February 24, 2008

"Thank you life, thank you love."

Beautiful thank-you speech from Marion Cotillard, who won the Best Actress Oscar tonight.

ADDED: Cotillard aside, what a sucky Oscar show this is!

AND: Daniel Day-Lewis! I love that guy! "This sprang like a mad sapling out of the beautiful head of Paul Thomas Anderson."


Tibore said...

Ahhh... here it is.

Tibore said...

Yes, Cotillard's receipt was great. I need to rewatch the announcement because half of us at GreenCine think Cate Blanchette's reaction was "Oh, that's awesome!!", and the other half thinks it was a Faith Hill moment.

PatCA said...

It was a great movie, and she deserved it. So is Once, and I adore the star/musicians who won Best Song. Both give one hope for movies!

Tibore said...

Uh oh.

Some of us were wondering where Roy Scheider was in the Dead Peoples' Montage. What a mistake!

Turns out that there's a hard date of Jan. 31st; deaths after that go to the next Oscars. "So okay", someone else said, "... where's Brad Renfro (Jan. 15th)?"


I say this straight, not sarcastically or ironically: I'm saddened that Renfro isn't on the list. I wonder why he was overlooked.

Overthee Hill said...

I thought it was very Audrey Tatou...kind of quirky and charming.

Middle Class Guy said...

Ah, the Oscars. When I was a kid I love Oscar Meyer Weiners, baloney, and liver sausage.

Oh, the Oscars, the awards for movies where stars get to bash any politician they so choose. Boring.

Tibore said...

We didn't see a whole lot of that tonight, MCG, given that Sicko (thankfully!) didn't win.

Revenant said...

Glad to see "No Country for Old Men" won -- and Bardem, too. He did an excellent job in that movie.

Ed said...

At one time, I actually cared about who won the academy awards. I'd anticipate it and watch the whole thing, year after year.

And now, not so much. It gets an "oh, that's interesting", and a comment posted on Ann's blog, and that's about it. I've pretty much soured on the plethora of awards shows over the last twenty years or so, and just don't watch them anymore. I doubt that I will watch a movie just because it won some statue.

Blake said...

A great movie? A disjointed mess of a biopic about a singularly unpleasant woman.

Her performance was great, but sorta like Raging Bull, I wondered why they made the movie at all.

Paddy O. said...

Seeing Marion Cotillard in this setting and with her acceptance speech added to how impressed I am with her performance. Edith Piaf would not have come off near as endearing.

John Stewart wasn't awful but he wasn't that good either. Except for one absolutely great moment, when he brought Mark├ęta Irglov back out after she had been cut off in the Best Song acceptance speech. It was a very graceful, honoring moment to give her that time.

corporate law drudge said...

Anyone else catch the Jennifer Garner interview on the red carpet? It included something like this from the interviewer:

“I wanted to see what you were wearing, because you always pull it off.”

George said...

2007's 10 top grossing films...

Spider Man, Shrek, Transformers, Pirates, Harry Potter, Legend, Bourne, Natl Treasure, Alvin, 300...

There was nothing in the show I saw last night for children or teenagers--Hollywood's present and future audience---just a buncha art movies and foreign animated short features...

The one great action flick that got nominated was mis-marketed as a women's fashion romance movie...Elizabeth...

And, jeez, Jennifer Garner...what did she do to her face? Her lips were like blimps.

Pogo said...

Didn't watch it.

Didn't see most of the movies presented.

Apparently, Sicko was considered a 'documentary'. In that vein, so was Jurassic Park. The category winner swung even more left than Moore, somehow.

The atheist movie nabbed best technical something or other, which seem appropriate, even though everybody hated the movie itself, favoring some action cartoon about robots as big as buildings. Whatever.

Ha! No Americans won any big acting category at all! And George Clooney said something about being Hillary, at least that's what I heard as I walked by the TV room. Eeeew.

I heard one almost funny joke by John Stewart, too. Woohoo, seems I missed nothing at all!

I did come in for the live playing of "Falling Slowly". Pretty song. That movie never made it to my little town. Netflix it. Hey! Maybe a movie I'd actually like to see!

I have mixed feelings about Juno after reading some reviews. Not sure I can stand another wisecracking kid amidst stupid adults and bad, useless, or ineffective men. (how avant garde!)

Saw The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Well done, but I could tell immediately why the critics hated it. She played a NYC NPR radio storyteller who got assaulted and her boyfriend killed. Bad guys died when Jodie killed them ...with a gun. It had some artsy Taxi Driver vibe to it, plus a storyline borrowed from Death Wish. Rather simple and well done. But pro-gun, so it couldn't possibly be well-received.

SteveR said...

Pogo: IMO Juno had some good adults too, to me it was more realistic that not, in that regard. I have teenaged daughters and they are pretty smart, kids these days.

As far as watching, I was doing taxes and dishes instead which I am sure was more valuable.

Palladian said...

Pogo: "Sicko" lost because it was up against an even more left-wing anti-war, anti-US film made by an Australian, a nationality previously pariah for its complicity in the Bush Regime's genocides but now, thanks to its new Kyoto Accord-signing, apologetic left-wing PM, has morphed into the sorriest nation on earth. In a battle between OMG! THE WAR ON TERROR! and health care (yawn) it was obvious that Moore was going to lose. He could have made Sicko interesting if when departing that Shining City on a Hill (Havana), he had helped 28 Cubans flee the island by using himself as a flotation device.

michaele said...

I was amused that the anti american Hollywood community pretty much punished itself by voting most of the awards to citizens of other countries.

Pogo said...

using himself as a flotation device

That would make a great TV series.

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this commie port
Aboard this giant blimp.

The boat was a tubby sweaty man,
His politics left and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough,
The giant blimp was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
Michael would be lost, the fat guy would be lost.

Michael Moore set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
With Estanislao
Alejandro too,
The hundredaire and his wife,
The prostitute
The political prisoner and Maela,
Here on Estanislao's Isle."

PatCA said...

Yes, rent Once. It's an indie movie with a surprise ending! I won't be a spoiler here but it's quite unusual and pleasing.

Marie C: "Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore..." Brava!

I thought it was bad that they had the military segment, then immediately to the docs that portray them as brutalized savages.

Pogo said...

A surprise ending?

If it was all a dream, I'm gonna be so PO'd.


Joe said...

For years the Academy Awards has been in desperate search for legitimacy in the eyes of liberal art wonks. Looks like they succeeded this year.

I'm curious what the ratings will be (Especially since the only thing worth watching was Dexter, which is great, but definitely not for everyone. I wonder why one of the other networks didn't show one of the actual blockbuster movies from last year.)

Blake said...

Quite a few of those big-box-office flicks were better than their nominated counterparts, and all of them had better narratives.

I'm a fan of the Coens (and Anderson) but I don't think either of them really pulled off what they were trying to do.

PatCA said...

No, Pogo, it's not a dream. It's actually clearly moral. I shall say no more.

stylinchicxoxo said...

Marion's performance was incredible in La Vie En Rose.
"A disjointed mess of a biopic about a singularly unpleasant woman."
Edith Piaf was a spectacular singer and Marion did an amazing job at portraying her at so many different moments and ages in life. Marion literally embodied her. For such a young actress, this performance was particularly stellar.

Blake said...

I didn't say otherwise, stylinchicxoxo. Nothing in your appraisal of her performance contradicts my appraisal of the movie.

Hell, I should've called it: The Academy loves actors doing impressions.