October 14, 2021

7:07 a.m.


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Lem said...

Trans agenda real world consequences.

Link to story of a father defending his assaulted daughter.

WestVirginiaRebel said...

"By the way, I killed a kid:"

Bond, gay bond:

gilbar said...

You can get a Lot, for Half a Billion Dollars
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent $419.5 million during the 2020 election to support Democrat candidates through legal loopholes that allowed him to pass money through two organizations that put the money into local government elections offices with stipulations about how the funding could be spent

For example, navigators in Wisconsin were used to assist voters, answer questions, and witness absentee ballot signatures. Additionally, in Georgia, "Happy Faces," a temporary staffing agency affiliated with one-time gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, helped to count the votes in Fulton County, Georgia, the researchers learned.

CTCL also pushed for universal mail-in voting, extended deadlines that would favor mailed votes over in-person ballots, and expensive bulk mailings, among other actions that would promote the Democrats' vote, the researchers found. Additionally, CTCL helped push for unmonitored private drop boxes and actions that allowed several post-election ballots to be submitted.

That's ALL COOL though; Right? I mean, it was For A Good Cause... Right?

Lem said...

It's possible that Trump's Covid was seen as the almighty's rebuke/abandon by some of his most ardent supporters, the right wing Cristian/evangelicals. Couple it with the Biden election shenanigans and that's how we got here.
These people don't talk to pollsters, so, the difficulty in measuring that possibility. What triggered this impression was the Amish story (Link) posted here a few days ago. The image in my mind was of the Trump popular meme, sitting at the resolute desk with the bearded Christ like figure behind him, shining his light on Trump. And then Trump gets sick, right before the election. Who knows how some of them might have interpreted that.
Again, I'm not saying that was the only factor, but a possible factor, in a series of things that went terribly wrong with that forsaken election.

Drago said...

As we careen uncontrollably into the lefty/dem/LLR dream scenario of high-inflation stagflation if not outright recession or worse, we see once again that the ultimate Cloward-Piven goal of our left/LLR-left is being realized at a pace and scale we would not have thought possible just 10 months ago.

I suspect we will be seeing Hoax Impeachments 3 and 4 in short order as the LLR Chuck's and Pelosi's and Schiff's of the world desperately seek to hide the real world results of their policies.

Narr said...

Jupiter--waxing Moon--Saturn, across the sky, behind a veil of high cloud.

Very fine.

NPR mentions "The Deadly January Sixth Insurrection"* at every hourly broadcast, sometimes more than once.

*DJ6I, henceforth.

rcocean said...

I want to talk about Jonah Goldberg. Haven't read/listened to him for years, since we found out he was taking Google Money, not disclosing it, and arguing against taking action against Big Tech for their censorship of Conservatives.

Anyway, I stumbled (youtube) on his interview with Hugh Hewitt on Jan 12, 2021 about Trump impeachment and he comes off as an angry leftwing Democrat. Paraphrasing Goldberg: "

"Trump must be impeached and convicted and if need be thrown into prison. Trump has blood on his hands, since he tried to overthrow and election with mob violence and "intimidate" Congress. Trump lied about Fraud and "Stolen election" when it was honest and correct. The house doesn't need more than a couple hours of debate to impeach and the Senate can convict in a week. who cares if Trump technically didn't commit a crime. Who care if he's out of office. Who cares about bad presedent it would set".

It exactly the same arguments that Nancy Pelosi and Schumer were using. And this guy claimed to be a Conservative!

StephenFearby said...

Daily Mail
UPDATED: 01:43 EDT, 15 October 2021

'My family should never have had to go through this': Ex-FBI [acting] director Andrew McCabe slams Trump for firing him two days before his retirement as he reaches settlement with Biden's DOJ which allows him to keep his pension and benefits [as well as back pay].

The DOJ's inspector general concluded he had authorized the release of information to a newspaper reporter and then misled internal investigators

"...As part of the settlement, McCabe is also entitled to other benefits afforded to retiring FBI senior executives, including special cufflinks and 'official FBI credentials, badge, and time-in-service award keys mounted in the format typically provided to retiring FBI Deputy Directors' and other senior officials, according to the settlement.


A reward by the Biden DOJ for McCabe's meritorious service in backstabbing then President Trump.

"...On March 16, 2018, McCabe was dismissed from his position by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. McCabe’s firing, less than two days before his planned retirement and following months of criticism of McCabe by President Donald Trump, immediately caused a storm of controversy. CREW filed its FOIA request seeking to learn the underlying basis for Mr. McCabe’s termination and to obtain information that would allow the public to assess the credibility of allegations of political motivation and the role President Trump may have played in Attorney General Sessions’ decision.

Sessions justified his decision by citing inquiries by both DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the FBI’s OPR that found McCabe had “lacked candor,” including under oath, on multiple occasions in his statements to IG investigators conducting a leak investigation, and had made unauthorized disclosures to the news media. According to the attorney general, the OPR merely reviewed the OIG report and its underlying documents, meaning that the attorney general’s decision rested exclusively on the factual record developed by the OIG."


Iman said...

A “Let’s Go Brandon!” sign was prominently featured during last night’s Giants-Dodgers game broadcast. Gave me a good chuckle.

wendybar said...

I hope the Climate activists who stormed the U.S. Department of the Interior, staging a sit-in, and sending a police officer to the hospital. They had BETTER be arrested and jailed for months without a trial as this was an insurrection according to Progressives. After that, Climate protesters used refurbished fire extinguishers to spray fake oil on the steps of the Chamber of Commerce while others released colorful smoke flares from a ledge. When are the fences going up again??? This is worse than 9/11, Hiroshima and the Civil WAR!!!!!

wendybar said...

Lying asshole McCabe is getting rewarded for lying under oath. The Deep Staters take care of their own liars and cheaters. YOU wonder WHY nobody trusts government anymore?? This is a travesty, and I can't wait until the whole house of cards falls down. Why have laws, rules or court proceedings when progressives can do and say whatever they want...and get rewarded for it with our taxpayer money??? https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2021/10/15/biden-dojs-generous-settlement-with-andrew-mccabe-shows-that-the-swamp-takes-care-of-its-own/