June 18, 2009

"The usually loquacious Obama has remained tongue-tied during this crisis in Iran..."

"... what surely represents one of its brightest and bravest moments in a generation. His reticence suggests two things about his administration. First, the Obama White House fails to grasp the enduring importance, and appeal, of America's democratic example. They are caught up in self-serving polling data about global anti-Americanism. Stop believing in America as the 'last best hope' of democratic reformers and you stop lending them moral and political support."


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Unknown said...

Isn't if funny. The greatest revolution going on since the 60's and Obama sits on the sideline not knowing what to do.

The students, the President has been touted as having an affinity with, and the only thing Obama can come up with is "stop hurting your own citizens".

Wow, where is the outcry for change you can believe in, where is the stand for justice for all, the poor, the trodden under, well you get my point.

The truth is and I am sorry to say, is the same old compromise of, if you give in to the evil, maybe the evil will not come.

The cowardness of Obama is apparent and looks like will never end, until he is simply voted out.

After he realizes that people aren't just looking for popularity but substance, then he will wake up.

But alas, too late, he has just been voted out of office.

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