February 17, 2008

Don't pick a President based on economics.

Says economics prof Tyler Cowen.


Elliott A said...

Most of the Dems do. Since they pay no tax in the bottom 1/2, they vote for who will give them the most. Not meant to be derogatory, I would do the same. Just an unintended consequence of a country where your contribution to the society's infrastructure is much more equal for some than others. For the Repubs, it is merely who won't raise my taxes. We got teh Clintons because Bush 41 ignored his "Read My Lips " pledge. Policy about energy, foreign affairs, etc is not immediate enough for our "now" society.

rhhardin said...

Not proposing economic impossibilities is a good indicator.

They're not hard to teach or learn, but the media prefer the soap opera versions of economics.

So not voting on economics might be good advice, since nobody knows any.

J said...

Economists have generally done a better job as President than folks from other occupations, at least in my lifetime, though the one lawyer smart enough to realize he was out of his depth on the subject and farm economic policy out to someone who knew what they were doing did pretty well too. I don't think any of the lawyers currently running are that smart, unfortunately.

hdhouse said...

ye gods....an economic robot. elliott......phone hommmmmmmeeee

what is this "most of the dems do...since they pay no tax in the bottom 1/2...yada yada yada..."

no more mush lowbrow for you. radio dittohead in suspension pending truth audit.

Pastafarian said...

"Business men create jobs that presidents take credit for."

I don't remember who said it. But someone did.

Job said...

>J said: Economists have generally
> done a better job as President
> than folks from other
> occupations,

So far as I know, no economist has ever been President of the United States. George Shultz is an economist and he was Sec State. That is the closest any economist has come -- except for Martin Sheen on the West Wing.

Generally, Presidents don't know squat about economics. They don't really need to; that's why they have advisors.

J said...

Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr both had degrees in economics. Perhaps I should have said "Presidents whose formal education was in economics".