December 27, 2007

Trees, snow, moon — at 7:26 a.m.

Moon, snow, trees — 7:26 a.m.


jawats said...

That's absolutely beautiful...quite an eye, Ms. Althouse!

Pogo said...

Beautiful photograph.

But I avoid looking up to the sky in the winter lest I slip on the ice. And I walk shuffle-footed and more slowly, being certain I have gained a secure foothold before making the next step. Obstacles abound, including cars that careen down frictionless streets unable to stop until they have struck a tree, a small building, or me. Snowblowers and little tractor sweepers spew drifts right into my face and down my neck, where it melts into my shirt, increasing my discomfort. Everything is grey. Plus I am cold and therefore miserable, bent over and wishing I did not still live in Minnesota and wondering again why I do and then I remember -oh yes- it is where I work.

So thanks to Althouse, who lets me enjoy a moment of wintry wonder without risk.

tony said...


spudchuker said...

Very nice photograph, one to frame if you took it with a 5+ MP camera. I presume you took this with an SLR on a tripod with long exposure? How?

spudchuker said...

Did you use a filter, why is the sky that color?

Ann Althouse said...

Click on the photo to see which camera I used. Just a Sony camera the size of a deck of cards. I put it on the night setting, but that is the natural color as seen by the camera.

ricpic said...

Caught up in constant striving,
Above, a distant stare --
Life is always writhing
Beneath the moon's cold care.

ricpic said...

We spend our lives writhing
Under her distant stare,
The moon is a mother
Who doesn't care.

goesh said...

Stunning is almost an understatement - surreal and mystical with a dead chill that should cause one to leave instead of tarrying, wanting the chill, beseeching the moon's obscurity for more of it in order to remain transfixed, reverie in blue chill