September 29, 2016

"Don, I really like you. Get the hell out of here.… You’re not going to win this state.... But if anything changes, I’ll call you."

What Tommy Thompson said to Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump, who was speaking in Waukesha (Wisconsin) after, he said, Tommy Thompson called him up and said, "Don, time to come back."

I didn't know Trump called himself "Don." Or is that just what Tommy Thompson calls him?


Titus said...

I am still baffled that Tammy Baldwin beat Thompson for the Wisconsin senate race.

Wisconsin is an odd state when is comes to the entire state voting.

Curious George said...

Too bad Tommy couldn't figure out he couldn't win and let Eric Hovde make his run.

BarrySanders20 said...

I think Tom has lost his mojo.

Chuck said...

It would be a funny story if it were true. It would be funny, if Thompson told it. It would have political value.

But when Trump tells it, who believes him?

I don't think normal humor is useful with, or by, Trump. Trump has to use his own Trumpcentric language of humor. I'm not saying that Trump can't be funny when he wants to; it just isn't normal humor.

Ann Althouse said...

"I am still baffled that Tammy Baldwin beat Thompson for the Wisconsin senate race."

Did you watch the debate? He was terrible. I remember it as him saying: I'm Tommy! You know me. I'm Tommy.

Ann Althouse said...

There were 2 Tommy/Tammy debates.

About the first one, I said:

"Tommy was all about how we here in Wisconsin already know him. He's Tommy — call me Tommy — and she's Tammy — you don't know her, but let me tell you she's the biggest liberal in the House, ranked #1 biggest taxer/spender, and that's not an easy achievement, to actually be #1."

About the second one, I said:

"The moderation was hilarious. They'd ask a question and Tammy and Tommy each had a couple minutes to answer. Then they'd declare a 6-minute period in which Tammy and Tommy could talk about anything, interact in any way, hog the time, interrupt, be as polite or impolite as they saw fit with absolutely no intervention from the moderators.

"Tommy got all impassioned and began many sentences with "Ladies and gentlemen." He assiduously refrained from calling Tammy Tammy. She was "my opponent." And the message was: Ladies and gentlemen, my opponent is incredibly, unbelievably liberal. Tammy seemed nervous but never broke from her prim, schoolmarmish demeanor, as she repeated the message about Tommy: After he was governor, he became a lobbyist and made a lot of money.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, it's a simple decision. What irks you worse: liberals or rich guys?"

I was very annoyed at Tommy for taking the nomination and not working hard enough to win. There was another Republican, Eric Hovde, an energetic and very good-looking man — a businessman, a fresh face.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I am saying Chuck can't be funny, using his Chuck-centric language or not.

Charlie don't surf.

With all of this said, I was in Wisco recently and saw a lot, a worryingly amount, of "Russ" signs. And fat.

I think Trump wins it, along with Russ.

Birkel said...

...said Chuck, the Hillary Clinton supporter.

And master of sockpuppets.

Bricap said...

Is the voter who picks both Feingold and Trump for real in Wisconsin? Disillusioned Bernie supporters? And does anybody in the Never Trump crowd do the exact opposite?

The BubFather said...

Too bad, since Tammy is really an invisible senator....much like Feingold was for 18 years. How much must Feingold's fellow senators have disliked him, since he never held a meaningful chairmanship in his entire time in the senate? We're in for another 'go native' crappy senator if he's elected. He'll tell everyone in DC how smart he is, alienate all his fellow senators, never amount to anything and end up to be Tammy Baldwin II

Titus said...

I didn't watch the Wisconsin Senate Debate between Tommy/Tammy!

I just thought with the most recent republican bend in the state with Walker etc that Thompson would of road the wave.

Speaking of invisible senators Ron Johnson is high in the ranks of a complete nothing.

paminwi said...

Tommy lost because he had $0 after the primary. Tammy immediately started running ads and Tommy was nowhere to be found. Hovde would have been a great candidate against Tammy & I think he could have won. It was time for new blood in the WI political scene & once again establishment Republicans told us to go with the old guy. We lost and the oldies have done us no good this time around in the Presidential race and we ended up with Trump.

As a reminder we also had a do nothing, know nothing guy who also made no impact in the Senate named Herb Kohl.

Ron Johnson is head of the Homeland Security Committee. He got HRC to say "at this point what difference does it make" during the Benghazi hearings. But my fellow Wisconsinites will vote Feingold. And oh by the way, he's accused of violating the Hatch Act but good butt coverers at the State Dept are not going to release his emails that were requested under FOIA until AFTER the election that would support his violation.

wildswan said...

If Russ Feingold had his way Wisconsin would be immersed in pension debt shortfalls like Chicago - and like Milwaukee, for that matter. You see, Milwaukee, unlike the rest of Wisconsin, follows the Feingold line which is: promise pensions; set aside no money to fund your promise; expect the rest of the state to pay Milwaukee's bill. At least he'll be in office to do some explaining when the unfunded pensions overwhelm Milwaukee in the next four years.

Why they will vote for Feingold, I cannot say - I've only lived here eight years and some things are quite mysterious. I think they will.

Mark said...

Why is Feingold to blame for Milwaukee? He hasn't lived there as far as I am aware, nor did he hold any major positions there.

If Johnson spent 6 years, only to get a stupid phrase out of his hours of Hilary hearings .... he didn't amount to much in the Senate.

He will lose based on the fact he is unpopular and did nothing but bloviate.

paminwi said...

Mark-be specific about what exactly Feingold accomplished in 18 years in the Senate. His shining moment, campaign finance reform was a freaking bust.
So. I will wait for your response.

walter said...

Heh..near the media folks, angry female protester flinging some kind of paper.. looked like fake money or something. Pretty much unheard..hard to smuggle in a megaphone. Otherwise well behaved attendees.
Saw one Trump that Bitch! T-shirt and a kinda long in the tooth (for that thing) gal donning a catsuit.
A bit overexcited Waukesha cop tried to shut down the separate media car entrance. Unflappable Trump dude calmly said a few things to him and he slumped back to his car, leaving with a "What just happened?" look on his face.
Maybe it's how he talks these days..but couldn't help thinking Tommy tipped back one or __ brandy old fashioned backstage.