June 8, 2023

"In the past several years, views have shifted on gender identities. In 2021, nearly six in ten Americans (59%) said ..."

"... there are only two gender identities, man and woman, and 40% of Americans believed there are many gender identities. The following year, in 2022, 62% of Americans believed that there are only two gender identities, and more than one-third (35%) said there are many gender identities. This divide slightly increased again in 2023, with 65% saying there are two gender identities and 34% saying there are many." 

From a PRRI study of more than 5,000 Americans.

Much more at the link.

More than four in ten Americans (43%) agree with the idea that “young people are being peer pressured into being transgender,” while 55% disagree. A majority of Republicans (74%) agree, compared with 41% of independents, and 21% of Democrats.

White evangelicals (75%), Latter-day Saints (70%), and Hispanic Protestants (60%) are the only religious groups in which majorities of adherents say that young people are being peer pressured into being transgender. By contrast, just under half of white mainline/non-evangelical Protestants (48%) and white Catholics (47%) believe this to be true, along with 42% of Black Protestants, 41% of other Protestants of color, 35% of Hispanic Catholics, and 32% of members of other non-Christian religious. Religiously unaffiliated Americans (27%) and Jewish Americans (25%) are the least likely to agree that young people are being peer pressured into being transgender.

Fewer than four in ten Generation Z Americans (36%) and millennials (38%) agree that young people are being peer pressured into becoming transgender, compared with about half of both Generation Xers (47%), boomers (48%), and members of the Silent Generation (47%).


Dave Begley said...

34% of Americans are insane. At least we know the number now.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

Someone better tell the emperor to dress. Undies, at least.

wendybar said...

Science deniers believe there are more than 2 genders, and they also believe a man can be a woman. DNA says otherwise, so the same people calling US science deniers need to look in the mirror.

RideSpaceMountain said...

They're calling it "transing the gay away". Trans is basically the non-religious version of the christian gay conversion therapy queers used to hate and still do.

This version is OK though because it involves hormones and doctors and social workers and 22 minute phone calls. Very modern minus icky jeebus. See?

Mark said...

Public Religion Research Institute? Yeah, I bet they have no unstated bias on the subject that is coloring this 'research'.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Yancey Ward said...

All three polls are statistically identical.

n.n said...

Sex: male and female.

Gender is sex-correlated attributes (e.g. sexual orientation): masculine and feminine, respectively.

Trans- refers to a state or process of divergence from normal (e.g. distribution).

Intersex refers to the few and far between conditions of genetic ambiguity.

Transvestites may be transgender, or are trans/social, where social standards are commonly established to normalize a favorable juxtaposition of the sexes, of age-dependent development, etc.

Ampersand said...

Propaganda works!

Ahouse Comments said...

I wonder how many people have been beaten into lying about how many genders there are? I wonder how many more will be in the coming years?

It is not enough to just say there are more than 2 genders, we must be forced to believe it.

O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended.

’How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?


’And if the party says that it is not four but five — then how many?’


The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out all over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O’Brien watched him, the four fingers still extended. He drew back the lever. This time the pain was only slightly eased. ’How many fingers, Winston?’

The needle went up to sixty.

’How many fingers, Winston?’

’Four! Four! What else can I say? Four!’

The needle must have risen again, but he did not look at it. The heavy, stern face and the four fingers filled his vision. The fingers stood up before his eyes like pillars, enormous, blurry, and seeming to vibrate, but unmistakably four.

’How many fingers, Winston?’

’Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!’

’How many fingers, Winston?’

’Five! Five! Five!’

’No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?’

’Four! five! Four! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain!

John LGBTQ Henry

typingtalker said...

I asked Bing, "What is a gender identity?"

According to the Oxford Dictionary, gender identity is “a person’s innate sense of their gender”. 1. It is a personal sense of one’s own gender that can correlate with a person’s assigned sex or can differ from it. 2. Gender identity is different from actual biological sex. 3. Gender identity is a complex and multifaceted concept that can be difficult to understand. It is important to respect people’s gender identities and use their preferred pronouns.

So ... I guess that there could be as many gender identies as there are people on earth. Maybe more.

Larry J said...

If a million (or a hundred million) people say a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing.

Ahouse Comments said...

BTW: Whatever happened to "Gay pride month" didn't that used to be June?

Now it is just "Pride" month and the gays and lesbians seem to have been pushed out of it. Especially lesbians.

Maybe they need to go to LGBnoT

John LGBTQ Henry

Ahouse Comments said...

Is it all about the money?

I've read that a fully reconfigured, mutilated and sterilized tranny (is that still an OK word?) is worth over $7mm to the medical/pharma industry over their lifespan. In addition to any other unrelated medical issues.

That seems awfully high and I wonder whether it can be right. Whether it is $7mm or some lesser number it is still a lot of money.

It is all about the Benjamins.

John LGBTQ Henry

dgstock said...

The tactic is working. Through deconstruction there are no absolutes (like biologic sex), only a series of "discourses", among which are the identities pansexual, polyamorous, nonbinary, demigirl/demiboy, genderqueer and maybe thirty more, all clamoring for recognition as independent objective entities (I think CRT people call this reification). That's why my genderqueer identity is equally proven and valid as your freaking XY genotype and male physiognomy so just STFU.

Drago said...

Dumb Lefty Mark: "Public Religion Research Institute? Yeah, I bet they have no unstated bias on the subject that is coloring this 'research'."

How many genders are there Dumb Lefty Mark?

RNB said...

You can call a tail a leg but a dog still has a maximum of four legs.

Goldenpause said...

Were those participating in the poll biologists? Asking for a Supreme Court Justice

Enigma said...

Until the 1980s the left aggressively fought Wall St. and corporations. Then, pensions moved to stock-heavy 401Ks and defined benefit plans faded away. The 1990s the Clinton-era Democrats had to support Wall St. to keep their personal net worth high...and 2011's "Occupy Wall St." forced the left to choose between principles and personal wealth. Then Gates and Bloomberg and other billionaires co-opted the Democratic Party for oligarchic goals, and class warfare morphed into cynical race and identity politics manipulation.

Also in 2011, Obamacare started to cover "gender affirming care," and the profit-hungry predators in the medical industry suddenly had a new way for performing more gender transitions.

Right wing source: https://dailycaller.com/2022/09/22/barack-obama-sex-changes-gender-transition-obamacare-hhs/

So, today's left/Democratic Party is trying to serve two masters and cannot address its internal conflicts of interest. Kindness and compassion does not mean giving troubled/mentally-ill people what they say they want. Tough love is a serious net positive (see LEFT-of-center Jordan Peterson). Today's Democratic Party dresses up greed, vote pandering, activist pacification, and exploitation of illness as compassion. And, it directly violates all core left-wing values of one generation prior.

The (mostly dead) post-WWII left would be horrified by this Orwellian mix of Nazi and USSR practices...but they started the problem. They instituted broad censorship of "uncomfortable" science that did not support the left-wing agenda following Hitler (e.g., eugenics; intelligence testing; the sustainability of merit vs. quotas, etc.), and over time censorship led to lefty confusion between superstition vs. ideological propaganda vs. actual science. The left thereby regressed to the mean and are now just as rigidly right wing as the old-school religious right.

"Progressive" sometimes actually means "wandering blind and going backward."

AlbertAnonymous said...

There are limitless gender identities by definition. But also by definition, there are 2 genders.

Call yourself whatever you want, present however you want, identify however makes you comfortable, but don’t expect others to play along or indulge you in your delusions.

Tina Trent said...

A lot of people misunderstand the study.

In nearly every group, more people now believe there are only two genders than did a few years ago.

What the study shows is that the more the gender activists shove this stuff down our throats, the less we believe it.

Similar research done on DEI programs indicate that the more activists force DEI on people, the less people believe that trust and equality can exist between different races, ethnicities, and the sexes.

Look at the stats to see which groups start out with (possibly polite) agreement about "multiple genders" but then move right on the issue. The groups with the biggest swing to believing in only two genders are ethnic minority Protestants who aren't black or Hispanic, Hispanic Catholics, and Gen Zers.

The latter is fascinating: this group is the one most exposed (forced) to participate in the multi-gender myth, the one most threatened with future consequences for not doing so, the ones most showered with relentless gender propaganda, the ones most likely to have peers claiming multiple identities -- and they're increasingly not buying it.

Only 1% of all.Americans believe young children should have "sex/gender education," and even only 2% of Democrats think they should. So the schools are defying almost unanimous opposition to their practices.

There may be hope for America....

MadisonMan said...

40% of Americans believed
Key word: believed.
Question not asked: What does the science say about gender?
I'm frequently asked if I "believe" in Global Warming. My usual thought is "What does my belief have to do with anything? You should be asking What does the science say?.

PM said...

Facebook recognizes 58 gender identities. The 59th is 'Fill in the blank'.

Free Manure While You Wait! said...

"White evangelicals (75%), Latter-day Saints (70%), and Hispanic Protestants (60%) are the only religious groups in which majorities of adherents say that young people are being peer pressured into being transgender."

Now tell us what the Muslims, Hindis, Buddhists and Zoroastrians say.

We'll wait.

Free Manure While You Wait! said...

"How many genders are there Dumb Lefty Mark?"

How many assholes are there Personal Attacker Drago?

"When I was a child, I thought as a child."

- Some Jewish Guy