June 15, 2021

Jon Stewart suddenly reinvents himself.


Ann Althouse said...

Amadeus 48 writes:

Colbert says one thing in the interchanges that shocked me, although I have only followed the origin controversy casually: he says that Wuhan is full of bats, implying that the virus in question may have appeared in local fauna. WTF? One of the questions about the “wet market” explanation was that the virus first appeared a few years ago in a cave hundreds of miles from Wuhan, and no bats of the type carrying the virus are found within hundreds of miles of Wuhan. What were the bats (or a pangolin that had ingested the virus) doing in the wet market in Wuhan? Doesn’t Colbert know this? It was pretty routinely noted last year before Big Tech shut down all discussion.

These people are pretty ill-informed. Even Stuart is just riffing on the fact that there is a virology lab in Wuhan. They need to catch up with the class.

Ann Althouse said...

Joe writes:

Stewart is smarter than the average hysterical 'Orange man bad' lefty. The 'naturally occurring' (maybe in the wet markets) story is full of many holes. The biggest problem is that some other virologists say that there is evidence of human manipulation.

So Stewart, knowing the jig is up, is doing what he does quite successfully; making people laugh.

Ann Althouse said...

MikeR writes: "Stewart did a good job explaining something that I don't think I had clear: the presence of that lab in Wuhan means that the lab leak hypothesis should be the default assumption, by Occam's Razor."

Ann Althouse said...

Ron wrote: "I’m not so sure that Jon Stewart really embraced the lab leak theory. I think he has a tell in his mini soliloquy about being in isolation which makes me think he is doing what he is so fantastic at: making people laugh by parodying views that are considered out of the mainstream of elite thought. It’s fuzzy now that the lab leak theory is back in the mainstream and some elites are at least considering it. I’m also not sure if Colbert is in on the joke which makes this Troll Level: Master."