February 4, 2023

"Well, Ann, I did in fact read the whole thing, and a more pustulent agglomeration of rubbish I've never seen. That glossary alone — about half the length — is pure screwballery."

Said Michelle Dulak Thomson in the comments to my post where I'd written: "Here's the [54-page] AMA document. It is fascinating. I read a lot of it, and I suspect that absolutely no one will read the whole thing."


Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

I started to read it. Leftist speech oppression gives good headache.

PB said...

I ignore anyone who uses an adjective before "justice". It's the mark of the grifter.

Dave Begley said...

At the beginning, the AMA “acknowledges” the “ownership” of its Chicago and DC real estate by a whole bunch of tribes.

I say give it back. Be an Indian-giver.

Big Mike said...

“Pustulant agglomeration of rubbish.” @Michelle Dulak Thomson, no one has been as eloquent since General McAuliffe said “Nuts” at Bastogne.

Joe Smith said...


My new go-to word : )

narciso said...

It doesnt belong in a medical document

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Thanks, Ann, for the shout-out! I really can't describe what a mess this is. On any page you pick, there's a host of absurdities. P. 8, for example, suggests avoiding words like "war," "tackle," and other violent metaphors, and then suggests "eliminate" (!) as an alternative. (That's only one of multiple absurdities on that page, and I chose it at random.)

And that glossary . . . I don't know where to start. Just read it yourself!

Michael K said...

I quit the AMA years ago when, as a delegate to the annual convention, I learned what Trustee's salaries were. That explained why the vigorous and expensive campaigns for election to the Board.

takirks said...

The thing on display here is the same syndrome that turns one generations polite euphemism into the next generation's pejorative insult. Note how the words "cretin", "imbecile", "moron", and the like were once clinical terms, unfreighted with any negative connotations, other than that which they described. People started using them, outside the clinical context, and they were magically transformed into insult.

The cycle repeats with every effort to come up with new terms to describe the same things.

The reason for that isn't due to any inherent evil in the terms, but the sheer distaste that the left has for accuracy in verbiage. If they told the truth, about anything, their programs and policies would never get through. It's only through obfuscation that they manage to get things enacted.

The 13th Analect of Confucius is enlightening in this context: Entitled "The rectification of names", it runs as follows below.

"3. Adept Lu said: “If the Lord of Wei wanted you to govern his country, what would you put first in importance?”
“The rectification of names,” replied the Master. “Without a doubt.”
“That’s crazy!” countered Lu.” “What does rectification have to do with anything?”
“You’re such an uncivil slob,” said the Master. “When the noble-minded can’t understand something, they remain silent.
“Listen. If names aren’t rectified, speech doesn’t follow from reality. If speech doesn’t follow from reality, endeavours never come to fruition. If endeavours never come to fruition, the Ritual and music cannot flourish. If Ritual and music cannot flourish, punishments don’t fit the crime. If punishments don’t fit the crime, people can’t put their hands and feet anywhere without fear of losing them.
“Naming enables the noble-minded to speak, and speech enables the noble-minded to act. Therefore, the noble-minded are anything but careless in speech.” "

AlbertAnonymous said...

I barely got through the preamble. WTF ?

The very first sentence is Orwellian Doublespeak

“The field of equity, like all other scholarly domains, has developed specific norms that convey authenticity, precision and meaning.”

I suppose you can say there’s a vague “field” of equity.

It is not a “scholarly domain” and certainly nothing like them.

Authentic? OMFG!

Precision and meaning? Paging George Orwell….

Men who menstruate? Parent 1 and Parent 2? BIPOC? Latinx? Chestfeeding?

I’m done…

Humperdink said...

A few years ago, my son moved back home with his family. During his first visit to the pediatrician, the kind doctor asked him if there were any guns in the house. They walked out.

ccscientist said...

The left are clever. They have gotten every institution to institute speech codes, loyalty oaths, rituals. If you are a hockey player, you have to celebrate pride with your stick. If a football player you must take the knee on the field in front of your fans and TV. To apply for a grant to NSF or USGS you must declare that you are a DIE activist--not merely that you don't discriminate, but that you engage in leftist activism. If you disagree with the climate orthodoxy and are a state meteorologist you get fired (I have spoken to 3 of them). If you disagree with covid doctrine and are a doc in CA you can lose your lic (except a court just put that on hold). The assault comes from every direction. All the time. Like a cult.

Steven Wilson said...

How about liquidate as a substitute for all those icky violent words, and it’s a perfect representation of what they would like to do those of us who are unwoke.

Nancy Reyes said...

This nonsense started when a podcast for doctors started with the phrase we know doctors are not racist. The podcast was about pointing out racism, but never mind. The podcaster and the one who was in charge of the podcast were fired, and the AMA promised to bow to the activists and agreed to include this propaganda.
You might want to note that although in the past the AMA represented most doctors (Who paid a fee to belong to it) that now they represent less than half of physicians, and many members are residents, medical student, or those of us who have retired, meaning not the average doctor who is working.
To make things worse, the racism ignores the foreign medical graduates like my husband, who are not classified as "White": 25 percent of physicians but 40 percent of those in primary care.

Narr said...

Maybe the AMA document was written by AI programmed by Ed-School profs. In fact, I would bet on it.

I read a SF short story long ago that involved negotiations with an advanced species whose language evolved almost from sentence to sentence. Lefty cult jargon reminds me of that.

gpm said...

"Well, then, Mister [sic}, you're a better [person] than I . . . "

traditionalguy said...

Now, now. That was a work of Bureaucratic Art. To write that many pages on a field of knowledge and say nothing at all is a masterpiece of shell game obfuscation flavor with a subtle finish of one having all known authority. A perfect 10.

Moondawggie said...

My response to the AMA's corporate embrace of Woke is simple: I won't renew my membership this year.

Vote with you feet, my fellow MDs, by not sending them a check.

Cut off their funding, and maybe, just maybe, they will correct their course.

Bunkypotatohead said...

"... pustulent agglomeration of rubbish...pure screwballery."

It's good to know there are still some straight talkers out there.

Sprezzatura said...

Why won’t folks call her “Althouse” in comments? What’s w/ this “Ann” stuff?

Even if you don’t know that she prefers “Althouse” because yur not old school around here such that you may not have read that she asks to be referenced as “Althouse”……look at the F-ing name of the blog. Hint: it’s “Althouse”. Not “Ann”.

But even w/o that, how is it not weird to first-name reference re an internet blogger person that you don’t personally know?

Not to mention that I think even Meade has used “Althouse” to refer to Althouse in comments here, and he’s married to the gal! IIRC her offspring has also used “Althouse” in comments re Althouse.


Tina Trent said...

Sprezzatura: is there any way you could have told us this without so much emotion? It's good to know, but do you need to shout it?

Tina Trent said...

All institutions have gone mad. My nephew's middle-school has begun starting assemblies with the cringy solemn incantation forcing children to apologize for stealing the Indian land on which the school is built.

I say then lower their parents' insane property taxes and find the descendants of the dispossessed to build a casino off the cafeteria to subsidize the school, if that's to be the new status quo imposed on children in the name of education.

It would also provide a fine object lesson in realpolitik.

Narr said...

I call our incomparable hostess the Prof, out of respect.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Bunkypotatohead, when I see a ripe target, I do have the instinct to throw rotten tomatoes at it. If there are no rotten tomatoes to hand, I grow them myself :-)

Sprezzatura, I am sorry that I called Ann "Ann." But you must understand that I meant no offense. As to bloggers whom I've never met -- well, I haven't met Ms. Althouse, La Profesora, and I have met Mark Steyn, but I was calling him "Mark" in email correspondence before I met him in the flesh. He apparently does not mind this.

ALP said...

"pustulent agglomeration of rubbish"

Poetry! I can't wait to use this term.

Jon Burack said...

Maybe the Church of Woke could be induced to adopt Latin as its official language. Its priests (like those who wrote this document) could then spew out this drek all day long and at least no one would have to do more than endure their sonorous lamentations as anything more than the dreary but dreamy liturgical music it is.

Greg the Class Traitor said...

In health care, this narrative appears as an over-emphasis on changing individuals and individual behavior instead of the institutional and structural causes of disease.

So, according to the psychotic morons at the AMA, germs dont' cause disease, "institutions" and "structures" cause disease.

So I guess in their world view, the CDC caused Covid

Greg the Class Traitor said...

"This focus ignores the role of political struggle in the advances that have been made over time"

So what the AMA is saying is that they're a political organization, not a Medical or charitable one, and Should immediately lose their charitable status.

Seems like a good thing for DeSantis to do when he becomes president, immediately force the IRS to terminate the "charitable" status of every single organization that states they're working for "political struggle".