October 22, 2005


Yesterday, I said I'd been gearing up to be completely passive, and now the day has arrived. Today Next week is the law school retreat, part of our self-study, required by the ABA for reaccreditation. My role is secretarial: I'm taking notes in the room where the discussions about the curriculum will take place. There will be four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In other rooms, there will be discussions on other topics, and most of the faculty will move from room to room, taking part in each of the four discussions. I will hear the curriculum discussion four times. Two other faculty members will have to lead this discussion four times. I will simply be taking notes on the four discussions and then compressing the notes into a summary.

I'll bring my laptop. I'm thinking it will be a lot like simulblogging -- without the jokes, without the gotchas, without the glass of wine and the TiVo-pausing.

Well, frankly, it won't feel like simulblogging at all. I'll be off the grid most of the day. But there will be some breaks. I'll be checking in here periodically. And I'll be monitoring the news sites. Because you know something might happen today.

Harriet, I'm looking at you.

Must check for news before hitting "publish."

No, not yet....

UPDATE: Still no Miers withdrawal, but I realize I've still got another week two weeks to go before the retreat. I need to look at calendars more often. Now, my gearing up to be completely passive will be so attenuated!


Meade said...

How can you abandon us this way? Whatever will become of us? We could become downright... geared up anxious!

Too Many Jims said...

No wine? Oh that is right it Wisconsin, they probably serve beer at such functions.