September 30, 2020

With a big spot of dawn sun shining on my hair, I point at a rainbow.

Photo by Meade:


Photo by me, seconds later:



mezzrow said...

That's a wow, Althouse. I'm a sucker for the rainbow.

MayBee said...

Your hair looks great that length!

Darrell said...

It's a great look. You should arrange for the Sun to always do that.

Wince said...

It looks like Althouse has a teleprompter!

[Point at rainbow]

Dave Begley said...

That's a wild head of hair you got there lady.

Rick.T. said...

Have you seen her all in gold?
Like a queen in days of old
She shoots colors all around
Like a sunset going down
Have you seen a lady fairer?

She comes in colors ev'rywhere
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

Dave Begley said...

I got the quote wrong, "That's a crazy head of hair you got there lady."


Big Mike said...

Almost a double rainbow, which would bring good luck.

Wife and I saw a double rainbow on our honeymoon, and the legend is true! (Helps to marry the perfect woman.)

Temujin said...

Sparked by the sun.

We had double rainbows last night, sitting outside at a well-spaced table in a restaurant along Sarasota Bay. It must be the Rainbow Season.

stlcdr said...

Althouse conference:

AA: "Any questions? Yes, you at the back; rainbow guy."

ConradBibby said...

It's not K-Y jelly?

Bob Boyd said...

Looking fit, Professor. Looking good.
Holy cow! What size are those skis you're wearing?

stevew said...

Wow, hair has gotten long. No clandestine visits to the hair dresser for you I see.

Gorgeous sunrise. Every one is unique.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Ann - you look so young with your trimmed down bod and you long pretty hair!

tim in vermont said...

OMG, inhaled nebulized disinfectants!

Skippy Tisdale said...

My mother, born in 1930, told me as a child that old women who keep their hail long are desperately clinging to their youth and that it looks hideous. I have no opinion.