February 24, 2008

"I'm going to kill somebody."

I heard a man say that today. I was walking down the street. A man was standing there, and I heard him mutter that.


(We were just minding our own business. Afterwards, we went to the Museum of Modern Art.)


Tibore said...

Well, as long as the guy wasn't talking about killing you, that makes it a good day, right?


In other news: Where's the Oscar blog entry? I'm snarking amongst strangers over at GreenCine.

It's so lonely... :(

Eli Blake said...

Methinks it was just a figure of speech. He probably had just found out that the critical job one of his employees was supposed to have completed yesterday was not done, or maybe that the mechanic had botched the repair job on his car and it was back in the shop, or it could have been that his secretary had crashed the hard drive without backing up, or perhaps that the cable company had screwed up on his order and his kids were at home watching the Playboy channel instead of Nickelodeon.

When I hear someone muttering under their breath, 'I'm going to kill somebody,' I figure they are really frustrated, but I don't actually believe that they are planning to go walk over to the next stranger on the street and shoot them.

Then again, it is New York.

Overthee Hill said...

I think it's like saying, "I could eat you up" about a chubby cheeked baby. Just a figure of speech. I agree with eli.

Middle Class Guy said...

Well, it is New York and like Chicago, it is either a figure of speech or someone is going to be sleeping with the fishes.

Chip Ahoy said...

Wow, what a coincidence, I went to the art museum today too. They're exhibiting expressionists and their inspirations. Quite a show. I must admit to being impressed with being allowed within inches of images I've seen thousands of times in books. Ok, maybe hundreds of times. FINE! Dozens of times. The museum is 1/2 a block from my apartment.

Mr. Forward said...

"I've been killed already. I'm just stubborn about dying."

half-Indian Pacer Burton (Elvis Presley) to his step-brother (Steve Forrest) in the movie "Flaming Star" 1960

ricpic said...

You have to admit that Warhol had a knack for coming up with striking images, as in this Double Elvis silkscreen.

A completely different but enthralling museum experience can be had at the Metropolitan Museum which has mounted a huge Poussin show. A majestic painter. The show runs through mid April and IMO is well worth a visit.

Patm said...

It's New York. In New York "I'm going to kill somebody" is practically a substitute for "cold weather, ain't it?"