May 18, 2022

The name "Biden" does not appear on the home page of the NYT right now.

And there must be a hundred headlines collected here. I did a search-the-page for "Biden," because I wanted to find the article about his trip to Buffalo, which I disapprove of. I hate to see mass murderers elevated to extreme importance. I don't want other potential murderers to see that path out of obscurity and dusky doom.

These presidential journeys to console the community — when do they work? How can a President obliterate the perception that it's a political stunt? Obama could do it:


That's from 2016. And there you see in that picture: Biden walked alongside him.

But here's how the Buffalo massacre looks on the front page of the NYT this morning:



That directs  us to other politicians: New York's governor, Kathy Hochul and a Democratic senator whose  name you can learn if you click through. 2 of those 4 headlines channel us into the gun control issue.

But let's take a closer look at the other 2 stories: 

First, there's "For Hochul, Shooting in Buffalo Is a Hometown Tragedy/The governor grew up in the Buffalo suburbs and lives in the city now. The shooting has taken on political overtones in the 2022 race for governor of New York." 

Biden's name comes up twice: "On Tuesday, she appeared with President Biden as he visited Buffalo... And on Monday, Ms. Hochul took the stage with Mr. Biden at a community center, seeking to draw parallels between Buffalo and the president’s hometown, Scranton, Pa." 

What does the headline mean when it says, "The shooting has taken on political overtones in the 2022 race for governor of New York." Is Hochul taking responsibility for the conditions leading to the crime? Her party has dominated the government in Buffalo for more than half a century. I think the main point is that her Democratic challenger in the primary is vowing "to make fighting crime a priority." 

The other article is "Before Massacre Began, Suspect Invited Others to Review His Plan." This suggests the question I want to see addressed: Why wasn't this 18-year-old stopped? But this article is entirely about the suspect's engagement of other private citizens on the social media platform Discord. There's nothing about law enforcement's monitoring of the conversation or opportunity to intervene.

Will Biden take responsibility for failure to prevent this attack? 

I look for the NYT coverage of Biden's trip to Buffalo, and I find: "In Buffalo, Biden Denounces "Domestic Terrorism.'" That's not currently linked on the NYT home page, but it's dated today. It went up at 1:13 a.m. Why did it sink like a stone?!

President Biden went to the largely Black community in Buffalo where a massacre at a supermarket left 10 people dead and made a terse declaration. “What happened here is simple and straightforward: Terrorism. Terrorism. Domestic terrorism,” he said.

All right then! It's terrorism. Terrorism. Terrorism. Terrorism. Then why didn't your administration monitor it effectively and intervene?

The article quickly moves to the news that Biden recited the names of the victims and addressed Americans in general, telling us "to 'reject the lie' of racial replacement that is said to have prompted" the attack. We're supposed to "take on haters and those who don’t even care." And "It’s just about profit and politics."

The article proceeds to educate us about the meaning of the "replacement theory":

The so-called replacement theory holds that elites want to disempower and “replace” white Americans with immigrants from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. It has been a theme of Tucker Carlson’s nightly program on Fox News, although Biden did not mention Carlson by name. He described replacement as “a hate that, through the media and politics, the internet, has radicalized angry, alienated and lost individuals.”

Biden went to the site of a fresh massacre to harangue American's about the depredations of Fox News? No wonder this story is off the front page. 

Nor did Biden single out Carlson later when reporters asked if Carlson or some Republicans deserved blame for promoting replacement. “I believe anyone who echoes the replacement is to blame,” he said.

Is he saying that anyone who openly worries about illegal immigration is to blame for what he also calls domestic terrorism? This is so political and so extreme it's embarrassing. Sweep that off the front page.

Beyond calling for a revival of an assault-weapons ban, the president made no policy announcements in a speech delivered not far from the supermarket the gunman attacked on Saturday....

How about better detection of visible terrorist plots and taking action before people die?


rhhardin said...

It's all unimportant in the first place. News is a business though, and so is politics, and there's a really stupid audience for it with money to spend with advertisers.

Anthony Jeselnik has the right analysis: everybody's saying "Don't forget me. I have sadz too." All deserve to be mocked.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...


Marco Rubio
"justices stalked at home, a security fence at the Supreme Court, churches stormed and Pro-Life offices firebombed is the latest reminder of how the left has no problem with violence & lawlessness by people they agree with."

Kevin said...

How about better detection of visible terrorist plots and taking action before people die?

That goes against the narrative that we only need the right gun laws to stop this completely.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

When 10 people where gunned down by a Trump-hating immigrant in Boulder - big fat zero love from the leftists.

Drago said...

Althouse: "These presidential journeys to console the community — when do they work? How can a President obliterate the perception that it's a political stunt? Obama could do it:"

Ah yes, the continuing Light being delivered by the "Lightbringer", the "sort of a god", the guy who always soars above us who would never deign to politicize a shooting.

And we know that because the "straight shooters" at that bastian of objective analyses, the NYT, told us so.

Sounds about right.

Jefferson's Revenge said...

The picture of Obama and Biden with Obama the only headline mention is jarring. It's a demonstration of how warped the media is right now. The NTY et al are now truly just Pravda where we analyze the true power structure by who is in the headline or picture. Someone directs this- someone sends the message to downplay Joe. It's not just an editorial decision. I've always thought that Obama and Val Jarrett were really the puppet masters and Klain is their marionette and Biden the puppet. However, I think they are dismayed at how bad things are going. Joe will be the scapegoat and will be tossed aside. Which will be sad because he was just doing what they told him to do. It ain't the messenger. It's the message. Joe will start disappearing in all MSM now. He will have a nice summer in DE. I just don't know how they do the replacement. Kamala before November 2022 kills their ticket for house and senate. Kamala after November means they have to run her in 2024. This is when they are most dangerous. Beware.

MadisonMan said...

Biden is toxic to Democrats. That would explain your observation.

wendybar said...

Are you surprised?? They want you to remember how you felt with Obama, not the dire alarmism of Biden. This is what they ALWAYS do. Hide what they don't want people to know about and throw in crap that is irrelevant. The complete dumbing down of America is almost complete.

Lurker21 said...

Ms. Hochul took the stage with Mr. Biden at a community center, seeking to draw parallels between Buffalo and the president’s hometown, Scranton, Pa.

That sounds like sort of stuff that thinking people have unfortunately come to regard as "sincerity bullshit" since Biden took office. It's as though we are living through Julia Louis-Dreyfus's show Veep everyday and know that everything that comes out of a politician's mouth is bullshit especially when they try to sound sincere.

Trump did "beclown" himself, but many of us didn't take that seriously. We knew that it was part of the act he'd played in the entertainment world. Biden tries to be serious and heartfelt and he's done the same routine so often that one can't believe him. We know that it's an act. The emotional waterworks are at odds with the callousness he shows when he speaks off the cuff. If people don't believe you when you try to be "real" and "speak from the heart" it's worse than if you play a comic role and people don't believe you.

wendybar said...

"How about better detection of visible terrorist plots and taking action before people die?"

Because they are too busy looking for people who "paraded" in the Capitol on 1/6/21. PERIOD.

hawkeyedjb said...

"It’s just about profit and politics."

The president was accidentally allowed to say something true.

Dave Begley said...


Why do you expect Biden to do anything? He's impotent.

The Dems want to pin the replacement theory on the GOP and Fox to mask the Dems total hate of America.

The first duty of the US government is to protect and advance the self-interest of American citizens, that is, the people already here.

The Dems and Biden, on the other hand, have let at least TWO MILLION strangers into this country and tons of deadly drugs. This is the issue. This has to be the worst thing since the Civil War. And add on top of that the complete bungling of covid, and we are in big trouble.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

GRT is simply the most recent example of Democrats disavowing their own schemes and trying to gaslight the public by falsely claiming Republicans “made it up.” This follows the same pattern we saw with CRT: it doesn’t exist, it’s a theory debated in grad school, it’s not in the K-12 curriculum, it’s just anti-racism training for teachers, SHUT UP RACIST! This is slightly different than *dark money* and *voter suppression* in which Democrats exploit the gray areas of the law while claiming Republicans are doing it. But all a part of the all-disinformation all the time mode Democrats are operating in since 11/7/2016.

Who can forget Obama arrogantly labeling his own grandmother a “typical white person” and laughing about the permanent Democrat majority he was ushering in? The DC media lickspittles that’s who.

Lem said...

‘Biden is not like other presidents’ tag

Earnest Prole said...

Joe who?

Beasts of England said...

Didn’t Ruy Texiera write a book about replacement theory? Are we supposed to memory hole ‘demographics is destiny’?

rrsafety said...

With three decades of Democrats crowing about a permanent majority coming about due to changing demographics and the "browning of America", it is hard to put the replacement genie back in the bottle.

What's emanating from your penumbra said...

The stats on the success of the last "assault weapons" ban were not convincing. Where's the science?

Robert Cook said...

Obama's empathy? Perhaps, or perhaps simply an effective simulation of empathy, one of the tools any successful politician should probably have at hand. People drink up the proforma expressions of grief/sympathy/empathy by politicians for the tragedies and travails that have struck them. It's the polite thing, after all.

(I never took any of Obama's expressions of empathy as much more than part of his persona, as a person and politician. I'd say the same about most other politicians, as well.)

Joe Smith said...

I hope the victims' families sue the state of New York for billions of dollars.

The police will be necessarily defunded because the state will be destitute.

rcocean said...

WHy wasn't Biden at Waukesha consoling the victims? WHere was the FBI and Hate crime charges? Was it because they were White, or was it because the NYT's didn't give Biden the incentive?

I hate even writing about this crap. Its just the same ol' nonsense. The MSM decides what shooting or crime we're all supposed to CARE ABOUT, and which ones we are NOT to CARE ABOUT. And it always fits into the DNC agenda.

mikee said...

Next thing you know, pictures of Biden and Harris will have Biden airbrushed out, because he was never really all there, was he?

wildswan said...

The problem Biden is having is that this gunman is a lefty. He wasn't listening to Tucker Carlson, he opposes the right in this country. "Left authoritarianism" which the gunman supports seems an obscure concept but actually it is in the news. It's what Putin is doing in the Ukraine. There's veil of ignorance that hides what "left authoritarianism" is and does and why Putin and the gunman shoot the innocent for the same reason. Talk too much about the Buffalo shooter and that thin veil trembles and may dissolve and the zig-zag linkage may become plain. It's a mad world, my masters, for in a mirror left is right and there's wilderness of mirrors reflecting reflections and yet it's simple and sane - Slava Ukraini

GatorNavy said...

1. Waukesha never got a visit, no national grieving from the NYT or WAPO

2. Did the article mention the four Caucasians who were murdered during that domestic terrorism shooting?

3. What about domestic terrorist Frank James shooting?

4. By the way, the FBI had the goods on the 9/11 terrorists and couldn’t be bothered to do anything. The FBI doesn’t solve criminal cases anymore, the FBI commits them.

Levi Starks said...

What I saw missing from this entire narrative:
Mental illness.
Or the other option,
“The heart of man is deceitfully wicked, who can know it?
The shooter was definitely driven by a political ideology,
But he definitely didn’t acquire it while watching FOX news with the family during supper.
If in fact he was a terrorist (and that’s a possibility) he was an eco-terrorist.
He chose the black community because they are more prolific, and therefore represent a greater threat to the planet.

Milo Minderbinder said...

Why is anyone surprised? Why does anyone waste time reading the NYT?

BTW, Colorado Springs is lovely.... :)

Tom said...

Considering the role the FBI played in the Michigan Governor kidnap plot, in stoking the Jan 6th rally riot, and the Russian Election Fraud, I can’t help but wonder if fostering mass shoutings like this are also part of the strategy.

I mean, how hard would it be via Discord chat for skilled FBI agents to convince a moron 19 year old that that shooting up a bunch of folks is the best way to advance “eco-socialism?”

Amadeus 48 said...

Yesterday Bo Snerdley and Mark Steyn read off a series of gloating articles from news people and Dem politicians prior to 2016 touting the "browning of America" as the end of conservative politics (this was before hispanics started voting GOP under Trump), including a long audio from MSNBC. Tucker Carlson didn't invent replacement theory. He heard all about it from the Dems.

Also, back in the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown days, the British Labour party were pretty clear in internal memos that they intended to change the UK politically through immigration. See for example the discussion of the Labour government's 2000 change in immigration policy buried in the middle of this pro-immigration article.

Brecht said it for all lefties:

"...the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Rachel Maddow - Toxic liar and leftwing violence inspiring over-paid propagandist for the radical left.

gahrie said...

When did the Left stop bragging about Replacement and start denying that it is happening?

iowan2 said...

Domestic terrorism

Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a ...

The label is nothing but a disguise, allowing law enforcement to strip citizens of rights.

The kid (young adult) was mentally ill. Not a terrorist attempting to influence the masses.

Playing word games is all the evidence you need to know the govt is not seeking solutions.

How far would $40 billion go towards mental health care in the United States instead of stinger missiles in Ukraine? Mayor of NYC spent~$1 billion supposedly addressing mental health.

But 'terrorist' is just screaming SQUIRRLE! into the night.

Anthony said...

FFS, it's not like 'replacement theory' is some kind of wild conspiracy theory, they've been very open about doing exactly that. JAYsus.

hombre said...

Everything Democrat electeds do is a political stunt. Everything!

Michael K said...

It is an indictment of the whole "terrorism" thing that nobody had this kid under surveillance. It reminds me of the school shooting in Florida a few years ago.

School staff had been warned after Cruz’s expulsion for "disciplinary reasons" in 2017 that the troubled teen was a risk to student safety. When a staff member saw him outside, he hesitated to call a "Code Red." The gunman was halfway through his six-minute rampage before anyone issued a warning. By then, it was too late.

R C Belaire said...

Trump has to be mentioned, right? I don't have access.

cf said...

NYT needs to pimp their cheezy starlet named Hochul.

They were complicit in planting the historic "Woman Governor of NY" just in time so she can skate in as "Incumbent" in November.

The same MO is how we got ourselves the dull-eyed clerk & commie Gov. Brown here in Oregon.

Skeptical Voter said...

Biden campaigned as a "uniter, not a divider". Well that was absolute hokum.

Dodger executive Al Campanis was fired after saying that, "Black baseball players lack the essentials to be baseball managers".

Well Slow Joe Biden lacks the "essentials" to be much of anything, other than a national embarassment. The problem is that he's hard to fire. And if you do there's Kamala Harris and then Nancy Pelosi--and we can't afford that step down in ability.

Fredrick said...

Biden forgotten, just like Waukesha.

Mike Sylwester said...

The so-called replacement theory holds that elites want to disempower and “replace” white Americans with immigrants from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

That is that fact called a "theory"?

RMc said...

I think the NYT is trying to convince its readers that Obama is still president. (I mean, if you're trying to push the "all White people are evil" meme, you can't very well have this ofay cracker in charge, can you?)

Gunner said...

Only "progressives" are allowed to express an opinion about immigration turning the country to their politics.

Rusty said...

That's the thing about Biden. Even when he is there, he's not there.

Kirk Parker said...

Replacement Theory "Conspiracy" sure fits in with that common leftist dodge: "this will absolutely never happen!", followed by "isn't it wonderful that this is happening?!!!?"

cubanbob said...

I have to see a reasoned response from the Left on why replacing whites is both proper and necessary.

Dave Begley said...

I wonder if the Dems understand that the vast majority of Americans don't just disapprove of the Biden Administration, but downright hates them.

Over $4 per gallon for gas in Omaha and throughout the country. Diesel is much higher. At the grocery store, $50 buys maybe a sack of food.

realestateacct said...

A lot of people, including me, were annoyed by Obama's performance after the Pulse nightclub shooting. It was a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist and he obscured that - trying to make it a right wing thing attack against homosexuality. The killer was examined by Federal law enforcement and nothing was done to block him from his path - perhaps because his father was a supporter of Democrats.

Everyone, including the NY Times, realizes that the optics of Biden's appearance after his refusal to acknowledge the Waukesha attack looks terrible - the worst sort of pandering not a reaction to hate. And an administration that is monitoring school board outbursts but not posted plans for mass murder is very much at fault.

Mary Beth said...

Based on nothing other than their personalities, when I see that photo of Obama and Biden walking, I imagine Obama telling Biden not to tell jokes or threaten to beat up anyone.

Obama could do it because the press had his back. The press will still give Biden positive coverage, but more people will see it for the stunt it is. I don't know if a politician can get away with not visiting now. It is expected, a precedent has been set. It's the same with visiting a disaster area. Why do presidents need to see it in person? Maybe send letters instead. Let's elect someone who can feel empathy from a distance and who has good management skills. That will do the victims more good than a hug.

Leland said...

We already know from the shooter that he didn’t watch Fox News, so it is misinformation to claim the shooter was motivated by Fox News or any of its personalities.

cubanbob said...

Why can't Biden just shuffle off to Buffalo?

Saint Croix said...

It might be that the New York Times was embarrassed by Glenn Greenwald.

JaimeRoberto said...

"How about better detection of visible terrorist plots and taking action before people die?"

I'm not sure how these plots are supposed to be detected where it's one guy on his own below the radar. The FBI is much better at concocting plots and entrapping people than it is in detecting real plots.

Quaestor said...

If the killer had been a Muslim and his crime was in response to a depiction of Muhammad, Biden, and every other Democrat, would be mumbling and grumbling with Islamophobia and Religion of Peace plainly audible between the buzzwords and non-sequiturs, followed by condemnations of terrorism and depictions of the Prophet Mohammad with "Prophet" given the stentorian treatment -- in other words, the terrorist, though guilty of a heinous crime, had a legitimate gripe that America must do her best to mollify with steps up to and including prior restraint, First Amendment be damned.

However, this killer seems to have been motivated by illegal immigration, which is, no matter what Biden's policy is or purports to be, entirely ILLEGAL. Consequently, his gripe is more legitimate than Muslim complaints about cartoons portraying ancient Arab religious fanatics. Yet we will wait in vain for Biden's call for reduced illegal immigration, won't we?

Quaestor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen St. Onge said...

Althouse said:
How about better detection of visible terrorist plots and taking action before people die?

Don’t be silly. They need mass shootings to use to argue for gun control.

Robert Cook said...

"The Dems and Biden, on the other hand, have let at least TWO MILLION strangers into this country and tons of deadly drugs."

Have they? I think your hysteria has affected your reading comprehension.

I find this in the linked article: "U.S. authorities stopped another 178,840 unauthorized migrants at the southern border in December, a 2 percent increase over the previous month.

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures now show that more than 2 million unauthorized migrants came across the Mexican border in the calendar year and were apprehended or turned themselves in – in addition to those not stopped or detected."


"When it comes to narcotics seized at the border, heroin seizures were up 113 percent, cocaine seizures increased 28 percent; methamphetamines and fentanyl seizures were down 59 and 51 percent, respectively."

Lurker21 said...

Biden's 2017 Colby College Commencement Address is available on line. He tells his story about attacking Jesse Helms and being set right by Mike Mansfield who said,

“Joe, it’s always appropriate to question another man or woman’s judgment. But it’s never appropriate to question their motive, because you don’t know.” And once you question motive, you make it impossible to reach compromise. I say “you’re in the pocket of” or “you’re unethical” or you or I go in and talk about things that go to the heart of who you are as a person, your character, it’s awful hard then to reach an agreement on an issue that has to be resolved.

It's hard to square that with Joe accusing his opponents of being White supremacists all the time. I suspect what Mike was telling Joe, or what Joe understood him to be saying, is you don't go after other members of the club. You don't question the morals of other made men. You choose someone outside of the club, or define him as being outside of the club, and hammer him with everything you can dream up. Then you can talk about your friendship with other members of the club from the opposing party in order to convince the press that you are being conciliatory and reaching across the aisle and seeking cooperation.

bentoak said...

I thought W was the best Comforter-in-Chief. His empathy was genuine. Obama was a solid second.

I scrolled through those headlines too. Strange how there was nothing about a government induced formula shortage. Babies not having enough milk must not be newsworthy.

madAsHell said...

I mean, how hard would it be via Discord chat for skilled FBI agents to convince a moron 19 year old that that shooting up a bunch of folks is the best way to advance “eco-socialism?”

Kinda makes a feller think of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby.

Narayanan said...

I can see why they would find calling it THEORY disrespectful
- when it is factually their PROUD ACHIEVEMENT

Crazy World said...

That picture makes me Nauseous, Obama/Biden = evil and horrible

Tina Trent said...

Obama was a consummate race baiter right out of the box. From denouncing his much put upon grandmother at nearly every campaign stop because she feared being mugged while taking public transportation to work (while hubby and grandson had a car and hung out smoking pot all day), to the humiliations of the "beer summit," to his disregard for several massacres of police, including in his hometown, to his calling Major Hassan's far more deadly terrorism "workplace violence," to unleashing Holder on citizens for using mere words, it's ridiculous to suggest that he didn't politicize and racialize the heck out of every opportunity.

Was Orlando prosecuted as terrorism or a hate crime? Bet you have to look it up.