March 19, 2005


The NYT reports:
Not even two months into her new job as secretary of state, she is routinely asked by interviewers around the world whether she wants to be president. Crowds gather to see her limousine. This week, a television reporter in India told her that she was "arguably the most powerful woman in the world." She laughed but did not exactly agree - or disagree.

But along with the new celebrity, Ms. Rice seems to have found her style - unremittingly positive and upbeat with allies and friends, but frank and even brutal with others.

Wherever she goes, she wears her close relationship with President Bush on her sleeve. It is the perception that she has the president's ear that gives her much of her power. Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell carried the opposite perception, which left him at times without the influence that Ms. Rice so obviously wields.

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