April 27, 2009

"In Poland, kids are adored to death, but they are compliant."

"They know that they are small pegs on the planet. They know that parents rule. Moms whisper sweet, tender pet names, dads issue directives and little ones toddle along, waiting for that kind word, the kiss, the pat of praise."


Eli Blake said...

It's nice to know that in the battle for values between Soviet communism and the Catholic Church, the values instilled by the church won.

David said...


former law student said...

Lovely, but I got hung up at the beginning:

I think it has the best pastries and coffee cakes (such an American term!) in town

Coffee cakes is an exact translation of the German Kaffeekuchen, so the term is American only in the nation of immigrants sense.

Also, I wondered about the Gugelhupf in the picture till I found out that in Polish it is called babka.

blake said...

Nice photo essay.

Deb said...

My favorite was the picture of the women on the park bench, eating their cake. This was lovely, thanks.

Mr. Forward said...

"They know that they are small pegs on the planet."

That figures, a small peg is a little pole.