October 22, 2005


So I walked from the law school down to my favorite café on State Street. I saw a few signs.

The camera loves a juxtaposition:


There are lots of fliers for this "underwear party":


The fine print reads: "Acceptable attire includes boxers, briefs, panties, lingerie, pajamas, or your most revealing Halloween costume."

The world can't wait to drive out the Bush regime, so by all means, slap your sticker on the city's orientation map:

Protest sticker

A rain-washed image cries out:


Another chalking:


When's the last time you thought about boko-maru?


Undecided said...

You have a terrific eye for the sublime. And a nice camera too!

reader_iam said...

Um, never?

Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh all the time actually. Karasses, false karasses and their wampeters are terrifically relevant to any competent analysis of the wingnuts.

Jonathan said...

It looks like the strategy of the anti-dating-violence lady is to discourage violence by discouraging dating.

XWL said...

Beware of guessing the remainder of a link from a partial photo of a flyer.

I was trying to figure out for certain if the be-thonged person was skinny male or far too skinny female (skinny male, based on research, seems to be a diversity/pride event, and Halloween is the gayest holiday of the year now).

My mistake was assuming that the link in the poster was underwearparty.com (that way lies gay porn, maybe I should read the age warnings before blindly clicking through), it's underwearparty05.com (that way lies event info, still clearly gay, but not pornographic)

The reason I wanted to confirm that this was a guy (boi?) was that I doubt you could post a flyer with an obviously female figure in the same pose at UW without some outcry.

(afterall that image would lead to thoughts of date rape, straight men, don't know how to keep it in their pants unless they are reminded constantly by how vicious their hegemony is, evidently)

amba said...

Interesting that "karass" and "ice-nine" stayed in my mind for over 40 years since reading CAT'S CRADLE, and "wampeter" came back with only a small nudge (being the antithesis of "karass"), but I have no memory of "boko-maru" at all. What makes a concept coinage sticky and unforgettable?