November 8, 2011

"U of Illinois Law School Admits To Six Years of False LSAT/GPA Data."

This admission pins all the blame on a single individual who is now gone. "Hmm. That’s certainly convenient."


traditionalguy said...

Scapegoats are also kept in a handy places in every Bureaucracy where there is a special pension bonus for those taking one for the team.

Bryan C said...

"It also found that the law school lacked adequate controls to prevent, deter and detect such actions, a situation that it said it is taking steps to correct."

Wow, so apparently this same rogue assistant dean who was solely responsible for the false data was also solely responsible for preventing, deterring, and detecting any and all fraud in the institution. That must be quite a job description. I'm glad they don't bother the real dean with boring stuff like that.

Scott M said...

This tactic worked for the Obama administration for the first couple of years. Why wouldn't the Illini take that lesson to heart?

edwardroyce said...


You know this is almost a time of Nirvana for me. I loathe most lawyers and figure sea slugs are higher in the food chain than judges.

What better outcome could there be than for a school of scorpions to be slashed and poisoned by their own get?

Shouting Thomas said...


Phonied up data so that they can admit more blacks and justify their quota system?

Canned response... What do you mean? There is no quota system!

Pogo said...

Ever wonder about the veracity of US unemployment data, or inflation numbers?

More and more, it seems, the numbers provided for public consumption are partial bullshit, mostly bullshit, or complete bullshit. Global warming science, US News rankings, projected high speed rail costs, mortgage defaults, etc. etc.

Although at some irreducible point, the truth will out, it is increasingly a waste of time to listen to the claims of institutions large and small. Might as well look at badger entrails.

edwardroyce said...

"Ever wonder about the veracity of US unemployment data, or inflation numbers?"

Well the unemployment numbers are modified by dropping those people who have lost their benefits or who are assumed to be no longer looking. Plus they are adjusted with "seasonal" adjustments. Which basically means that someone in the DoL thinks that such and such month should include 250,000 jobs created just because.

mccullough said...

The bullshit numbers are the ones most law schools give about the employment of their graduates within 9 months of graduating.

Most of these schools are worth nowhere near what they charge. Eventually, some potential students will learn.

damikesc said...

Ever wonder about the veracity of US unemployment data, or inflation numbers?

Considering that inflation doesn't include food or energy in the equation (groceries have gotten quite costly in the last 2 years) and unemployment numbers ALWAYS seem to be "corrected" upwards --- I don't see much use in the figures.