March 19, 2005

And Spring Break begins -- with the biggest snow of the year.

You saw yesterday's snow pictures. Today, I look out my upstairs window and see this.

Much more snow than yesterday.

Here's the downstairs deck, its furniture deeply upholstered.

Yesterday, I was able to see the blue-wrapped NYT on the front walk. Today, even though the snow from yesterday was shoveled, there was twice as much snow on the walk. I couldn't even see a shred of blue wrapper poking out anywhere. I had to take the snow shovel and start clearing the walk, in the hope of finding the Times. Ah! Found it! And I got far enough down the walk to see that there was not a single footprint in the deep snow on the sidewalk in front of the hedge. If you've done any snow shoveling, you know it's much easier to shovel before any feet have compressed the snow, so I took advantage of the opportunity and shoveled the whole sidewalk. That was all done without a coat or gloves, and really, it's not very cold. The snow is already melting. Clumps of wet snow keep dropping off the trees. But it's great packing snow, kids, so get out there and start building snowmen. I expect to see snowmen everywhere, all over town, by early afternoon.

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