February 24, 2008

See ya later.

Time for some window shopping:


(Enlarge: click.) (The place with the blue pig? The Blue Pig.)


rhhardin said...

Swine-snouted brutishness shielded him with protective wing and cast on him its loving look.


Gerard said...

You know, judging from some of the shots on your flickr page I'd say you were very near my old parlor floor apartment on Pierrepont street. Very near indeed.

Ron said...

Buy any good windows?

JohnAnnArbor said...

Imagine frying up sky-blue bacon.

Middle Class Guy said...

Sky blue cracklins.

Trooper York said...

It has been a tough row to hoe for most of the cast after the cancellation of the Smurfs TV show in 2004. You don’t know what discrimination is like until you walk into an audition and they see that you have a blue skin. Everyone stares at you. They follow you in stores.Women hold onto their pocketbooks tighter and men follow you with their eyes to make sure you are not behind them at the ATM. Greedy Smurf did ok by getting a job on Wall St. Grouchy Smurf was able to get a gig as the stand in for John McCain, But the biggest fall was Smurfette. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t a star anymore. All of her posse dropped her. Paris and Lindsey and the Olsen twins wouldn’t return her calls. Even Tara Reid won’t hang out with her. She tried to score a reality show but no one would bite. She started doing drugs and eating like crazy. The last I heard, she looked like a pig and was working the sidewalks of Brooklyn. What a waste.
(Creighton Barnes and Dough Booth, The Smurfs E True Hollywood Story)

Bissage said...

It has taken me SO FREAKING LONG to find the video clip that follows that I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER why I was looking for it in the first place!!!


Anyway . . . someone at Althouse, a while back, linked to it (and I loved it), and I thought it relevant, somehow to something – but; for the life of me, now, I can’t remember why – and I wanted to give him, her or it credit, and . . . UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

Enough already!


(s h e e s h !)

Middle Class Guy said...

And that has to do with blue ham, blue pork cracklins and the smurfette turning into a crack whore?