January 18, 2010

Elephant camouflage.

Chip animates that wall.


lucid said...

Very cool! I love the subtlety of the effect. It's an ambush elephant, apparently now in Massachusetts.

vbspurs said...

Now you see him, now you don't! Actually you never really see him, and that takes talent to do. Nice one, Chip!

David said...

It's either not working anymore or too subtle for me.

Lem said...

I rather see how Chip would cook the elephant ;)

OldGrouchy Doug Wright said...

However, it tastes like "Chicken!"

wv: That's reperuph to some!

Penny said...

Chip, this was my favorite of all that I've seen you do.

Although, not sure I don't say that every time you do a new one?

I liked it because it was so subtle. Though maybe you need to learn how to do audio next?

Subtly rustling elephants.. for David.