April 24, 2005

"All nine actors put on the owlish glasses to play Lennon himself, including the four women and two black men."

It's that new "Lennon" musical, playing in San Francisco -- described by Newsweek. Sounds heavy on the Ono:
It was the Lennon-as-everyman conceit that won Ono over. "I was sort of hesitant to say yes to the usual proposal, but this one was very special," she says. "It's very significant that we are saying anyone can play John, not one race or one special kind of people."
Is that special? Or is that maudlin crapola?

So far, the reviews have been "weak." Consider that "Woman Is the N----- of the World" comes across as the best song in the show.


NotClauswitz said...

Lennon-as-Everyman is indeed a remarkable conceit, since from what I understand of the Dude he was fairly mindful of his Own Personal Genius. Can't say I'd bother to drive up the Peninsula to see a Lennon/Yoko musical trope.

Matt said...

These reviews do not fill me with hope for the already-scheduled and booked Broadway transfer. Maybe Billy Crystal will extend, since he's still selling out the theatre this apparent dreck is going into. Sadly, by sticking almost entirely to his solo writing, the conceit loses some of his best material.