslo Spatula said...

'Weasel' has a 'Z' sound.

Proof upon proof.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

ken in tx said...

In this election, we are called to choose the lesser of two weasels.

Jupiter said...

The whole thing is a puzzle. It is obvious that Clinton and several people working for her did things for which many other people have been prosecuted. It is obvious that Comey knows this, and knows that the laws they violated do not require any specific intent, and that in any case his agency's job is to investigate and report, not assess prosecutability. There is no way a guy like Comey doesn't know all of those things.

So, what is going on? The suggestions thus far;
1 - Comey is a weasel (Darrell)
2 - Comey is corrupt (nonapod)
3 - Comey did what he was told to do (Peter Bella)
4 - Comey had his balls in a vise (tcrosse)
5 - Comey is being held hostage (MayBee)
6 - Comey sold out to the Clinton's [sic] (DKWalser)
7 - Comey is just another corrupt Democrat (dreams)
8 - the IRS was turning some screws on FBI staff (PB)
9 - Comey didn't have a choice (MayBee again)
10 - Comey proved he is bought and paid for (AprilApple)
11 - They are only following orders (Hagar)
12 - the FBI is being used politically (Maybee yet again)

So, dutifully following orders, paid off, or coerced. Hmmm....

Given Comey's reputation, it is hard to believe paid off or following orders. We may never know. I guess we finally found out who Deep Throat was. Took a while.

Comanche Voter said...

The weasel says, "this was done the way YOU wanted it to be done."

Hokayyyyy---just who is the "YOU" he is referring to? Sure as heck wasn't me. I dunno, maybe he should have said the way the DNC wanted it done, or the way Obama wanted it done, or he was doing a big favor to Debbie WassermanSchultz.

YOU---the mystery that endures.

Wilbur said...

Dick the Bruiser first called Bobby Heenan "The Weasel". Wrestling hilarity ensued.

MacMacConnell said...

The FBI has become mall cops for the Democrat party.

todd galle said...

I didn't watch, but for any who has, did you check his eye blinking rate for any Morse Code messaging? There may be clues there as to who has his testicles.

Lovernios said...

I always thought that "Ku Klux Klan" was hilarious. Why would any self-respecting hate group call themselves such a ridiculous name?

Jupiter said...

Strangely, he seems to be defending the quality of the investigation;
"We are honest people and … whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done."

While various people have raised questions about the investigation, it is fairly clear that the FBI investigated Clinton, and discovered beyond any question that someone on her team violated the law, multiple times, and almost certainly with her knowledge and connivance. The investigation may have been amateurish, but it suffices. People aren't questioning the competency of the investigators, nor their honesty. What we are all wondering is how a supposed straight-shooter like James Comey turned out to be such a weaselly little fuck.

No one is criticizing the Agency, Jim. It's not like the fix went down in a dark room somewhere, while no one was watching. You stood up in front of a row of cameras and microphones and announced that the fix was in. You showed us the entry wound, and drew a diagram of how it ricocheted around, destroying your reputation, your credibility, and possibly your sanity. We can all see the little bulges where splinters of the fix are still embedded, too close to your heart to be operable. We are just wondering what made you stand there and let it happen. Didn't it hurt?

Lovernios said...

Blitzkrieg. Has both a "Z" and a "K"; definitely not funny.

Bruce Hayden said...

I do feel sorry for the guy, and do think that he was put in an impossible situation. There was never going to be an indictment. Never. It isn't that the DoJ was politicized, because it has always been to some extent. US Attorneys are appointed by the President. The difference, if there is one today, is that the Holder/Lynch Justice Dept. has intentionally applied a litmus test in the hiring of new lawyers for the last almost eight years. There are apparently very few moderate or conservative career attorneys left. So, Dir. Comey was not going to find a DoJ attorney who would prosecute, and not a US Attorney to supervise. Moreover, since the offenses were centered and based in Foggy Bottom, DC, the jury pool would have a heavy concentration of blacks. Wouldn't be surprised if any jury empaneled would be 90% Dems. They weren't going to (and aren't about to) get a conviction of anyone high up in this Administration, and esp. the wife of the "first black" President.

Why did all of Crooked Hillary's senior staff, plus most everyone involved, except for her, get some sort of immunity? Comey told Congress the answer - the DoJ determines that, not the FBI, and left unspoken, again, was that Justice is highly politicized. No one in the chain of command there, from Lynch down to the lowly attorneys in court, wasn't going to vote for her, nor were they going to help her opponent get elected. They sabotaged the investigation because they could. And, because their continued employment and promotion depended on it.

FBI Dir. Comey has the reputation of being a stand up guy (as contrasted to all the political attorneys in the DoJ). We were expecting him to fall on his sword, recommend prosecution, and take the heat, given his 10 year appointment. But, instead, he didn't, then gave us a report that essentially laid out enough damaging information that indicated that Clinton should, indeed, have been prosecuted. I think that his hands were tied, and he didn't like it at all. And, a lot of his people likely weren't either.

So, if the FBI director is essentially one of the few agency heads who cannot be fired by the President, how did the Administration get this power over him and the investigation? My guess is that it is similar to why prosecutors and cops have to get along, and anyone who rocks the boat too much is often sabotaged. The FBI can investigate, but they cannot try cases. And, as noted above, they also cannot give immunity to witnesses. That has to be done by Justice Dept. attorneys under control of the AG, and, ultimately, the President. And, I would not be the least bit surprised if the AG had a coming to Jesus meeting with Dir Comey, telling him that if he crossed her in this, she would make sure that his department would suffer. A lot. At best, her attorneys wouldn't bother to answer FBI calls outside normal working hours. At worst? We can just guess.

Unknown said...

I find the whole thing puzzling because I do think some of his statements seem to carry a coded message. A theory that fits some of his statements holds that he is trying to signal that we need to keep Hillary out of office and he wants to stick around to clean out the stables after that. But then other statements he makes do not jibe with that.

Taken more at face value, the problem with his plea here is that there is no logical way to think that the FBIs decision was wrong AND that they are not weasels. Trey Gowdt has done a good job demonstrating this, by showing that the initial flimsy reasoning of declining prosecution due to lack of intent, has now also been shown to be false (and we know that the FBI knew that.)

I'm surprised the term spoliation hasn't come up. Weren't the actions of Clinton and Co. a textbook example of that?

MacMacConnell said...

Lovernios said...
"I always thought that "Ku Klux Klan" was hilarious. Why would any self-respecting hate group call themselves such a ridiculous name?"

Because "The Democrat Party" was taken.

Known Unknown said...

"Okay: forget that last one."

The B throws it all off. If it were Zyklon-Z, (especially if spelled Zyklon-Zee) the Nazis would have been the ones dying. Laughing.

Quaestor said...

Ms are not funny.


Matt Sablan said...

"His testimony was so self-contradictory it's almost like he was silently telling them he's being held hostage."

-- All that's left is for him to ask about the pet he doesn't own.

Tommy Duncan said...

"I am not a crook." -- Richard Nixon

"Don't call us weasels." -- James Comey

If you have to say it, then you are.

Nonapod said...

As I said, if he is so honorable, the right thing to do would have been to simply step down. Trying to maintain a system that is clearly thoroughly corrupt from the inside is folly. Such corruption can only be excised en masse, which requires a whole new Presidential Administration with the determination to purge the corruption, which requires a strong message of condemnation of the current regime and its candidate in the form of an respected FBI head stepping down.

Laslo Spatula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laslo Spatula said...

"Lovernios said...
Blitzkrieg. Has both a "Z" and a "K"; definitely not funny."

Add 'Chipotle' and 'bathroom' to it and you're halfway there.

Also good in rape jokes.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

Matt Sablan said...

I think that Congress should just subpoena all the messages Obama sent using a pseudonym. Then, when they cite Executive Privilege, just say: "I'm sorry. That only counts for messages to the president. This message is to Fake Name."

Force the President to acknowledge publicly that he lied about not knowing about the server. Force it out of him -- then force him to acknowledge that he tried to hide it.

MayBee said...

-- All that's left is for him to ask about the pet he doesn't own.


Clayton Hennesey said...

Comey's right. He's not a weasel. He's a stoat. This is a weasel.

Jupiter said...

Bruce Hayden said...
"I do feel sorry for the guy, and do think that he was put in an impossible situation."

Nonsense. He could simply have handed in his report and let Lynch deal with it. He didn't have to hold a press conference where he laid out in great detail why he had no choice but to recommend prosecution, then fail to do so.

I suppose it is conceivable that he was afraid Lynch would hang it on the FBI, so he wanted to give his side of the story. Except that his side of the story turned out to be, "I don't like to point fingers, but aren't you all being just a little vindictive here? Shit happens. No harm, no foul. I mean, no harm except some foreigner executed for helping the US, of course. But I really think -- that is, I can't speak for Ms. Clinton. But I believe it is entirely possible she has learned her lesson, and won't do it again. Much. Or at least she'll cover her tracks better, for God's sake. Anyway, thanks for coming. Now go."

Lovernios said...

Schicklgruber, now that's funny from the "S" to the "R". Especially the gruber part. Imagine calling your political enemy, "SCHICKLGRUBER!!!" Hilarity undoubtedly would ensue. (Which of course is the only thing hilarity does). No wonder he changed it to the evil sounding Hilter.

Lovernios said...

Blitzkrieg Bathroom would be a great name for a punk rock band.

Lovernios said...

Or a Frank Zappa song.

Lovernios said...

Of course, he eventually changed it to the even more evil sounding Hitler.

Quaestor said...

Weasels ripped my flesh

Funny. I like how the guy uses a weasel like a nine iron. How many weasels? Lots more than Fore!

Funnier So you object to the butter and lemon, do ya? Whacka! Whacka! Whacka!

Funniest It's time for — Slash! — some goodbye sex, doll face — Stab! — We're prisoners of Zeno's paradox.

Dan Hossley said...

He reprises Nixon's role in Watergate when he apes Nixon's famous line about not being a crook.

Darrell said...

Matt Sablan said...

Didn't click the link, but reading the URL, if true... I imagine that Congress will Not Be Pleased.

Hagar said...

Don't feel sorry for James B. Comey. He is a political and always was.
But here he is just representing the FBI, where BTW, he is an outsider and expendable.
This is like one of those old cinema noir films where the tragedy/comedy unfolds with awful logic, but then in the last five minutes everything is reversed so that the good guys are promoted and live happily ever after while the baddies are exposed and collared or shot by the police in accordance with Hay's Commission rules. You were not supposed to believe it; it was just what the producers had to do if they wanted permission to exhibit the movie.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

I think the proper term is "shit weasels." The DOJ & FBI acted like shit weasels.

Roy Jacobsen said...

What weasel in the history of humanity bas said, "Yes, I am a weasel!"

dbp said...

"We are not weasels" What's that "we" you are refering to. You are a weasel, maybe the we is the sound of the mouse in your pocket that you are saving for lunch.

hombre said...

Weasels or incompetents. What's the diff? Either way the FBI is a schlock outfit by now.

Gangster government! We are a Banana Republic. Obama and the Clintons are the United Fruit Co.

Thorby said...

Great moments in government history

'I am not a crook' Richard Nixon

'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky' Bill Clinton

'We are honest people' James Comey

Dr Weevil said...

Q. If Frank Zappa had done an album on the theme of filial ingratitude, what would he have called it?
A. "Dweezils Ripped My Flesh", of course.

Martin said...

The weasel doesn't like being called a weasel.

Boo hoo, he got to keep his job, will no doubt get a very lucrative sinecure when he leaves the FBI, and remains in the good graces of his imperial overlords.

In return for all that, he can take a meaningless insult or 2. Esp as the insults are truer than anything he has said or done recently.

MacMacConnell said...

"Gangster government! We are a Banana Republic. Obama and the Clintons are the United Fruit Co."

I'm going to borrow that, It's a Banana Republic, if we can keep it.

Dr Weevil said...

It's probably just a coincidence, but weasels have been funny for 2425 years. In 408 B.C., an actor named Hegelochus mispronounced a word while playing the protagonist of Euripides' tragedy Orestes. Comic poets mocked him for years afterwards, including Aristphanes in the Frogs. He was trying to say "Once more the storm is over, I see a calm", and the Greek for "I see a calm" is galén' horô (the e is long: an eta). Ancient Greek had a pitch accent, like Chinese. Hegelochus mispronounced the pitch accent on the eta, bringing the pitch down too soon. Unfortunately, galên' horô means "I see a weasel". Orestes was a madman in the play, so "a weasel" was arguably in character, but the audience found it hilarious, and they were laughing at him, not with him.

cubanbob said...

In the UK (with an honest government) all of this would have chargeable as perverting the course of justice. Here without a doubt there is a case of misprision of felony.

Real American said...

He's either dishonest or just fucking stupid. Either way, he should resign immediately. There is no requirement that Clinton purposely intended to violate the statute and yet Comey still insists he did not recommend prosecution because Clinton did not have that criminal intent. The statute simply requires gross negligence, not willful intent. Plus, given all of her public lies (guilty mind!) and the fact that this illegal server was set up in the first place and existed for a number of years, and all of the destruction of evidence (more evidence of guilty mind), it is clear there WAS at the very least - gross negligence, if not full blown willful criminal intent.

Plus, he simply believed her statements (that weren't even under oath!) at face value that she didn't mean to mishandle the classified info as if this parasite has no history of fucking lying ever chance she gets.

Comey is simply covering for Clinton as if he was on the payroll. What a fucking pathetic disgrace!

mikee said...

After J Edgar, the second FBI boss was L. Patrick Grey III, who was forced to resign after it was discovered he "86'ed" incriminating documentation of Nixon's complicity in the Watergate break-in.

I used that obsolete term "86," which means eliminated, because I had to learn what it meant when the news was reported back in my teen years. It was a press term for omitting previously approved text from a news article, so of course the press used it to trumpet their triumph over a henchman of the evil Nixon.

So Nonapod, I'd suggest Comey might not be the most corrupt FBI head since Hoover.

Rumpletweezer said...

Skunk has two k's in it. Comey is a skunk.

MacMacConnell said...

NR has figured out why Hillary wasn't indicted.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

Republicans in Congress needed FBI Director James "Not Our Job" Comey's words to make their case against Hillary Clinton. What they got from him in July was great for their case, but now they seemed to have undermined the credibility of their own witness.

There was an odd and unprecedented aspect to Comey's June report getting into areas that the are not ordinarily in the FBI purview, which Alan Dershowitz outlined for The Hill.

The truth probably is that there was a faction in the Obama administration who wanted a prolonged investigation of Clinton in support of their preference for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Comey signed on, perhaps not knowing that. There was common cause between Republicans and Sanders supporters (perhaps not Sanders himself).

If she's elected, we can expect impeachment articles. But that may backfire. If the American people have voted for her knowing the essential details, can she be tried twice for the same offense? That was Nixon's mistake, obfuscating until after the election.

Yancey Ward said...

I agree with Comey- they aren't weasels. I got more respect for weasels.

Yancey Ward said...

I am somebody who was willing to give Comey the benefit of the doubt back in July, and even into early this month. However, that position is slowly being made untenable. Still.....

By making the public recommendation that Lynch herself just 3 days earlier said she would accept, Comey was able to release, on his own initiative, the reports and some important details, including all the immunity agreements that seem to have no purpose. I still think that if he had tried to recommend prosecution, the DOJ would have sat on the decision until after the election, and he or any agents under him would have been in a bad position leaking the details of an "active" investigation.

However, as time goes on, he seems to just dig his hole deeper and deeper. At some point, if you really thought the public should know the details and act accordingly, you should probably be ready to resign in protest. This is why I am beginning to doubt even that shred of integrity I assigned to him in July. Basically, if he doesn't resign if Clinton is elected then he was in on the fix the whole time, in my humble opinion.

Sammy Finkelman said...

"We are honest people..."

I'm afraid that's not true, although it might be true for some of his underlings.

It's the Justice Department, he says, that decided to give immunity, which conveniently fr Clinton did not extend to testimony before Congressional committees.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Silly fools. Laws are for little people.
They certainly don't apply to the Clintons.

BN said...

"At this point, what difference does [Comey] make?"

We're the jury now. Smart money bets we let her off too. And reward her even.

So give the poor sap a break. He is us.

Rusty said...

Bruce Hayden said...
"I do feel sorry for the guy, and do think that he was put in an impossible situation."

Somebody with principals would have walked away, but when has a democrat had principals.

buwaya said...

Some interesting bits - the general principle being "follow the money".

"Peter Comey, the brother of the FBI director works as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas for a company named DLA Piper.
DLA Piper is the company that performed the “audit” on the Clinton Foundation in November.
The employees of DLA Piper as a whole have donated a very large amount to elect Hillary Clinton.
In fact, DLA Piper ranks number five on the Hillary Clinton’s all-time “Top Contributors” list. DLA Piper comes in right above Goldman Sachs."

DLA Piper (huge but under-the-radar law firm) is a very big deal. The connections are all over. There is some more stuff in the article, the Lockheed connection is a bit further than I would go, but who knows.

Comey was appointed by Obama after all, there was some reason for it and I think we can guess that he was a man who could be controlled.

Yancey Ward said...

If you haven't read it, read Andrew McCarthy's essay from the 26th. He reminds us of an essay he wrote in February of this year when the State Department was forced to admit that there were 18 e-mails sent by President Obama to Hillary Clinton's private e-mail account. What we didn't know then, though, was that he was using a pseudonym. You have to ask yourself if it isn't suspicious that he did that. Did he only do that with Clinton? If so, why?

In any case, McCarthy makes a good argument that that is why the Clinton case could never go anywhere.

Mark said...

Remember, he is under oath, so there are at least three perjurious statements there.

"We are not weasels" -- perjury
"We are honest people" -- perjury
"this was done the way you want it to be done" -- perjury

n.n said...

Throw another baby on the barbie, Democrats are unaccountable. Maybe.

Achilles said...

Democracy became bureaucracy becomes aristocracy. This is the inevitable progression.

It takes something exceptional to break a pattern like this. A trump victory is the last chance for this republic.

Jupiter said...

Yeah, Darell's link clarifies things. I had not realized that after saving the Universe for Decency during the Bush administration (over John Ashcroft's half-dead body), Citizen Comey went on to be General Counsel at Lockheed. The Six Million Dollar Man, hey? Being head of the FBI is pretty small potatoes after that, but I guess the Globalists needed someone to keep the seat warm and clean up any little messes that might turn up. I'm sure his assistance will be appreciated. And rewarded.

SukieTawdry said...

His testimony was so self-contradictory it's almost like he was silently telling them he's being held hostage.

Ha--I had thoughts along those same lines. I wondered if he was going to start blinking "torture" in Morse code.

James Pawlak said...

He should be asked, "How does it feel to be a whore?".

walter said...

JP, is that he meant by "this was done the way you want it to be done."?

Anonymous said...

"It takes something exceptional to break a pattern like this. A trump victory is the last chance for this republic."

Hahahahahahah! Good luck with that.

walter said...

One more "ha", unknown. If you hold back, just not convincing.

Jon Ericson said...

Hey, Browneyes.

Achilles said...

Blogger Unknown said...
"It takes something exceptional to break a pattern like this. A trump victory is the last chance for this republic."

"Hahahahahahah! Good luck with that."

You are just one of the dumb people Hillary uses while she sells influence to the wealthy. She has done nothing for you while making her cronies wealthier and raking in billions from globalist donors. Comey has made it clear it treats the elites differently than the rest of us. Democrats are the definition of aristocracy.

While you are stupid you are still complicit. Your best result is a trump victory.

Bad Lieutenant said...

He doesn't understand that integrity is not something that can be practiced most of the time. It's an all-or-nothing kind of deal.
9/29/16, 8:37 AM

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