February 11, 2024

"73% of Democrats think Biden is too old to serve but only 35% of Republicans think Trump is too old to serve."

"Ninety-one percent of independents think Biden is too old to serve, and 71% say the same about Trump." 

According to the poll, conducted using Ipsos' Knowledge Panel, 86% of Americans think Biden, 81, is too old to serve another term as president. That figure includes 59% of Americans who think both he and former President Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, are too old and 27% who think only Biden is too old.


n.n said...

The proof is not in age but in performance. Democrats need to move past diversity (i.e. color judgment, class bigotry). #HateLovesAbortion

tim in vermont said...

I wish we had a better alternative, but we don't. DeSantis caved to his donors on Ukraine, Nikki Haley is a neocon, well, a neocon's useful bird brain.

Joe Biden right now is using the DoJ to try to remove RFKJr from the ballot.

rhhardin said...

The folly of youth actually extends into the 70s.

Wa St Blogger said...

It's not the years but how one carries those years. I'm much younger than trump and I think he has more stamina than I do. My 93 YO FIL has more stamina than Biden.

Kevin said...

How does Biden get legitimately reelected with those numbers?

On this issue, they’re only going to get worse.

mikee said...

Biden is too old to serve. So will Trump be too old to serve, should he win, which is so unlikely at this point as to cement Democrats in power for a generation or so. Unless Biden tries to serve after being re-elected, in which case we are all doomed anyway, so that's nice we have that going for us.

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

Because it is not really about age. "Age" is the question, but the answers are about mental acuity.

gilbar said...

Of course, it's NOT AS IF resident Biden actually serves as President.. he IS Just a place holder

tim in vermont said...


NBC News asked voters how the Biden and Trump administrations meshed with their expectations.

Better than expected: 14%
Worse than expected: 42%

Better than expected: 40%
Worse than expected: 29%

No wonder Joe Biden is angry at Garland for not having Trump in prison already, per Politico.

Joe Smith said...

People age in a vastly different manner.

In the immortal words of Indiana Jones, 'It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.'

John henry said...

Interesting that in that first para they show Brandon's age but not our president emeritus'.

I clicked the link and they do have his age, 77, a bit further down.

They also had a sidebar story headlined "Biden takes classified information, seriously."

(I corrected the obvious typo by adding the comma)

John Henry

R C Belaire said...

OK, fine. However, Biden shows and acts his age much more than Trump. Trump is sharp, funny, energetic, and able to interact in real time -- unlike Slow Joe. One may dislike Trump on many levels, but he is much more "with it" than that shell of a man.

Temujin said...

If Republicans were smarter, they'd enmasse tell the pollsters that they think Joe Biden is just fine. "Oh...he's fine. I think he's very statesmanlike."

Then the Dems would be stuck with him.

MountainMan said...

It's not about age. It's that Biden is mentally impaired and Trump isn't. There are plenty of well-known people much older than Biden who are mentally fit and still performing at a high-level, or they did right up until their death. Any of us could name a few I suspect. We had a well-know pediatrician here in Forsyth County, GA, Leila Denmark, who ran her one-woman practice until 103 and died at 112.The great French-America historian Jacque Barzun continue to write and publish until 104. Warren Buffet seems to still be fit and his sidekick Charlie Munger was still a lovable old curmudgeon until his recent death. I'm about to turn 73 and if my employer wanted me to come back and engage in the highly technical work I did before I retired I could pick back up and probably do just as well or better than the youngster who replaced me. I don't feel any different, mentally or physically, than I did 20 years ago. But compare Biden and Trump each to themselves 20 years ago.

lonejustice said...

Voters in North Dakota may soon be voting on age limits for candidates for the U.S. Senate and House.

I would be in favor of this. In my home state of Iowa we have mandatory age limits for all Judges, as well as age limits for law enforcement officers. Sure, some people can still be mentally and physically fit well into their seventies, but they are the exceptions. There are way too many old geezer politicians who simply refuse to give up the power trip they are on.


Tina Trent said...

Trump makes no more gaffes than the average person. There is no honest comparison between his mental acuity and Biden's obvious deterioration, and everyone knows it.

The comparison is just a lie posing as a talking point, which is not a long row to hoe.

Note the two main election articles in the NYT today. "Inside Biden's Protective White House" presents "protecting" Biden as a virtue. "Why the Age Issue is Hurting Biden More Than Trump" uses some unknown "leadership coach" called Carol to claim that both men have age-related disabilities, but Trump hides it better. Remember that hag psychoanalyst the Times paid to fake diagnose that Trump was a sociopath? Did she ever face professional discipline?

I guess it's hard to professionally discipline people with fake professions like "leadership coach." The business card is discipline enough.

Tina Trent said...
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Roger Sweeny said...

Are the knives out for Joe Biden? Will he go down without a fight? Dean Phillips has been running on the platform, "I agree with him about most everything but he's too old" and he's gone nowhere. Maryann Williamson recently just gave up. There certainly isn't much pressure coming from actual voters. At least that's what he can keep telling himself.

But what if it's April and the media is continually trashing him in their passive aggressive way? "Questions continue to be raised after President Biden ..." "Informed sources tell us that senior Democratic officials are concerned ..."

What will he do then?

Readering said...

I don't get to see much of Biden so i assume he does not have it. I get to see Trump on snippets of rallies and know he does not have it. Compare clips from past.

robother said...

As pollsters have been saying since 2016, Trump tends to consistently out-perform his polling numbers. Obviously, most people answering a poll are aware of the public contempt in which Trump voters are held, which explains the gap. I suspect the "both are too old" is a similar polling artifact: it is easy to cover your (actual) view that Biden is incompetent with the expressed view that both are "too old," especially for self-described independent voters. I have witnessed this myself, seeing a guy I know intends to vote for Trump say "they're both too old" as a way of keeping the conversation with liberal acquaintances civil.

Joe Smith said...

'My 93 YO FIL has more stamina than Biden.'

My 95yo father is at about the same physical level as Joe.

But he still does the NYT and WSJ crossword puzzles (correctly) in ink every day and can discuss world events and news for hours.

Even so, for the stamina part of the job alone, I wouldn't want even a sharp 95yo to be president.

Trump proves at every rally that stamina is not an issue...

tim maguire said...

Biden is too aged to serve. Trump is not, but at his age, decline can come fast, so it’s still a consideration. But if those are our choices, Trump is a much safer bet than Biden. That’s objective fact. Anyone voting for Biden who wants to pretend they made a rational choice needs to be able to explain why they ignore the reality of their relative competence.

Iman said...

“Then the Dems would be stuck with him.”

In a backfire scenario, so would we, along with the rest of America.

Robert Cook said...

That the Dems have not demanded Biden withdraw from the race--or that they didn't early on get together to support an alternate candidate--simply reveals they are utterly ineffectual and lacking in any idea how to proceed or what to offer to the American people. They want to posture as the party of the people, but they have no strong, clear philosophy of governance or of a commitment to serving the needs of the people.

The Republicans likewise have no interest in or commitment to serving the needs of the people. Both parties are useless to us. But, as the Republicans not only are willing, but greatly relish campaigning on nothing but insulting the Dems and propagating exaggerated scare stories, they exude a deceptive aura of having a coherent platform. They are able to attract voters through the sheer appeal of resentment and scapegoating.

It may be that our republic has reached terminal senescence, and that we are systemically exhausted, incoherent, and nearing collapse.

mccullough said...

When Biden & Trump were in diapers, 80 year old Connie Mack managed the Philadelphia Athletics.

The Athletics eventually moved to Kansas City, then Oakland, and soon alas Vegas.

That’s how fucking old Biden & Trump are.

etbass said...

Trump is too old. He might do fine right now. But the mental issues can come on fast enough that there is a real risk of his diminished performance by the end of his term and the consequences are too great.

The problem is that no good alternatives have surfaced and survived for either party.

Rabel said...

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

"Because it is not really about age."

Correct. The focus on age allows them to push Biden's problems towards Trump.

If you watched Trump at a rally, and didn't know his age, what would be your guess? Would you say he was too old?


Dogma and Pony Show said...

It's not enough to get rid of Biden, you also need to replace him. If the dems had an obviously stronger candidate available to them who was acceptable to all of their various factions, Biden would already be out the door.

The best overall solution would be if Biden agreed to step aside now. Then the dems could openly try to work out who the successor should be based on any remaining primaries on the calendar that new candidates could still get into, through ad hoc state conventions in states where it's too late to get on a primary ballot, or just through private politicking and horse-trading. The dems can't really do anything of that sort now because Biden is still in the race and it would look disloyal, desperate, and openly disrespectful to Kamala for party leaders to try to line up a successor before he actually bows out. Really, they need both Biden and Kamala to cooperate, and then they still need to agree on a replacement candidate.

JAORE said...

Trump says more in a single rally that Biden has his entire term as POTUS. So, yeah, Trump has a lot of gaffs too.

I've caught a few footballs in my youth. Doesn't make me Travis Kelsey.

Trump could offer to take a cognitive test and have the results posted on (say) the NYT website if "Uncle" Joe (Thanks MoDo) would do the same.

Or the "most transparent administration in history" could DEMAND the video or recordings of the interview be released to the public.

I'd be happy either way.

Dogma and Pony Show said...

Here's another scenario that could work: Biden resigns the presidency with Kamala's agreement NOT to run in 2024. She becomes the 47th president holds the office for the better part of a year. She gets the lifetime pension, etc. By claiming that she's not running so that she can focus all of her energies on her responsibilities as POTUS, she gets to act like a statesman while generally avoiding the attacks and scrutiny she would have received in the 2024 campaign. She gets in the history books. She's not foreclosed from running in 2028 and beyond. Wouldn't she take that deal, if offered?

hombre said...

They are both too old, but Trump is clearly less impaired.

donald said...

As of today, my dad is 86. He runs multiple computer networks for various genealogical societies, SAR’s, DAR’a and Sons of the Conderacy organizations. He also regularly cleans veterans cemeteries and last, goes to high schools and awards medals etc…to ROTC’s throughout the south side to f Atlanta. 6 years ago, he officiated in a Georgia high school baseball semi final and did the rubber game from the plate (The single most bad ass thing I ever saw). He KILLED it.

Some guys got it and some don’t. Biden ain’t got it.

Mason G said...

"The focus on age allows them to push Biden's problems towards Trump."

You can see that right here in the comments: "Biden is clearly mentally compromised and Trump is almost as old as he is. It could happen to him too, so we should proceed as though it will."

Tina Trent said...

Robert Cook: we have faced this situation many times before. The internet just makes it more transparent this time.

The DNC rules are radically undemocratic in selecting candidates. The GOP rules are not. But there are power players on both sides, and the rest of us are sidelined (sorry, I watched the Puppy Superbowl yesterday and lost many metaphorical brain cells. Also, it was creepy)

But we're all just bystanders at this point. And I have no idea what it would take to change that.

It ain't democracy.