May 18, 2022

I've collected 9 TikToks for you today. Let me know what you like best.

1. How to live really well in what ought to be a too-small space.

2. At the "dollar holler" in Purvis, Mississippi.

3. "Don't look at me like that.... Don't look at me like that either."

4. Let's take a close look at those "thirst pockets."

5. How to sound like a TV news talking head.

6. About that candy bar with teeth marks, found on the floor.

7. Finding out your little girl can sing.

8. The "pride" collection at Target.

9. Get ready for the trends of summer 2022.


john said...

Hey Althouse, are you keeping score on all your tiktok offerings? Maybe to have a July 4 or Labor Day runoff for all the weekly winners?

So put me down for #2 Holler Dollar, and #9 Summer Trends.

Also, re #4, I thought Mr. Rogers had died.

john said...
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Jefferson's Revenge said...

I like the juxtaposition of #1 and #2. I would move prefer to meet the woman who made #2 of course. I have seen apartments like #1 and they always seem to smell. Not the size. It's the lack of ventilation. My guess is that the #1 woman would make fun of the "Dollar Holller (Hollow)" , but I find it shows the ability to laugh at oneself.

Is it just me or when I look at some of those posts, I just want to scream at the person " will you grow the f-k up!"?

Brian said...

Love the Brooklyn apartment. And I say this as someone that lives in the Midwest in 4400 square feet.

Lem said...

Because I now live in Georgia, the dollar holler is closer to my heart.

Special mention: how to sound like a Fox News anchor.

RoseAnne said...

The tiny apartment one. (Which was #1)

Shows what you can do when you act intentionally.

I confess I wondered how much her rent was for the space.

The one with the little girl singing - the singing was great but the video was so-so.

Michael R. Arndorfer said...

I'm all for kindness clawing its way back into the zeitgeist.

Lurker21 said...

How to sound like a TV news anchor sounded interesting, but it's just a dig at Fox News.

Target pride collection makes me question whether I should be shopping there, but it's nice that even that guy is mocking them.

The little girl has a future. Thirst pockets guy doesn't. What's next for him? Examining his navel lint?

Narr said...

I made an exception to my TikTok Zero policy and looked at the one from Missippi.

Hard to believe Purvis didn't make the Best Places listicle, until the lack of beer. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty sure cold beer isn't impossible to find, even in Lamar County.)

Rabel said...

I guess Purvis won't make it on your move-to list.

tim maguire said...

Best: Target Pride Collection. Good narrator, funny Target material
Runners up: Dollar Holler: I was disappointed the woman didn't take us into the dollar stores, but I liked her narration; the woman finding out her daughter can sing--you could practically see the wheels turning. In her mind, she's already spent the first million in record deal money.

John henry said...

We mock the dollar stores but they do an incredible amount of business.

about 10 years ago I spent a week working with the US's biggest maker of store brand aspirin and other store brand OTC pharmaceuticals.

They told me that Walmart was their biggest customer. Big Duh. That's the case in every plant I go to.

But their second biggest, bigger than Walmart or CVS etc was Dollar General (or perhaps one of the other dollar chains.)

John LGKTQ Henry

Rocketeer said...

They were all fucking annoying today.

I didn't see that coming.

Eric Rathmann said...

Enjoyed finding out your little girl can sing (#7) and "dollar holler" (#2) Gynecological area?. And so happy to hear that being nice is "in" for the summer (#9).

William said...

The young woman who mimics the tics and grimaces of a talking news head has it down pat. She claims that these mannerisms are restricted to Fox news talking heads. Sure. It's a well known fact that only the people at Fox News ever got handy with their female coworkers. In like way, only the people at Fox news engage in pregnant pauses and somber intonations. There's something about reporting conservatively on conservative issues that causes the reporter to become a phony or a crazed horndog. Thank God we had men like Charley Rose to guide us through the news. He was completely on the level. It was very astute of her to mark these mannerisms and take note of how they were restricted to Fox personalities.

Nancy said...

# 5, very good, and made me laugh. #7 was cool, reminded me of when I discovered my daughter could play the piano when she was 3 years old.

n.n said...

Tick Tock. Tick Tock... No lions, no lionesses, no [unPlanned] cubs playing in gay abandon.

Bryant said...

It's a gynaecological oddity!

Leland said...

I’d strike Purvis, MS from the list.

Charlie said...

These all sucked......except for #9.

mikee said...

Thirst Pockets are a marketing ploy, not to be confused with actual ability to absorb and retain liquid by a real paper towel, like a Bounty!

Quaestor said...

Number 3 ����

The acting abilities of small children should not be underestimated. The boy is about six, going on seven, the same age as the speaking child actors in the famous Life cereal advertisement. The girl is four years and several months, the same age as "Mikey", the kid who hates everything. At that same age, George McFarland, the kid made famous by producer Hal Roach as "Spanky" McFarland, could sustain a characterization through multiple takes even though he couldn't remember more than a few sentences of monologue.

Four and a half seems to be the sweet spot where children can begin to master the other minds concept and, consequently, falsely project innocence and spontaneity, two critical components of deception, an aspect of the behavior of many highly intelligent species, including the great apes. This innate ability to deceive is the evolutionary root of acting, a behavior that is in some form common to all human cultures yet studied.

Sheridan said...

#3 - Don't Look at Me... Classic sibling behavior probably from time immemorial. Unrehearsed and spontaneous.

Quaestor said...

Number 6 ��

Hmmm... not funny. I'm generally intolerant of rats, bats, fleas, and roaches, particularly inside my home. I generally tolerate spiders. It's regretable when I do destroy them.

The most interesting thing about this TikTok is the candy bar. In these dark Days of Biden, it's inconceivable that a confectioner could include the retail price of a candy product on the design of the wrapper -- in this case 60p. No matter what reasonable price the company could advertise on Tuesday would be unprofitable on Thursday. Welcome to Weimar America.

(On the other hand, the Brits use that extremely cheap Cuban sugar.)

Nancy said...

Love the tiny space!
Dollar Holler gynecological hahahaha!
Couldn't stand the thirst puckeys guy. Was he the one with the dishtowel drawer?
I'm in awe of the calmness of the lady with the rat.

wildswan said...

I liked the summer trends but I thought to myself that the summer trend will be dealing with inflation. And then I wondered if the inflation will lead to a lot of people living in small spaces like the tiny space in the other video. Will they have tiny kitchens? and eat Forties foods? which, it will be realized, can all be bought with tiny money and made in tiny kitchens? And will they, nevertheless be on Metaverse with a "green screen" and an avatar suggesting they're in a Alpine resort with 20-foot-high ceilings. And be skiing with their VR glasses?

Quaestor said...

Number 2 👎🏻

Purvis seems to have more important problems than a lack of alcoholic beverages.

Quaestor said...

Number 5 👎🏻

Lampooning style over substance. How desperate.

Temujin said...

Couldn't get through the apartment tour. Got hung up on her praising her meds. Or was it him? I was not sure. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Potted meat? I had to look that up. I do know a gynecological oddity when I see one, however.

Loved the kids. Gotta love the kids.

Couldn't do the paper towel guy. Makes me not want to view another TikTok forever. But I will.

The Fox News Voice tutorial was excellent, but I'm not sure it's the voice of anyone I know at Fox. She had it until the 'mean and nasal' part got thrown in. And I suspect it got thrown in only because she's a lib and that's what they do. The voice she did could be coming from any number of networks, but to make it 'Fox' she had to insist it was a mean and nasally voice. Ah. Got it. Tedious.

Pre-diabetic rat.

Upon learning your child can sing...loved it. Again- gotta love the kids.

Target was the catalyst for today's stock rampage, so timing is everything. Other than that, I could not care less about this one either.

Ok. I'm done with TikTok for now. It was cute for a few days. Now it's becoming itself and I find it repetitive in style and overall...tedious. Probably in the same way you view my comments.

chuck said...

1. Nice small apartment
2. Loved the accent.
3. Was cute.
5. Very well done.
6. Those little buggers.
7. Good voice, where was the two year old.

The guys were all blah, what's up with that? I think 5 would be my top pick.

Quaestor said...

Number three got a "thumbs up", but Blogger crapped out.

Quaestor said...

Sheridan writes,"Unrehearsed and spontaneous."


Quaestor said...

Number six got my "thumbs down".

Bob Boyd said...

I'm pleased to hear kindness is clawing its way back into the zeitgeist.

Ann Althouse said...

"Couldn't stand the thirst puckeys guy. Was he the one with the dishtowel drawer?"

Yeah. I love that guy. The deadpan. The details.

farmgirl said...

1. Little studio apartment, she’s awesome.
2. Thirst pocket guy: is he the same fella as towel guy?
3. The $$$ Holler. She killed me in the end-
Honorable mention: the news voice. Her smile at the end.

farmgirl said...

I love our $$$G. Way cheaper to buy paper goods, cat food and whatever else is needed wuickly. Ours is still pretty new. It’s so much closer than the nearest “metropolis” lol.

I’m reading the comments- I knew it was the towel guy! Could almost hear him say “oh shit”. It’s his voice.

Lurker21 said...

The Englishwoman did whimsical extremely well.

But whimsical doesn't always go over well with everybody.

At first, I thought the rat was an opossum or a raccoon, it looked so big.

I hope the woman hasn't died of plague or anything.

tcrosse said...

Tell the #8 guy that you can turn off your voice when you get to the end of the word.

bentoak said...

Dollar holler. Frequent customer here.

retail lawyer said...

What ever happened to the guy who reviews fast food while wearing a suit in a car? Now thats delivery!
Dollar Holler is the best, follow up by the small apartment.

Rosalyn C. said...

#9 "Trends of summer 2022" greatly exceeded my initial expectations. Quote: "Non-sequitur poems are out, but if you are someone who writes those or enjoys those we want to see you getting into pottery or pickling your own vegetables." lol

#3 "Don't Look at Me Like That..." made me think of the existential crisis of someone who has gone through the life challenges of dating, finding someone special, getting engaged and married and having children, and then finally to witness their crabby children making faces at each other... also lol

Ann Althouse said...

"What ever happened to the guy who reviews fast food while wearing a suit in a car? Now thats delivery!"

Review Brah

He has a great podcast. I listen all the time. He still does food reviews on YouTube. Look it up. He has a shortwave radio show too. He's a great internet hero.

Ann Althouse said...

Here's the Review Brah (Report of the Week) YouTube channel.

He's the best.

EAB said...

I enjoyed all of them this time. Forwarded the two kids to my sisters, because it reminded me of my sister torturing me. The last one, “what’s in” for the summer, made me laugh. Beautiful job on the small apartment. Thoughtful and very well done. And Dollar Holler. “Because, myyy goodness, what would Jesus think?” LOL

Leslie Graves said...

I love the way Paper Towel Man pronounces “towel”. In general, love all of them, and they help buttress what remains within me of a level-headed perspective on life. Purvis is the best.

Amanda Wilander said...

Summer trends! What an interesting mind and talent with language.