February 1, 2005

A February morning.

Welcome to February everyone. It's another gray day here in Madison. I'm trying to get around to reading the newspaper, but I'm also preparing for my 9:30 Fedjur class. The subject is the "independent and adequate state ground doctrine," and that means Bush v. Gore has come up again. Last time I taught it, I commented on the impossibility of teaching it properly, because it's so complicated, and everyone comes to it with deeply entrenched convictions. I feel a little mellower about it at the moment, perhaps because the subject is coming up in the upper level course and not the first year Conlaw course.

It may seem as if I haven't been posting this morning, but in fact, I've been hanging around in the update sections of recent posts. So if you are looking for some fresh new Althouse material, check the updates here, here, and here.

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