May 30, 2023

Golden Alexander.


Open thread in the comments.

For a longer view of the swath of Golden Alexander at my sunrise vantage point, see the 4th photo in the set posted last night.

And I like the way I think I'm just photographing a flower and then — looking at what I've got on the computer screen — I find so many insects hidden — woven! — about. Here, in this tiny segment, I find 4 insects:



madAsHell said...

So, I'm not supposed to pulll those things as weeds??

Rusty said...

I was gonna ask you what that was in the other picture.

Gospace said...

I saw an article on how higher temps in the oceans were a real sign of global warming, and all the terrible things that could happen. Can't find that particular glom and doom article, but here's an article on the never before seen high temps we should worry about:

Meanwhile, with all that warm ocean water, Alaska is suffering record cold, as is Australia, and Europe has seen record late season snowfalls.

Almost as if all the very important smart people with all their computer models are unable to figure out what's actually happening.

Could be warm water leads to more water in the atmosphere which falls as precipitation- and it doesn't really care if it comes down frozen or liquid... or where it falls. Chaotic systems, which is what the atmosphere is, are chaotic. And unpredictable regardless of the computer models you cobble together with incomplete information to begin with.

Scott Patton said...

Insects from the plant Zorb

Tank said...

Now everyone has a reason not to eat at Chik Fil A.


wendybar said...

James Comey: “I think he poses a near existential threat to the rule of law. He will do everything he can in a new term to try to tear down the institutions that he sees as threats and dismantle them and the people who occupy them.”

Says the corrupt lying FBI head that spied on, and ran with a hoax to take down a man who his side didn't approve of. He should have been hung.

mikee said...

Finding insects in flower pictures is one thing. Finding them in the breakfast oatmeal is another thing entirely.

Inga said...

SURPRISE! Tara Reade is being helped by famous Russian spy Maria Buttina, what a coincidence. I wish for Tara Reade much happiness in her life in Russia.

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“Russian state media announces that convicted Russian spy Maria Butina, now member of the Duma, is asking Putin to fast track Russian citizenship for Tara Reade, the woman whose accusation of sexual assault rocked the Biden campaign in 2020 - and who's now already in Russia,” Dover tweeted.“