September 29, 2016

Barry Blitt mocks Trump's mockery of his beauty queen.

"Watching the debate, the artist Barry Blitt recognized a significant moment in the Presidential campaign. Of all Trump’s dangerous beliefs, Blitt said, his misogyny 'might just be his Achilles’ heel.'"

ADDED: That might be the ugliest New Yorker cover ever. I've been looking at New Yorker covers for more than 50 years, and I'm very familiar with the light touch and sweet charm of most of them. Blitt brings more political satire than anyone else, but he has a light touch too, with his very thin quill pen marks and highly diluted watercolor washings. But this one... yeesh.

At least he put Trump in a one-piece bathing suit. When's the last time pageant contestants wore one-piece suits?

ADDED: The original swimsuit competition — with Miss America in Atlantic City in the 1920s — had one-piecers like this...

... kind of a cool mini-dress. I like the dots. It's sort of: woman as Wonder Bread.

2-piece suits began in Miss America in 1997, when they were first permitted — with the top of the bottom no lower than 1-inch below the belly button. That rule went away.

And I can see that an occasional contestant still does wear a one-piece suit. I see some discussion back in 2011:
In this year's competition, all but one contestant wore a black bikini and high heels. (Apparently pageant officials give contestants few swimsuits to choose from.) The young woman who donned a one-piece swimsuit was not 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011, former Miss Nebraska, and a devout Christian. No, the brave one-piecer was 19-year-old Miss Idaho Kylie Kofoed, a Mormon and music major at Brigham Young University.
So, notice: It's not just feminists who have a problem with the body-judging in the swimsuits. There are also some conservative religionists. Trump has to appeal to a middle group that is more easygoing about exhibiting and enjoying the seeing the female body. 


rhhardin said...

Miss Congeniality was Sandra Bullock.

In a weird move, her boyfriend was quickly and inexplicably dumped by phone at the start of Miss Congeniality II.

That was back when a man complicated a women's warrior role instead of helping.

David Hampton said...

Since when has criticizing women become misogynist? Break the so-called "glass ceiling" and the feminists demand to be free of accountability. Typical victimology of the left. Question is, did Miss Beauty Queen immune from critical comments of her behavior?

EDH said...

I dunno, that picture makes the idea of an overweight beauty contest contestant look ridiculous before it makes Trump look ridiculous.

Trump... defending his treatment of Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe whom he called “Miss Piggy,” when she gained weight after the pageant, and “Miss Housekeeping,” in apparent reference to her heritage.

And what are the new ground rules on quoting candidates where the publication doesn't have the quote on record, but is quoting someone else quoting someone else?

How many major publications quoted Bill Clinton as saying "better put some ice on it" rather than Juanita Broaddrick being quoted as accusing Bill Clinton of having said that after raping her?

MayBee said...

This is so dire.

Syria is a disaster.
The FBI released the Orlando shooting 9/11 calls and he was very clearly an ISIS supporter, but that was suppressed from us at the time.
The FBI released violent crime rates and violent crimes are up in our biggest cities.
Our foreign policy is a mess.
Hackers are trying to get into our election equipment.
Hackers already have millions of Americans private information because the government computers were hacked.
North Korea is getting closer and closer to having real nuclear strength.

And we have to focus on 20-year old allegations a beauty queen makes about having been insulted about her weight.

We are a disaster.

Laslo Spatula said...

I see the subliminal right away.

Donald Trump in a bathing suit: yes, ha ha, edgy humor there, cutting edge.

But look below.

His shadow separates the walkway into two shapes.

Those two shapes are the thighs in your standard Hot Dog Leg shot. Althouse has mentioned Hot Dog Legs before. .

Now that you see the thighs, recognize Trump's place between them. He is not in the distance behind them: no, he is already between your thighs, ladies, and he is coming at you.

I'm pointing this out before Scott Adams gets the chance.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

MayBee said...

Oh! And the internet changes hands and goes to the UN in just a few days.

BUT we are women, and we are supposed to vote for the most powerful position to show our support for a beauty queen.

Darrell said...

Journolist lives.

readering said...

Miss World went to one piece in 2013. (Trump mocked them for it.)

khesanh0802 said...

Same BS game they played with Romney, but with a little more ammo. The woman herself is apparently a crook and an enabler of bad behavior. Ideal representative for Clinton's campaign. When are women going to wise up to the way they are condescended to by Clinton and the Dems. It's in many ways similar to the way the Dems approach blacks, except that they might occasionally do something to help women. As I said the other day women have made enough progress now that instead of whining they should just fight back, like men.

The New Yorker? Circulation ~2000 mostly on the upper east side. If it weren't for this blog I wouldn't know the New Yorker is still around and I was once a big fan.

James Graham said...

The New Yorker has become all-politics all the time.

The current editors turned it into The Nation with (crappy, unfunny) cartoons.

Vanity Fair does a better idea of covering non-political stuff such as business and crime.

Brando said...

Aaaaaand the issue stays alive. Wonderful.

We all knew what Team Hillary would do this year. We just didn't think it'd be made so easy.

Laslo Spatula said...

" The original swimsuit competition — with Miss America in Atlantic City in the 1920s — had one-piecers like this..."

That woman has a guileless happiness that shines from her face.

Modern women have to fake that look.

Or go to duck-face.

I am The Replacement Laslo.

Meeeea said...

He certainly has the cat walk down:

chickelit said...

Blitt, in his genius, has given the contestant just enough androgyny to be mistaken for Hillary as well. Especially "below the belt."

Hagar said...

Women are just as strong and able as the men - in fact stronger and abler - and can readily compete with the men if they are just allowed to (though men do not first ask if they are allowed to, do they?), but if you dare to criticize one of them you are a very bad man and a deplorable mysogynist?

Sebastian said...

"That might be the ugliest New Yorker cover ever . . . Blitt brings more political satire than anyone else, but he has a light touch too, with his very thin quill pen marks and highly diluted watercolor washings. But this one... yeesh." You weren't expecting a light touch in prog cartoons about Trump, were you? Yeesh.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Being Miss Universe (or whatever) is a job, just like any other job position. A job requires that you have the skills and other qualifications to hold that particular position whether it is being a master carpenter or a beauty queen.

She auditioned for the job along with a lot of other hopefuls. The qualifications and attributes that were specified for that job were known to all. Part of the job qualifications of a beauty pageant winner are (like it or not) how they look. Actually, the MAIN attribute is how beautiful, pretty, shapely they are.

She won on those attributes and then immediately went on to totally disqualify herself from the position by getting fat, fatter, really fat. Now that she has disqualified herself, the boss (in this case Trump) would have the option to fire her fat ass or to give her a warning to "literally" shape up or ship out.

That people think it is mean and misogynistic is ridiculous. It is a job. She took it. She got into a position where she was not able to do the job. Tough sh*t.

You're fired!!!

This doesn't take into consideration her other behaviors that were totally anathema to the reputation of the pageant winners and cast scorn onto the position of representing the organization. Look it up. This woman is a sleazeball of the first degree.

chickelit said...

"This woman is a sleazeball of the first degree."

Gotta love that Hillary is relying on her to score points.

MayBee said...

DBQ- exactly.

And the idea that he "mocked" her is entirely her testimony. Why do we believe her? Because Clinton and her media/court want Clinton to win, and they will insult all women's intelligence to get Hillary over the finish line if they can.

Binders full of Beauty Queens!

MayBee said...

Is anybody concerned the Turkish citizen who wasn't legally allowed to have guns, shot and killed 5 people and voted in the last several US elections?

Are those things more or less important than the beauty queen situation?

chickelit said...

The woman from the 20's in the photo would look good doing the shimmy.

chickelit said...

@MayBee: I'm sure we'll be told that the Turkish guy was rare exception when it comes to the illegal voting. If it's even ever mentioned. It would make a good talking point for Trump.

William said...

A beauty contest winner with a tendency to pack on the pounds, a penchant for drug lords, and a wish to influence our election. This woman fulfills more dimensions and contours in the term bimbo than Gennifer Flowers could ever dream of. Alicia is the Platonic ideal of bimbo. She's to bimbos what Babe Ruth is to ball players. And yet Gennifer Flowers is commonly understood to be a bimbo, and this woman is some latter day Joan of Arc. It really helps to be on the side of the Democrats. She now lives in a mockery free zone. Despite the squalor of her personal life, she now possesses more gravitas than Madame Curie.

Matthew Sablan said...

Wait -- he voted in American elections?

Impossible. Fraud never happens. Literally never.

buwaya puti said...

If that murderous Turk can vote in US elections, so can I.
But perhaps being at least potentially murderous is an undocumented qualification, who knows. The laws all seem to be contigent anyway.
See Angelo Codevilla.

John said...

Perhaps some journalist will ask Ms Machado if she had any assistance from anyone associated with Ms Clinton in obtaining her US citizenship 5 months ago.

Or if she surrendered her Venezuelan citizenship and passport?

Someone posted a video yesterday of Trump, Machado and reporters at a workout in '98 when it was an issue. Trump was extremely gracious, he was doing what a good boss does. He was helping an employee with a personal problem work out the problem.

Machado seemed very pleased with all the attention. Did not look like someone who was offended by the circus.

John Henry

William said...

I wonder if Weiner ever texted his support for her.

Thorby said...

When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither the facts nor the law, pound on the table.

Hillary and company are doing a lot of pounding.

FullMoon said...

Amazing how this is a thing. Twenty years ago, more important now than emails, Clintons health, bombs in NY and NJ.
Of course, what Trump said ruined her life, or so she said. Her feelings were hurt really, really bad.

Chuck said...

As the leading/worst/most notorious Trump critic (am I? I don't know) at the Althouse blog, I find this particular attack on Trump to be the most amazingly unimportant, and the most easily defended by Mr. Trump's campaign. This, it seems to me, is Trump's tied-the-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-car. The longer this story drags on, the more idiotic it gets. You can't possibly convince me that this former pageant contestant is any sort of sympathetic "victim" of Trump.

coupe said...

My wife said women in the 20's were really hairy, and only prostitutes wore bras.

Matthew Sablan said...

It could have been an effective attack, and Trump did his best to turn it into a mortal wound, but ultimately, I think it is going to do more damage by getting already Pro-Clinton people more likely to vote rather than getting new voters/swing voters.

Doug said...

" The original swimsuit competition — with Miss America in Atlantic City in the 1920s — had one-piecers like this..."
Not to body-judge or anything, but ... Miss America 1920s got a rack.

Roughcoat said...

Mary Lou Retton was fired by Wheaties (General Foods?) when she matured our of her pubescent cuteness and became ... unattractive. Nobody made a deal about that.

Roughcoat said...

If that murderous Turk can vote in US elections, so can I.


mikee said...

Why is Hillary on the cover of New Yorker dressed as a beauty contestant?

Or so I thought as I scrolled down the page, before reading the text.

Caricatures are hard to do well.

buwaya said...


We are both permanent residents but not citizens.

Roughcoat said...

Which begs another question, I should think.

FullMoon said...

Curious as to how this woman became a friend of Hillary's.

In a now infamous 2005 episode of 'La Granja,' Alicia apparently had sex in front of the cameras with Spanish TV host Fernando Acaso.

Machado was engaged to Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Bobby Abreu at the time.

He quickly called off the wedding after clips of the show appeared online.

The broadcast showed Acaso on top of her, with Machado whispering in Spanish about his manhood.

"Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine,'" she moans while they romp.

Later during the broadcast replay, the show's host read aloud what Machado had written about the man.

"Really, that guy is cute, he loves me, he understands me, he accepts me, he protects me, he supports me, he respects me,' read her testimonial.

"He treats me like a goddess, he f***s me like a b****!"

Machado told TV channel Univision when she returned to Miami that despite the scandal she "felt fine as a person, as a human being.

Titus said...

I like the picture but I do tend to love everything about The New Yorker-my fave mag fag hag.

Gk1 said...

It is stunning in that shows how the cupboard is bare in the HIllary camp when it comes to huring charges at La Orange one. This is the best they got? Are they really running on fumes with 6 weeks to go?

Friedrich Engels' Barber said...

"woman as Wonder Bread" - is that allowed anymore?

dreams said...

Check this out.

Earnest Prole said...

Funny, I thought this New Yorker cover was one of those morph cartoons blending the features of Trump and Hillary into a single caricature

walter said...

Faltering in oter areas..Hil has to find a way to bring this back to the "woman card" she so deftly joked with.
It's about time.
She wants it.

But a comical cartoon mag cover was previously Trumped by the naked statue thing.

walter said...

"Really, that guy is cute, he loves me, he understands me, he accepts me, he protects me, he supports me, he respects me,' read her testimonial.

"He treats me like a goddess, he f***s me like a b****!"
Not necessarily that order, I would guess.
Hey..did he "Trump that Bitch!"?
"Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine,'"
Maybe they should have a pageant judging category for sexy talk.

Jon Ericson said...

Oh, stop being so trenchant!