April 21, 2021

This seems to be the final blog post of the charming, inventive blogger Chip Ahoy: "I am in hospital. Intensive care..."

"... for right now. Little problem with heart, lungs, kidneys. They all failed together. Heart surgery tomorrow. I told the ambulance crew, the emergency crew, the intensive care crew that I am terrified...." 

It's not for me to make announcements of facts I cannot check. The blog doesn't even say "Chip Ahoy" on the front page, and there's no public announcement that relates to this pseudonym. 

Chip Ahoy was a highly valued commenter on my blog in the years 2007 to 2013 — especially for his animations of photographs that I had posted. Like this:

Click on the tag "Chip Ahoy" and keep scrolling to get to many more.

I don't have comments anymore (though you can comment by emailing me here). The last time I used the "Chip Ahoy" tag was the time I ended comments in 2013 — "The comments vacation." Comments came back eventually, but I never heard from Chip again, unfortunately. We've missed his light touch and warm charm.