December 26, 2007

Nothing subliminal here.

(Via Bloggingheads.)


Synova said...

I'd actually not watched the original before... of course the cross was on purpose. He was talking about Christ the whole time. Denying it is stupid but it's not as if it was a secret message or anything subliminal. Gah. He was talking about the birth of Christ. If he was talking about something else with a cross floating in the background while pretending not to be making a religious statement that would be different.

reader_iam said...

Holy Shit!

reader_iam said...


Holy. Shit!

Dust Bunny Queen said...

LOL I just love a subtle massage Oh wait..... I meant message.

Hit us over the head with a frozen tuna...we won't notice....much.

You know? The younger generation does give me hope.

Peter Hoh said...

RedState Update has their version of this ad, too.

Showed the original to my 15 y.o., who is into making movies. We tried to figure out how they made the background move like that, and well, whatever they did, they put a lot of work into making it turn out like it did. Slick camera work -- what we used to call "smoke and mirrors."

George M. Spencer said...

He thought he knew how to sucker people.

First I heard of him was when he lost 100 pounds and ran a marathon.

I thought, "Hmm, good move."

Then he said he was into the Stones.

I had sympathy for that.

Now I want Keith Richards to stagger down the drive of his Connecticut estate, a butt in one hand and a drink in the other, and say, "Uh, arrr, eh," and then vomit and pass out in the snow.