March 19, 2005

Patronizing analogies.

I ran across the AARP ad in the NYT: "If you have a problem with the sink, you don't tear down the entire house." That explains why you should be opposed to the President's Social Security reform. Then there's the argument for the other side, that TV commercial where the Titanic is about to hit the iceberg: "Some people say Social Security is not in trouble. Just like some people thought the Titanic was unsinkable." That really explains why the President is right. Come on, you're just not trying hard enough with your patronizing, ridiculous analogies. Don't you know Social Security reform is boring us to tears? At least give us some animals! I'm getting nostalgic for the old "bear in the woods" absurdity. (Click on the bear thumbnail at the link. [ADDED: You might have to click through to the 1984 election page.])

Note: has analyzed both the sink ad and the Titanic ad.

UPDATE: A reader writes:
Well, what kind of animal metaphor would you come up with for Social Security? "The Future is like a Lion: It EATS the old, sick, weak members of the herd!" "Social Security is like having a snake in the toilet, it can really bite you if you aren't paying attention, but if you think about it the answer is quite simple (sound of toilet flushing)" "Social Security reform is like putting a weasel in your freezer: it just Doesn't Make Sense!" "Social Security is like a goldfish; it will grow to fill whatever tank you put it in."

I think I'll leave it to my readers to email me some Social Security animal analogies. Thanks for getting us started.

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