May 21, 2014

"It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness."

Said Pharrell Williams, whose song "Happy" was appropriated for the purpose of dancing in a YouTube video made in Iran.
Many Twitter users had used the hashtag #freehappyiranians to put pressure on the Iranian authorities to release the dancers.
Yeah, I know, hashtags. But the kids have been freed — on bail, at least. 

Here's the video at YouTube, where there are many comments, including the funny but inappropriate:
Khamenei was probably sick of hearing this annoying song on the radio so many times and ordered them arrested for making him listen to it again. I don't blame him. The long, hipster beard and skinny jeans doesn't help their case either. I wish being a hipster was illegal all over the world.
Free speech. Know it. Live it. Use it.

ADDED: This post caused me to make a Pharrell Williams tag. I resist making tags on individual names, and I'd like to weed out all the old tags on names that ended up only being used once, but I knew I'd blogged at least once before about Pharrell Williams (when he wore shorts to the Oscars), but I see there was one other post about a year ago: "Is suing Pharrell Williams for using 'I am OTHER' and horning in on his 'I am'?" That made me wonder what had happened to the lawsuit, and I wanted to drop an update that had escaped my notice: They settled.


Linc said...

It couldn't be worse than "It's a small world" at the Disney parks, could it?

Linc said...

It couldn't be worse than "It's a small world" at the Disney parks, could it?

traditionalguy said...

The dancers were arrested for being happy expressive women. In Iran slave women need to look withdrawn and slightly afraid of men at all times...or else!

Heartless Aztec said...

Start with mine.

madAsHell said...


I guess they failed to consult a dictionary when they named this child.

Chance said...

That sucks. I think I was tagged once. It was a serious life accomplishment. To have my tag so ruthlessly taken away is hurtful.

Drago said...

We have much to learn from our non-western non-Christian betters.

Or so the left keeps lecturing us.

I fully expect our resident lefties to pop up with some distraction to take the focus off islam, which is one religion of which the left has become very very solicitous.