March 5, 2005

Check Your Blogroll Day.

Can we make today -- a day whose date speaks of order -- Official Check Your Blogroll Day? I'm not going to name any names, but a lot of bloggers have blogrolls studded with defunct links. Why not go through your links and make sure they all go somewhere and that where they go is a blog that is still kept current? Often, when I visit a blog, I casually click on a few links on the blogroll, just to see where it might take me. Half of the time, it seems, I end up at "Not Found" (even for blogs that actually do exist) or at a blog that ended many months ago (and perhaps left a forwarding address to a new blog). Presumably, everything on your blogroll is something you cared enough to recommend to your readers. Now, you're doing a disservice both to that blog and to the readers whose time you waste sending them nowhere.

UPDATE: Actually, yesterday was the day whose date speaks of order: 03-04-05. We're already back in the days of disorder. It's 03-05-05. And that's an unlucky 13, to boot. So in response this disturbing slide away from order, could you please just put one thing in order? Your blogroll.

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