March 5, 2005

"Ashcan chic ... a kind of homeless masquerade."

The Olsen twins have created a cool new style for young girls, which, with luck will drive out the too-tight, too-bare, too conspicuously expensive things girls have worn in recent years.
As fall turned to winter and edged toward spring, [Mary Kate] Olsen, 18, pushed her version of ashcan chic to emphatic extremes ... The look became dottier and dottier, until it morphed into a kind of homeless masquerade, one that was accented by subtle luxuries like a cashmere muffler, a Balenciaga lariat bag and of course her signature carryout latte from Starbucks.

I approve! They're adorable. And those other clothes were not good for young people. These things are infinitely more charming and fun.

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