April 28, 2009

"I'm sending you a rainbow from the edge of my sink."


AND: Have you been half asleep, have you heard voices?

AND: Once, this was the rainbow in the kitchen:

The last of Ice Rainbow

"I've heard it too many times to ignore it. It's something that I'm supposed to be..."


Bissage said...

A pink triangle works, too.

That’s a tea strainer.

My father is downstairs.

He is, too.

Comet hasn't scratched yet.

Mr. Clean as the White Tornado.

Earring pirates fear spinach.

And I say the hell with it.

Anonymous said...

Bissage, wonderful Bissage:

Bon ami hasn't scratched yet.

Josephine the Plumber can take care of that stain for you.

Ann Althouse said...

Don't overcorrect wonderful Bissage. He's doing it on purpose. What, I'm not exactly sure, but Mr. Clean doesn't go with white tornado either.

Anyway, Bissage has inspired me to do a new post.

Peter V. Bella said...

What, no pot of gold?

traditionalguy said...

Now we know where the rainbows go to end in Madison. A sweet morning photo captured by the ever curious Professor.

Ann Althouse said...

That's not my sink and not my photograph.

Note that the post title is a quote.

traditionalguy said...

Now we know where the rainbows go to end in Cincinnati. A sweet morning photo captured and sent to us by the Meade Branch of the ever curious Professor and Associates.

Anonymous said...

There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow more precious than a pot of gold.

rhhardin said...

It's from the low to the high, which is found only in the ordinary.

MadisonMan said...

Um, a rainbow needs rain. If that's a rainbow, I foresee a visit from a roofer in the near future.

Wen said...

Someday you'll find it, the rainbow connection.....