October 22, 2008

"It's a negative intensity" between John McCain and Sarah Palin.

As witnessed and characterized by NBC's Chuck Todd:

Is he blaming her? Is she blaming him?

"I can't emphasize enough the odd body language."

Harsh, but not all that unbelievable.

ADDED: "Chuck Todd" sounds like inappropriate personal advice to Sarah Palin.


Henry said...

Palin doesn't seem to have much patience with clueless old white men.

Anonymous said...

Biden is a gaffe-o-matic and it's Palin and McCain who are at odds. Okay. Right. Well, that's the script.

Say, what about these polls?

Host with the Most said...

Still looking for reasons to bolster your decision to vote for Obama and his inevitable ruin of the security and military of the United States?

If I were you, I be seriously worried about the judgment of someone who chose Joe Biden as his VP.

I am seriously scared to have someone like Joe- "last thing he heard, first thing he speaks" - Biden a heart beat away from the most liberal person ever to possibly be elected in this country's history.

Host with the Most said...

Joe Biden makes Dan Quayle look like a college professor.

Host with the Most said...

Joe Biden even plagarized his wedding vows.

I'm not making this up.

Host with the Most said...


"there's no chemistry"

Chuck Todd lost all claim to impartiality with this video.

NO FACTS whatsoever, just ho Chuck "feels"

Journalism has sunk to level of the Madison Wisconsin Law School.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

My trick just left. I am a failure. I can only go 20 minutes-he was disappointed.

Chicago 10 is on PBS.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

Wow, those 60's were a crazy time.

Bill White said...

That MSNBC bit was astoundingly clumsy propaganda. "Who trusts who", indeed. Do these MSNBC guys not have a video camera? Without seeing video of this McCain/Palin session, I assume the two suits in the video were just making sh*t up about the interview.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

What is a yippie? I know what a hippie and yuppie and guppy is but not a yippie.

Rose said...

Unreal. Maybe the negative intensity is because of HIM not at each other. What a creep. Is that what's passing for national quality journalism?

Richard said...

What a ridiculous non-story. The media's final full court press against the GOP is here, in full bloom.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

Jerry Rubin was a yippie. Is he still alive?

Unknown said...

What nonsense.

As a rule of thumb, I disbelieve an historian who tells me how to interpret primary material without providing enough of the primary material that I may decide for myself. In this case, they should show me the unedited video so I can decide for myself.

People say John McCain has an "anger" problem, but I see a man who does not suffer fools gladly.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

OMG, that judges voice from the Chicago 8 was hilarious.

What a queen.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

FYI-Jerry Rubin became an entrepreneur and business man but then died in 1994 when he crossed the street and was hit by a car.

T J Sawyer said...

Best part is at the end. After beating the hell out of those two damned republicans, our anchor, Mr. Doofus, says:

OK, it's great!

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Richard said:
The media's final full court press against the GOP is here, in full bloom.

Watched CNN do 45 minutes hitting McCain/Palin. They closed the show with cute footage of Barry and Michelle dancing. I think it has gotten to the point where the media in North Korea has more credibility.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what any of the media say about this race anymore? Nothing Obama or Biden can say will be scrutinized and anything McCain or Palin can say will be criticized.

It's all over but the voting, unless it's close and McCain somehow pulls it out, then the litigation will crank up, making Florida 2000 look like a Sunday School picnic.

Donn said...

Harsh, but not all that unbelievable.

Anything the MSM says at this point is unbelievable. Did you catch this comment from Newsweek reporter Michael Hastings?

Objectivity is a fallacy. In campaign reporting more than any other kind of press coverage, reporters aren’t just covering a story, they’re a part of it—influencing outcomes, setting expectations, framing candidates—and despite what they tell themselves, it’s impossible to both be a part of the action and report on it objectively.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

Some of the yippies were kind of hot.

I like the big black glasses-very retro.

blake said...

Drudge (via Insty) reports viewership down for the big three over, I think, last year. About a half-million per network.

But last year wasn't an election. If anything, they should be up viewers.

The media's all in on this one.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

I think I heard Chuck Todd say one time on a newscast that his wife was working for Mccain's campaign. Maybe she was fired and he is pissed.

Unknown said...

NBC/MSNBC News is a joke, not that many people watch them that aren't already in the same camp they are.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

Norman Mailer was not a "yippie" but he was going to march.

MadisonMan said...

Anything the MSM says at this point is unbelievable. Did you catch this comment from Newsweek reporter Michael Hastings?

Did you believe what he wrote? And if so, doesn't it invalidate your first sentence?

I'm Full of Soup said...

"Yippie" is what Bruce Willis says before "Kiya mother fucker" in the Die Hard flicks.

Titusdoesntbottom said...

It would be pretty funny if Mccain/Palin won now. The press is pretty disgusting. How can citizens watch this crap. There are way too many talking heads. I dislike talking heads. I do like being given head though.

Donn said...


Of course, I was using hyperbole, which I figure you are smart enough to figure out without me having to say it. I meant only 99.9999999999% is wrong, so this obviously fits into the .0000000001% category. 8^)

Go RAYS!!!!!

MadisonMan said...

I meant only 99.9999999999% is wrong, so this obviously fits into the .0000000001% category.

If one person being right is .0000000001% of the journalism population, then there are a trillion journalists. :)

Fred4Pres said...

BS? I hope so.

I assume NBC is just wildly speculating. Mac should call them on it. But just in case...


If Mac wants to second guess his choice, look in the mirror. Frankly I think Sarah Palin is a great choice and Mac's campaign mishandled her.

Would Mitt Romney have been a better choice. Yep. But that is because the economy nose dived and Mitt knows more about the econony than all the candidates combined. Mac took a gamble and let's face facts, McCain never liked Mitt much.

So grow up, keep fighting, and no belly aching.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

I do like being given head though.

Hi Titus. Something we can finaly agree on. Anyway, welcome back. Hope you had a good summer.

Unknown said...

It is just too bad so many gaffes, bad associations, character deficits, and sign's of potential closet skeletons exist on one political side, imagine what the MSM could do to McCain/Palin if these items could be attributed to them.

This is so bizarre to say the least, what planet are these guys on? People need to get out of their bubbles and the MSM needs to climb out of the tank, it is so much more embarrassing for the MSM then McCain/Palin. I'm sure the MSM is too damn prejudiced, smitten with Obama, or too damn stupid with corruption to comprehend. Gee, maybe the the negative vibes from McCain and Palin might be discomfort, disgust and/or contempt for the MSM... you think?

I live in Northern Virginia, a State the MSM all but says is out of reach. Chuck Todd,I AM LAUGHING!!! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! I have never seen as many Republican signs in my deep blue city of Falls Church. Guess what? Many homes (mine included) have McCain/Palin signs right next to their Warner(D) for Senate signs. I AM A DEMOCRAT!!! My brother lives in the Bellwether County of Prince William, 7 out of ten signs in his neighborhood are McCain/Palin, HE IS A DEMOCRAT!!!

I have been voting since McGovern in this State, I know the Demographic changes and don't need to hear it. My Account Manager, a staunch Democrat from Massachusetts is voting for McCain, sure their are loud Obamabots, we are quieter.

I was an angry voter in 2006 against the GOP, this time all anger will not go to the GOP, much will be a backlash, their is no reason too add more Democratic bias to the polls since the 2006 vote model, especially at the Presidential level? These polls in Virginia are weighted for a constituency that just doesn't exist, it is a fantasy.

I am a fairly well off person and I would stake half of what I own on it. These fruitcakes on the MSM have me watching Fox news for heavens sake... Fox news!!! Are they trying to drive all the ratings to Fox news? The MSM are grossly overplaying their hand.

Darcy said...

Hilarious. The media is hysterical now. Are they panicking a bit? It would be funny if they were.

I live in a working class suburb west of Detroit. There are McCain/Palin signs everywhere! I've never seen so many signs for the Republican candidate. He won't win here, but still...really makes me smile.

Kansas City said...

What nonsense. Chuck Todd going on and on about his subjective assessment of the body language and chemistry between McCain and Obama. Did you hear him say Obama and Biden don't have great chemistry yet. He, and most of the media, are pathetic.

Simon said...

I don't know what I can say about this that I've not said a thousand times, but it seems that something ought to be said. *sigh* I don't know that can be said. I watched "Nixon" the other night, and God help me, sometimes I know how the poor bastard felt.

Darcy said...

Ha! Joseph. It looks like we were coordinating that. :)

Anonymous said...

Chuck Todd has always been an Obamadroid so no surprise here with the anti-McCain/Palin routine.

The big surprise has to be the anti-McCain/Palin slant on NBC of all places!!

Wow, it's like the world turned upside down.

I'm dizzy.

Anonymous said...

The screen shot needs a caption.

"You caught one how big??!!??"

Unknown said...


Yep, I think the Media are in for a surprise, I hope they keep on pushing because if any bums need to be thrown out it is the media, the only group with a lower approval than Congress I might add.

Simon said...

And of course they can't win. If they lose, they lose. If they win, the media will smear their victory as being the result of a racist society, so they lose. God. What a mess.

Ernesto Ariel Suárez said...

*Y A W N*

Unknown said...

Well then I vote for the racist thing.

Unknown said...

If this is the best the MSM has on McCain/Palin, I have to say the MSM must be deeply worried that there proverbial pooch may be tanking in the polls.

I didn't know that Chucky Cheese has a PHD on body language. Seriously though McCain doesn't look comfortable with anyone. He always looks guarded and uncomfortable even with his wife let alone a daughter age Palin. For gods sake it's only been 7 weeks that McCain and Palin have been hanging out together. I think it was Ferraro who said that it wasn't after Mondale conceded that she gave him a good hug. It's hard to have a "chemistry" with a woman if you are not sleeping with them or want to sleep with them.

On the flip side though, had McCain and Palin have a bit more "Chemistry", Chucky would have been the first one to suggest the impropriety of the relationship. You just can't win with these idiots. This is why I am voting "HOPE". Hope Obama loses.....

Latest rounds of polls looking promissing. There's nothing stopping now. I am pumped.

AP - +1 0
Battleground - +2 0
IBD - +2 0

Unknown said...


If they blame an Obama loss on racism instead of bad polling and/or an MSM backlash, they will be missing the point and there will be hell to pay. Sure Obamabots are reveling in what is going on but fair minded Democrats like myself are disgusted, Republicans are angry and have every right to be.

Unknown said...

McCain is in constant pain and takes no pain medication, hence his appearance at times of discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Simon said...And of course they can't win. If they lose, they lose. If they win, the media will smear their victory as being the result of a racist society, so they lose. God. What a mess.

This election is a Win/Win for the White liberals, black bigots and European Americaphobes.

Obama wins and take that you White racist American bastards!

Obama loses and what do you expect in a country full of White racist bastards!

I'm atheistically praying for the latter. McCain/Palin win because they are the only legitimate option. And it will reinforce the hatred so many politically correct bigots have for my race and my country.

I'm honored by their hate!

Ernesto Ariel Suárez said...

This hate will come back to haunt them. It's inevitable.

I'm Full of Soup said...

After reading Joseph's assessment of Virginia, I have one thing to say to the MSM : Yippie Kiya mother fuckers!

Go Phils 3-2 it is a nailbiter.

Wince said...

It's all over but the voting, unless it's close and McCain somehow pulls it out, then the litigation will crank up, making Florida 2000 look like a Sunday School picnic.

Not so sure. With expectations pushed so high that Obama should take this thing running away, isn't a close race almost an Obama loss?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kansas City. How can people as stiff as talking heads know a damned thing about body language?

Holy H Crap, this new format sucks dead donkey. Do a preview and have to back up instead of edit? And when you back up, your typing is gone? Yeah, great new format. Isn't the point of preview so you can correct things?

AND choose a damned profile again!

Anonymous said...

Fred4Pres said...Would Mitt Romney have been a better choice. Yep. But that is because the economy nose dived and Mitt knows more about the econony than all the candidates combined. Mac took a gamble and let's face facts, McCain never liked Mitt much.

Mitt still might be Secretary of the Treasury. A more important job than merely vice President.

I'm in a delusional mood. I'm pretending Obama might actually lose.

Chip Ahoy said...

Alas, no chemistry.

Good thing they still have:

astrophysics, biology, geography, cosmetology, criminology, diplomatology, economics, palaeontology, micropalaeontology, paleobotany, morphology, pathology, pedagogics, petrology, pharmacology, phenology, physics, phytology, piscatology, psychology, sedimentology, zoology, zootaxy, toxicology, mathematics, tectonics, taxidermy, statistics, scatology, radiology, astrology, planetology, cometology, anthropology, dactylogy

and many many more sciences and studies.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, what a loon.

Hay. No wait, HEY! my request could not be processed. Very well, take THAT!

Titusdoesntbottom said...

After watching the Chicago 10 I went through youtube and pulled up Grace Slick and Mama Cass-not sure why just did.

Mama Cass was amazing. She was so beautiful and that voice wow. I feel bad I missed all that shit. It's Getting Better is such a fabulous song. She made me cry.

And Grace Slick. White Rabbit, does it get any better than that. Fuck, that was an amazing song. And Don't You Want Someone to Love is incredible.

What happened to music and musicians today?

The music scene is so depressing. Today, no Grace Slick or Mama Cass would make it, no matter how great their voices were. Very sad.

Donn said...

White Rabbit, does it get any better than that.

Of course, White Rabbit comes off the best, imo, JA album, Surrealistic Pillow. Great name for an album, great name for a band.

My favorite Mamas and Papas song was California Dreamin.

I started playing in rock bands in the 60's, and you are right, Titus, it was a great era for music. One time, at my high school in the SF Bay Area, the Quicksilver Messenger Service played for a convocation in the afternoon (this was in 67). Amazing.

Simon said...

Joseph, if they're going to pay, someone has to come collect. No one made them pay for Bob Bork. No one's going to make them pay for Sarah, and what they've done to her is a lot worse. These are days where I wished I believed; at least when you do, you have the comfort of knowing there's a reckoning they can't lie and cheat their way out of.

chickelit said...


have another hit, of fresh blog.

JAL said...

Obama in Virginia today:

"I feel like we got a righteous wind at our backs here."


Alinsky, ACORN, lied about it, Rezko, lied about him, Khalidi, Ayers, lied about him, voted against baby born alive, lied about it, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, forgot about it, Mike Klonsky, reneged on promise to accept only public funds, Jeremiah Wright, lied about him, training ACORN staff, lied about it, voted present many many times instead of talking a position, thinks America is mean, economic plan not coherent, lies about it, socialist plans to redistribute private wealth, Campaign spends >$800,000 on ACORN services, misrepresents it, civilian army, mandatory youth corps, requests DOJ supression of free speech, enlists elected officials as campaign "Truth" Squad ... .. .. . . .

Mrs. Lillian Forkliss said...

Sarah Palin's Saks Fifth Avenue Shopping List:
• Armani jacket $1,295, with matching pants, $575. Total: $1,350
• MaxMara Sovrana cowl-neck jacket, $965, with matching skirt, $340. Total: $1,305
• Donna Karan tweed jacket, $3,995, and matching skirt, $2,695. Total: $6,690
Ralph Lauren Collection cashmere turtleneck dress (to pair with a jacket), $2,498
• Two pairs of Wolford tummy-control hose, $52 each. Total: $104
• Salvatore Ferragamo Nerissa suede pumps, $750
• Jimmy Choo Hallie knee-high boots, $1,195

Sarah Palin's Neiman Marcus Shopping List:
• Eli Tahari contrast-stitch skirt suit, $498
• Kay Unger New York three-button jacket, $240, paired with Kay Unger New York crêpe trousers, $175. Total: $415
• Badgley Mischka Nikki military jacket, $578
• Escada belted jacket, $1,490
• Escada zip-front jacket, $1,850, paired with matching wool pencil skirt, $650. Total: $2,500
• Fleurette belted coat, $1,125
• Fendi leather jacket (we know you're thinking she'd never wear Fendi, but this is subtle Fendi), $2,660
• Valentino button coat, $5,590
• Versace buckle-toe pump, $750
• Yves Saint Laurent tall boot, $995


(A far cry from the $150,000.00 reported !)

chickelit said...

we need Titus on that shopping list, IMMEDIATELY

Donn said...


Alright....Fresh Air.

Other great bands from SF....Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield, Beau Brummels, Santana, Big Brother and the Holding Company, It's a Beautiful Day, and though never a fan, The Grateful Dead.

Christy said...

I'm choosing to believe the media is desperately trying to throw the election to Obama and that the polls are a lot closer than we've been lead to believe. What else accounts for such silly use of air time?

Synova said...

"Chemistry" between the two of them would seem sort of weird, wouldn't it?

And as I believe Joseph mentioned... McCain never looks relaxed, ever. It's too bad, really, even discounting what caused it all, but he's at a disadvantage... he stands stiffly and grimaces, through no fault of his own.

When I saw the two of them side by side during the follow up Couric interview my impression was that Palin seemed far more... more. McCain didn't stand out. Palin didn't defer to him. She wasn't rude, but she didn't cast sideways glances for permission to speak or to seek approval for what she said.

If she DID it would be a very weird dynamic, where if she were male we might not notice so much if she were deferential... but since she's female we sure notice that she's *not*. But... we'd also notice if Biden seemed to outshine Obama.

I'm not sure what "vibe" would be the proper one. I find I rather like the idea of running mates that aren't a unified, singular entity, and who have at least some contrary ideas. Perhaps it will show us how to tolerate diversity... a fresh difference from a VP pick suddenly acting like they don't disagree with the person who beat them for the Presidential nomination.

vbspurs said...

Harsh, but not unbelievable

Oh please.

I just wrote a blogpost about their chemistry in past occasions -- such as the RNC speech when McCain gave her a very perfunctory hug, all the while leaning into Todd, and complimenting Sarah's speech to Todd's face.

It's obvious from the get-go that they planned a professional demeanour so as not to be accused with the ONLY card not played yet by MSNBC -- of being "close", i.e., having a sexual relationship.

Outrageous MSNBC

This is Palin and McCain greeting each other on the tarmac in Ohio today.

Romancing The Running Mate

Not only did McCain just testily defend Palin on the IMUS radio show, but they chemistry between them during the rally was magnificent.

Of course, if MSNBC were being honest, they'd have to ask when was the last time Biden and Obama were on the stage together? You think Biden liked his little time-out yesterday? Nope. No tension there.


Mrs. Lillian Forkliss said...

"It is not yet clear whether Ms. Palin chose her new wardrobe or worked with stylists and other advisers, or what message her clothes were intended to broadcast. In fact, most of her bracelet sleeve jackets are so generic-looking that they could have come from any of the favored designers of Washington politicians: Oscar de la Renta, Escada and St. John. "

"The square ivory jacket she wore during her acceptance speech at the Republican Convention was a $2,500 silk shantung Valentino, reportedly bought at Saks. But the black wrap jacket she wore for the vice-presidential debate in St. Louis was a Tahari suit, according to a spokesman for the line, and costs less than $200; her shoes, according to the sleuths at ShoeaholicsAnonymous.com, were red imitation croc pumps from Kate Spade. "

"To her credit, Ms. Palin has been wearing those suits, and those awkward-yet-efficient, zip-close jackets (nothing says maverick like red leather) repeatedly over the last month, implying a sense of frugality that would belie the credit card statements of the Republican National Committee."

Peter Hoh said...

I spotted a couple of body language issues in the first few minutes. Palin's got some mean pursed lips at one thing McCain says, and it sure looks like she's sighing through another.

Peter Hoh said...

Or maybe she just has gas.

Peter Hoh said...

Did McCain really promise that there won't be an international crisis if he's president?

chickelit said...

Well I just happen to have an advanced degree in chemistry, so I can state with utmost confidence that Linus Palin, originator of the concept of "resonance" in chemistry, would readily agree that McCain-Palin share that most fundamental aspect of chemistry-resonance-with themselves and with voters.

(just don't bring up HOMOs and LUMOs- that's Chicago-based MO theory)

integrity said...

I agree with the assessment, they looked very uncomfortable to me.

My favorite McCainism today:

"during the Reagan years rates were c_nt"

Yes, during the Reagan years rates were c_nt. Actually the rates during the early years were good if I remember correctly.

Unknown said...

Palin is not qualified, she doesn’t have good chemistry with McCain… are you reporting news or something else, olds or something. This is nothing new that’s for sure. But I do thing it’s a liberal illuminati kinda trip to say that they are blaming each other and that their campaign is imploding or something. I think that might be going a bit far.

Christy said...

I've avoided those zipped suit jackets, but I'm thinking that might just be the ticket for lunching with the ladies.

Politico is reporting that since the conventions McCain coverage has been 60% negative and only 14% positive. And yet Obama hasn't closed the deal. Doesn't speak well for Obama.

Synova said...

McCain can't promise there won't be an international crisis but I think it's probably true enough that there won't be one that derives from the misconception that he might not respond decisively to it. I don't think it as likely to have various nations or groups checking to see what they can get away with.

But, there's at least as good of a chance of someone or other provoking the US on purpose... which is what I think 9-11 was. If you'll recall the time around 2000... not perhaps about Bush precisely, but the media and cultural elite meme of how militant the US was. There was a real bipolar sort of thing going on and Bin Laden could chose... were Americans going to fold like tissue paper, or react rashly? From what he said about his own actions... his rhetoric was that we would fold, but his plan was that we would react in unreasoning anger and attack Muslims indescriminately... and he'd finally get his apathetic co-religionists shaken from their slumber and he would, finally, have his victorious army.

It didn't happen, but the belief that it might well happen just like that was supported by any objective reading of what a certain segment of Americans insisted was true of America.

It's not unthinkable that someone might do something provocative because they *desire* to provoke.

chickelit said...

@Peter: Sorry I missed your serious response re Biden's ominous promise on the other thread. All you said was something generic like "they all get tested" and "maybe Obama will govern like a conservative.

chickelit said...

Erik wrote: I think that might be going a bit far.

What do you call one step beyond hubris?


Host with the Most said...

Palin IS qualified, and a hundred times more than that boy Obama.

Beginning this week, more Americans listened to Rush Limbaugh than watched Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charlie Gibson combined.

Obama / Pelosi's first 3 acts:

1) All abortion, all the time - first thing Obama promised to sign! No restrictions whatsoever AND taxpayers will start to pay for abortions.

2) Union intimidation "Card Check" will be passed.

3) the Fairness Doctrine will allow the Democrat Government of the US to shut down the first amendment rights of people they disagree with. Government censorship. It always happens when Democrats gain power: Fascism.

All you Obama voters now, repeat after Ann:

"I, (your name) Ann Althouse, choosing of a free mind to fuck the military and security of the United States, promote fascism, force all Americans to pay for abortions at any month or condition of pregnancy, do promise to vote for and wholeheartedly support the Obama and his queen, even after he is tested and the US is attacked, and it becomes apparent that he has no clue what to do. Includes his pre-planned sell-out of Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Sudan.

In the name above all exotic sounding names, Amen".

Simon said...

Christy said...
"Politico is reporting that since the conventions McCain coverage has been 60% negative and only 14% positive. And yet Obama hasn't closed the deal. Doesn't speak well for Obama."

Doesn't speak well for the damned media, either. Vermin.

Buford Gooch said...

Chuck Todd is, and has always been, a dickweed.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Lots of people talk about media bias, but if you want to actually do something about it, send this link to as many major reporters you can think of or just copy out the text into your email. Whining about media bias and exhortations are going to have no impact. The only thing that will work is letting them know how their coverage is going to have a long-term impact on their careers.

chickelit said...

Oh, I guess I'm waiting for the morning show here.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Another in a string of 'snipe at Palin' posts. Is Peggy Noonan filling in for Ann this week?

I need time away. Not a divorce, for now, but at least a separation. See you in February.

Host with the Most said...

Best question (from Bill Dyer):

How can anyone in the world take them seriously, when Barack Obama and his lean, mean team of 500 foreign policy advisers can't even manage to achieve a diplomatic triumph over Joe Biden's mouth?

AllenS said...

Poor Ann, so afraid to say anything bad about Obama. So afraid that she'll be characterized as a racist from her colleagues at the U. So afraid that her friend, Mort will reappear on these pages and state that she's afraid of black men. I'll stick around for a while, but I'm getting to the point of leaving until after the election, also.

KCFleming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KCFleming said...

No longer can I watch the various DNC news channels, nor read their newspapers. Hell, I can't even read anymore items about their shameless propaganda.

It all reminds me of those faux reality shows on MTV like "The Hills". Two minutes is too much.

Tom Ealey said...

Cable news should be declared illegal as a form of toxic waste.

O'Reilly and Olberman should be tied together and thrown in an alligator pit.

Any talking head with "strategist" is his/her name should be sent to a gulag.

Can we vote tomorrow and get this over with already?

Automatic_Wing said...

Maybe it is a little tense between them, but that is because they are losing. Losing teams always have "chemisty problems" but it's the losing that causes the chemistry problems, not the reverse.

If McCain were up by 10 points in the polls they would getting along marvelously.

Anonymous said...


I don't think we live in the same Falls Church. I live on Hillwood a "median-value" neighborhood; the ratio of Obama to McClain signs is about 12 to 1.

Drive or walk up Buxton Road, in the "plushville" neighborhood, and you'll see the same ratio.

In my view, FC is trending the same way it usualy trends, and is no less Blue than usual.

KCFleming said...

Nothing the MSM news tells me anymore seems trustworthy, except perhaps the current temperature and wind speed.

'Chemistry'? Blah blah blah.
I've gone back to reading books. Fuck the news.

Simon said...

Maguro - one suspects that Palin must want to say "John, when you asked me to run with you, I kind of assumed that you were going to accelerate past a brisk jog."

Simon said...

File this under "damned if you do, damned if you don't": Victoria makes a terrific point here. If they weren't criticizing McCain and Palin for being too cool towards one another, they'd be insinuating that they were hot for one another. Whatever the facts, they'll find the narrative that can be overlaid that most helps Obama.

Ernesto Ariel Suárez said...

Simon, good morning! Good topic. Also, this is pretty good. It has so many implications.

Peter Hoh said...

Host, why don't you direct some of your rage at the president and his enablers who, their incompetence over the past 8 years, have managed to create the conditions by which the majority of voters are likely to choose someone with whom you have so many disagreements.

Richard Dolan said...

The entire story depends on the reporter's ability to observe rather than project; it all turns on whether the audience is willing to trust his powers of observation regarding the "chemistry." As journalism, it's a quaint throwback to days long gone. Even though that kind of journalism has been deconstructed beyond hope of repair even more than Humpty Dumpty, they haven't come up with a paradigm to replace it.

Will anyone who likes Palin or McC trust an NBC reporter's observations? Would anyone who likes Team O and Joe the Senator trust Rush Limbaugh's observations? There are always a few exceptions to prove the rule.

MadisonMan said...

Well I just happen to have an advanced degree in chemistry, so I can state with utmost confidence that Linus Palin, originator of the concept of "resonance" in chemistry, would readily agree that McCain-Palin share that most fundamental aspect of chemistry-resonance-with themselves and with voters.

Linus Palin?

Godot said...

This blog is beginning to bore me.

Peter Hoh said...

I am really thinking of quitting this blog.

Peter Hoh said...

Ah, maybe I'll come back after the election.

Peter Hoh said...

Did I mention that I'm thinking about leaving?

Peter Hoh said...

I won't just leave. I want people to know that I'm leaving.

Or that I'm threatening to leave.

Which I just might do.

One of these days.

Peter Hoh said...

I mean, how will you people know that I've left if I don't keep popping up in the comments to tell you that I'm leaving?

Godot said...

This blog has been very boring since peter almost left.

chickelit said...

Madisonman wrote that I wrote: Linus Palin?

Completely intentional misspelling. :)

Did you "get" the part about Mulliken?

Host with the Most said...

peter hoh:Or that I'm threatening to leave.

Don't leave. I for one actually respect your comments, though it took me a while. My mistake in the beginning.

Host, why don't you direct some of your rage at the president and his enablers who, their incompetence over the past 8 years, have managed to create the conditions by which the majority of voters are likely to choose someone with whom you have so many disagreements.


Glen: This blog has been very boring since peter almost left.


KCFleming said...

The new CD about the Palin/Nugent campaign:

"A negative intensity in ten cities!"

knowitall said...

If I'm not mistaken, the liberal illuminati don't share all of the same views. Leave it to the mainstream media to direct their scripts at the other side of the left.