October 22, 2005

Retreat.... reprieve!

I must be off to the retreat. Here, these look duly contemplative:

Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake. From last weekend, which was not like this weekend.

ADDED: Since I'll be in retreat, feel free to use the comments on this post to discuss whatever you'd like, subject to the usual decency standards that prevail around here. That is, talk amongst yourselves.

CORRECTION: Checking the calendar. In fact, it's next Saturday two weeks from today!

MORE: I'm trying to think if I feel better having thought I needed to do this today and then realizing I didn't than I would have felt otherwise. Considering how dreary the weather is today, I wish it was this weekend...


Meade said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... I think we'll be just fine.

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, I'm still here! The retreat is next weekend. It's a dreary day here in Madison. Homecoming Saturday, though, so the place is teeming. I should get some pictures!

But you're still welcome to treat this as an open thread. I've never declared an open thread before. Feel free to submit requests for tomorrow's podcast.

Alijoon said...

Frist of all I should say that it is a really a nice lake !
what a good chance had u to be there !
as second , I was searching for blogads invitation that i found u , is it possible to invite me ?
if YES ! please send it to info@katakalle.com
Ali Aghamiri

chuck b. said...

I was going to ask you if it's easy to be "completely passive" at retreats. It's hard to imagine you functioning "in a secretarial capacity." In my mind, Althouse is an executive.

Sounds like you're killing two birds with one stone. Continuing ed + school obligations. That's nice! I never get v. much out of my continuing education. Working is continuing education.

Oh, so the comments in the previous post aren't accessible.

Ann Althouse said...

Chuck: The last thing I'm interested in is telling other people what to do, so I'm not the executive type.

Mark Daniels said...

It's been dreary here in the Cincinnati for the past several days and is supposed to rain again later today. I don't mind that too much. But it's been difficult for our son who, on graduating from college, took an outside job, working as a ramp agent for an airline. He wanted to take a break from academia before heading off to graduate school. But rainy, cold nights must make him wonder about the wisdom of this course sometimes.

Perhaps your thinking that you were going on the retreat this weekend, Ann, indicates how much you need to go. The week before last, I attended the Midwest Regional Leadership Conference of the Boys and Girls Club. (I'm vice president of the board for our local B&G organization.) It was held down in Louisville.

Last week, I attended GodBlogCon, a conference for bloggers who whose sites are rooted in their Christian faith. That was in Los Angeles.

Although neither of these events were "retreats," they had the same effect on me as I associate with retreats. The change in routine, the interaction with people who share similar commitments and interests, the exposure to new ideas, and the time away all brought me back home re-energized and inspired. Hopefully, that will happen at your retreat NEXT weekend.

The pictures, by the way, are really beautiful.

God bless!

Mark Daniels

reader_iam said...

Have you all read the following WashPo article on Miers which discusses her support for at least minority preferences, if not quotas or set-asides, during her tenure as head of the Texas bar? I'd be interested in your thoughts.


Finn Kristiansen said...

My three important open thread contributions:

Am I the only one who likes the Apprentice and Martha's Apprentice? It was nice seeing how well the men worked together on so many tasks during Trump's version of fake business reality. Also the NYC backdrop is always nice.

Does anyone watch Sabado Gigante on spanish television just to catch the occasional scantily clad woman? (or does my lack of cable give me away).

Isn't it odd that Ann has a retreat next week and will be "away", just at the time when the Miers nomination is in trouble. Coincidence, or something more?

(If her archives start to disappear, we know something is up and she is cleaning up her history. Though, come to think of it, I do believe the has car euthanasia in her background that would take the tobasco out of her nomination).

Brad V said...

Devil's Lake is great, especially standing rock overlooking the lake.j