March 5, 2005

Virtual high school.

Wisconsin has open enrollment in public schools, and lots of Wisconsin kids are opting for Waukesha's virtual high school (iQ). You can stay home and go to school, without having to be home schooled. That is, it's not a parent participation system. Here's the school's website.
What makes iQ Academies so different is that YOU are the main focus - you set your own schedule, study at your own pace, and work from wherever you want with your own laptop computer. Once enrolled, your tuition will be paid for; iQ Academies provides you with computer equipment and all the resources you need to begin your teacher-supported, virtual high school program.

Just the freedom over your own time is immensely attractive. How much time did you waste in high school in a holding pen like study hall or waiting through classes that took an hour to cover something you could get in five minutes? How much were you brain-impaired by having to try to deal with an extremely early starting time? And that free laptop is a Macintosh!

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As Blogger doesn't send or receive trackbacks, I have posted an entry entitled "Online Learning for Who?" at my own blog, Virtual High School Meanderings.