February 17, 2008

Iced in.

Right now, in Wisconsin, the rain is setting up into a hard shell of ice:


Pretty, but a warning not to take the car out.


Yes, I'm back in Wisconsin, into the winter of the record snowfall, anticipating another layer of snow on top of this ice.


Meade said...

Glazed Redbuds in winter: stunning beauty.

Elliott A said...

Sorry, Ann, but my first thought is better you than me. I'mheadig outside to get the yard ready for spring.

Bissage said...

1. And it’s Meade with the call!

2. Personally, I’d say those photos are more intriguing than beautiful but hey, that’s just me.

3. That first photo caused me to revisit the psychic trauma I suffered years ago when I ordered the day’s catch at a Thai restaurant – soft shell crab.

4. Don’t ask!

5. Ha!

rhhardin said...

Pretty ice (get the camera ready if the sun comes out!) is pretty heavy when there's enough of it, leading to week-long power outages after all the trees fall down at once and crews are brought in from Texas to help.

Freezing rain is responsible for more generator sales than anything.

caplight said...

Back at ya! KC is getting snow, snow and snow.

ricpic said...

The long longueur of winter lasts a little longer.
February: could there be a month wronger?
On other hand for those of us who like to bundle in
It helps put off the agonies of spring.

Maxine Weiss said...

Early on, Someone wanted to attract Someone-Else to New York, but had a hard time doing it.

Spending a holiday weekend in New York might be a good start.

Hard to extol the virtues of a Place, when you keep running away from it every chance you get.

Trying to send a message, yet your actions say the exact opposite.

Business as usual.

titusisgay said...

How depressing. It is 50 today and NYC.

Tomorrow will be close to 60.

I talk to my sisters who have said that this winter in Scony has been awful. Lots of snow, horrible traffic, tons of school closings and nowhere to go.

amba said...

The only question is, will it be gone by Tuesday?

Greg Brown said...

Beautiful, yes, but treacherous! I think the cab companies are still closed down. Snow upon ice upon snow upon ice. And poor Clinton has had to cancel her speech at the Monona Terrace. Betcha she's wishing she'd gotten to Wisconsin sooner. Which fable is that? "The Ant and the Grasshopper?"

Oh, here's the story. I guess the local press is snowed in.

Maxine Weiss said...

Oh yes, the I'm-not-really-a-Republican-I-just-play-one-on-TV act.

I'm not really one of THEM, even though I secretly advocate all that they stand for, and list all of THEM on my Blogroll.

That strategy is really very tired. The oldest game in the world.

Play devil's advocate. Pretend to be the opposite of what you really think. You're not really one of them, you just espouse their views, because THEY treat you so much better, than your own kind.

Althouse is beholden to Glenn, because he brought her traffic, not because she agrees with him.

An old saying: Somebody's always got your number ! Especially when you're that transparent.


Peter V. Bella said...

Christ, Maxine, give it a rest for a day will you. Day after day, sometimes hour after hour; harping, whining, complaining, taunting. Please, enough!!! It is too much like nagging.

There is a name for womem like you; ex-wife.

Trooper York said...

Mikey Carver: Because of molecules we are connected to the outside world from our bodies. Like when you smell things, because when you smell a smell it's not really a smell, it's a part of the object that has come off of it, molecules. So when you smell something bad, it's like in a way you're eating it. This is why you should not really smell things, in the same way that you don't eat everything in the world around you because as a smell, it gets inside of you. So the next time you go into the bathroom after someone else has been there, remember what kinds of molecules you are in fact eating.
(The Ice Storm, 1997)

MadisonMan said...

I'm gonna outside and shovel some more. Bummer (HA!) about Hillary! having to cancel. God is against her, apparently.

Maxine Weiss said...

I'm still reeling over the fact that Althouse visits her children, and they put her up in public lodging, instead of offering her shelter in their own homes !!!

Eli Blake said...

The Liberal Observer:

Get used to it.

Global warming models show the jet stream (the boundary between cold air and warm air) moving northward. This will result in a drier climate in the southern half of the United States but wetter winters further north.

Jonathan said...

No fisheye!

What a letdown.


blake said...

Reminds me of Sam Raimi's film A Simple Plan.

Sure looks pretty.

Sure glad I haven't had to put the top up on the convertible....

AllenS said...

Nonsense Eli. I live 250 miles north of Madison, and we've had very little snow. All the big snow storms have been south of us.