November 26, 2022

Sunrise — 7:11.



Dave Begley said...

Badgers lost to the Gophers.

Will the sun rise in Madison tomorrow?

Beasts of England said...

Several meaningful upsets today in real football, with a few important contests yet decided.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

US now has more covid vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths.

link to dr John Campbell video

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

China’s back on lockdown. 100 million.

link to short

wildswan said...

Bon Appétit from Bakhmut

Welcome to Twitter

Lurker21 said...

Sometimes, late on a Saturday night, I wonder what stupid thing SNL did this evening. Maybe we'll have a report tomorrow.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

“Italy’s Meloni to Revoke Welfare Payments From Those Who Refuse to Work”

UK’s Telegraph: “Italians who refuse job offers will lose their social benefits.”

Via Legal Insurrection blog

Kai Akker said...

The Eagles are 9-1. They have seven more games still to play!

Exclamation point because we are about to hit December and they are just barely beyond the mid-point of their schedule.

Too many games. Boredom is creeping in, since no one game matters much any more.

Humperdink said...

So our forward thinking administration would prefer to enrich the oil workers Venezuela than US oil workers. And all the US Commie-Pinkos are apparently on board.

Humperdink said...

Headline: Massive Protests in China over Covid Policies.

Sub-headline: Xi Jinpingpong reaches out to Fauci with job offer.

wendybar said...

"During his presidency, Donald Trump endured extraordinary abuse and treachery, driven by the media and the Democrat party. (Not to mention...the GOPe!!) The irony of the media’s hatred for Trump was that channels like CNN and MSNBC virtually owed their rescue from irrelevance to the Trump presidency, while newspapers slowed their decades-long declines with pages of anti-Trump rhetoric."

wendybar said...

"The Washington Post's reports about President Trump simply cannot be trusted. While Americans are all understandably interested in more background on what the DOJ is up to with its raid on the home of a former president, we are not likely to get the real story from The Washington Post, about this or anything else pertaining to former president Trump."

wendybar said...

"It remains an observable fact that the average American voter—the MAGA voter—is not going to abandon Trump, not even for another attractive candidate."

wendybar said...

"Donald Trump is the only prominent Republican who has acknowledged the extraordinary level of corruption in the United States, and it is the beneficiaries of that corruption who may fear him the most."

tim maguire said...

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...US now has more covid vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths.

Because almost all vulnerable people have been vaccinated. Adjust for population size and you’ll see a very different relationship.

tim in vermont said...

Bakhmut looks like Verdun in WWI. It didn't have to be, a low cost deal was on the table. The Soviets pasted Czechoslovakia together into a fake country too, and they voted to separate into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and are now fast friends and their young men lived to raise families.

wendybar said...

"Barr was a good boy. He protected Hunter from prosecution for bribery, tax evasion and possession of cocaine -- all documented on Hunter's laptop that a good citizen turned in to the FBI.Also, Barr ignored Obama using the FBI to spy on President Trump.

And Barr kept that Mueller witch hunt going."

tim in vermont said...

Susan Sarandon is stealing Althouse's schtick:

Humperdink said...

"A senior European official speaking to Politico additionally blasted the White House policy of in effect using the Ukraine war to line the pockets of American defense contractors while at the same turning a deaf ear on European pleas for some relief to the no-win situation." (Via Zero Hedge)

The Euroweenies are finally waking up. Enjoy your winter!!

Saint Croix said...

The idea of Reactionaries is interesting.

It's always had a negative connotation in my mind. That was instilled in me by authorities when I was young.

But it's really weird to say that Reactionaries are always bad.

Like the new shit that causes reactions in people is always wonderful.

"I have used my government funding to sink a crucifix into a jar of urine and I label my art Piss Christ and look at all the Reactionaries!"

Shameful, shameful reactionaries!

Actions, good.

Reactions, horrific!

Imagine me saying some shit in the workplace -- I work at home now so this is a repression-free zone, although I am wearing pants -- anyway, I say some shit in the workplace, and what do people do?


Then I stand up and point at them and denounce them. Reactionary! Reactionary!

You want the status quo of five minutes ago, but we can't go back. We can never go back. Progress! Forward! No reacting, no back-tracking, and no admitting that we need a fucking map because we are lost. Castrate your six-your-old, stat!

Saint Croix said...

Also I realize that I have been very gender-specific about my criticism's of the left's newest insanity ("castrate a six-year-old, stat!")

Why am I not horrified about putting a penis on a six-year-old girl?

Well, I am horrified about putting a penis on a six-year-old girl. That is equally fucked up. But we have this nice one word to sum up bad shit that men don't like ("Castration!"). That's probably because castration is an ancient practice and so we men have had thousands of years to come up with one fucking word to describe the practice.

Putting a penis on a 6-year-old girl is a relatively new atrocity. How would cavemen do that shit? So we don't have that snappy, one word summary of the atrocity that makes my stuff zippy and fun to read.

So it could be sexism, I'm not saying it's not sexism, I am a big fan of my cock and balls, and I have sympathy for those men who have had their cock and balls removed by mean ass people, and/or well-meaning liberals.

Also I castrated my dog one time because he tried to hump a 6-year-old and the guilt, oh the guilt, he was not happy when I picked him up from the vet.

Anyway, you feminists need to come up with some snappy one word scare word for doctors removing the vagina and the clitoris and the vulva and probably some other shit too in order to add some big fake penis to a 6-year-old girl who hasn't even been through puberty yet. Holy fuck I can't believe that's a thing.

Gospace said...

tim maguire said...
Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...US now has more covid vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths.

Because almost all vulnerable people have been vaccinated. Adjust for population size and you’ll see a very different relationship.

Kind of immaterial since all the right people told us in advance if you got the vaccinations you wouldn't die. And before that, if you got the vaccination, you wouldn't get covid. Seems both were lies. As the meme goes- they weren't mistken- they were lying.

The numbers from Karl Denninger in this post- - show the vaccination has been just about completely useless as far as stopping or even slowing the spread of covid. Not to mention locakdowns and masks have proved futile.

I'm one of that 6% who hasn't yet contracted the dreaded covid. And among my age group of 65+ one of the <5% completely covid vax free. Since the Diamond Princess and USS Theodore Roosevelt debacle showed that in an ideal enviornment for spreading viruses 20% or more ver got the dreaded covid, I strongly suspect the reason only 6% haven't been infectde is because the "vaccination" made the people who weren't otehrwise going to succumb to infection more vulnerable to getting it. In my small workroup of 10, everyone but me has had it, and they all got it after their first shot. And the one who has swalloed the propagand whole just had it a second time after his initial two plus bosster.

Saint Croix said...

Althouse had a nice thread on the movie Tor and the artist as abuser.

That discussion caused me to google Tor, and I found this really annoying youtube clip. I really wanted the guy to shut up and play the damn clip of the movie. Eventually he does but you have to sit and suffer from his monolog first. Ugh.

The scene he's trying to highlight is a discussion about identity politics that is so common in universities now, apparently. "He's a white cis male," etc.

Given that Blanchett is an anti-hero, I wouldn't necessarily conclude that she (or Todd Field) intends to destroy Woke narratives. The purpose of the scene might be that she's an asshole!

The Woke mentality is so insane, though, that it is begging to be ripped apart by artists.

Among other rants that sprung to my mind after watching the clip...

"It's fucking music! You don't need to know the pigment or the genitalia of the person creating the music. Enjoy the art, in and of itself. How repressed do you have to be to hold in your laughter until you google the artist to know his full biography so you can determine whether the laugh is appropriate or not? Holy fuck!"

(this is why I do not teach)

"And why pick on the artists? If you're going to avoid hypocrisy, you should boycott anything created by a white man. The car was invented by white men. You can't like that, either. Why are you driving a car? Henry Ford, white guy. I don't give a shit if he invented the car or didn't invent the car. I don't care if he's a white male or a brown handicapped gender-fluid Eskimo. The car is the car is the car. You've heard of the concept of too much information? Who gives a shit about the politics of the guy who invented the car? It doesn't fucking matter."

Art has, arguably, been the most abused by the Woke monsters, and it's artists who should be leading the charge against it. But they are too fucking scared, or too fucking nice, or sensitive, or whatever. So most of them say nothing as good art is destroyed by politics, and real shit art is put forth as politically pure and useful.

And hooray for the stand-up comics who are way, way braver than the fucking dramatists, who are pussies, and not in the good way, either.

Saint Croix said...

When I was a kid I would read books in one sitting. Now it's pretty much impossible. I'm simultaneously too busy and too sleepy. Even a good book is liable to put me to sleep.

Since my reading is now interrupted all the time anyway, I am more open to idea of putting an audiobook in my car, and experience the art that way.

Now I run into the opposite problem. I'm wide awake, 1984 is really good, I feel like an inciting incident is right around the corner...

...and I've returned from the grocery store and I don't need to drive anymore.

Last time I sat in my frickin' parked car and listened for an extra ten minutes. That was embarrassing. Do I want to sit in my car for an hour in the parking lot?

I could drive aimlessly and listen to my audiobook. The joy ride used to be a thing. Maybe I could joy ride for a while. If you adjust-for-inflation the joy ride is kind of fucking expensive. "The library rental was free but I spent $50 on gas."

I could dig out my CD player and hook it up and bring the CD into the apartment and sit in my sweet leather chair and listen to the damn thing. And fall asleep. Not doing that shit.

I guess I'm stuck with my 2-minutes loves.

Dr Weevil said...

'tim in vermont' writes more provable falsehoods in his 6:05am comment. The Soviets never "pasted Czechoslovakia together into a fake country". It was self-created in 1918 when the Czechs (Bohemians and Moravians), Slovaks, and Ruthenians declared independence from the collapsing Austro-Hungarian Empire, calling their new state Czechoslovakia. It was recognized by the victorious allies and defeated Austria (not Austria-Hungary, since Hungary had already seceded) in the treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, by Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, both 1919. Russia - Soviet or otherwise - had absolutely nothing to do with its creation, only its destruction. They were too busy fighting their brutal civil war - and conquering briefly-independent Ukraine - to even attend the Versailles Conference.

Czechoslovakia was (like Yugoslavia) an independent non-Communist nation from 1918 until it was gobbled up first by Hitler and then by Stalin, who created a slave pseudo-state with the same name, while stealing Ruthenia for the USSR. It is astonishing that any American high-school graduate would not know that Czechoslovakia (like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and more) existed for ~20 years as an independent nation before Stalin crushed it.

There is one small bit of truth in TIV's statement: Ukraine is just as much a "fake country" as Czechoslovakia was, which is to say, not at all. He really needs to go away and not come back until he's learned some basic history and common decency, and stopped telling his Putin-supporting genocide-approving lies.

tim in vermont said...

"20 years as an independent nation before Stalin crushed it."

You know what else was an independent nation for five years after the fall of the Soviet Union? Crimea, then in 1995, it was forcibly annexed by the Ukraine. For 19 years Crimea was ruled out of Kiev, for the rest of that time, since the 18th century, and since 2014, it has been ruled out of Moscow. Russia took it without firing a shot in 2014.

Still, it doesn't matter to my argument how the country got pasted together in the case of Czechoslovakia, it was created in the collapse of an empire, just like the Ukraine, but still, they parted ways without bloodshed. The Slovaks did not overthrow the government in a violent coup, and didn't decide one day that they were going to outlaw the Czech language, and assert complete domination over the country border to border, or perform "filtration" operations in Czechia.

BTW, Stalin was a Georgian, not a Russian, you blame the actions of the Soviets solely on the Russians, as if Ukrainians were not involved in the Soviet state. People all over the Soviet Union, including over 3 million Russians, starved in the famine created by the communists that Ukrainians seem to think was specially aimed at them by the Russians.

Gospace said...

According to the MSM the percentage of vaccinated people dying of the dreaded covid is 58% or so. According to Dr. Paul Alexander who analyzes the numbers to find what’s really going on, it’s 95%, which coincides almost exactly with vaccination rates. And one thing we do know about the unvaxxed who are dying is that most of them are too sick with other problems to be vaccinated. Hmmmm…. The healthy unvaxxed like me aren’t dying and many of them, like me, have avoided contracting the dreaded covid, not by isolation and masking and being frightened but by supplementing with appropriate and recommended supplements and other measures. In my case daily nasal irrigation with xylitol and erythritol added. Some use nasal sprays, some povidine/ iodine, and various other antiviral formulations. Every time I look there seems to be another effective nasal swab, spray, or rinse.

Dr. Alexander’s blog post:

Dr Weevil said...

'tim in vermont' thinks "it doesn't matter" if he gets clearly-established historical facts utterly wrong, and then proceeds to falsify the history of Ukraine and Crimea to defend the genocidal murder, torture, rape, kidnapping of children, and looting being inflicted right now on a democratic nation by a brutal tyrant. And he pretends not to know that his precious independence movements in the Donbass and Crimea were led and supported not by the locals, but by Russian soldiers and FSB agents sent across the border with weapons and money to try to break up Ukraine. Has he bothered to look up Igor Girkin? The Siege of Sloviansk? No, he just repeats Russian propaganda, like the contemptible swine he is.